Here is information on Sam's visit on August 20, 2012

Dear Quincy Rotary Club;

Kim and I are very excited about visiting the Rotary Club of Quincy on Monday, August 20, 2012. I will meet the board and committee chairs prior to the club meeting. I also encourage you to invite guests and spouses to your club meeting on the 20th. Hopefully, my presentation will make them feel good about their participation and the work of Rotary.

At Sam's visit on August 20, 2012, I will be asking everyone to stand who will pledge $100 as a sustaining member and those that are able to pledge any amount to the Every Rotarian Every Year campaign.

District Governor Sam "Woody" Wilbanks, 2012-2013 - Governor's Message

Rotary District District Governor Alan CainRotarians of District 5190, the power of Rotary is strong in you! The potential you wield through your Rotary service is immense. Envision the incredible force for good that you and over a million other Rotarians across the globe, represent.

Envision the end of Polio. We have already immunized billions of children, but with the eradication of this dreaded disease, envision all of the children of the earth free of this scourge forever. Only three endemic countries left!

Envision your club's impact on your community at the end of this Rotary year. Your local projects, hundreds of thousands of hours of volunteered time and resources will have helped thousands of children learn to read, and given hope to hundreds of individuals and families in desperate need. Your club sponsored scholarships will support the higher education of hundreds of students. Hundreds, if not thousands of scouts, will be given support and sponsorship by your clubs. Hundreds of local schools will be supported through your direct efforts, and monetary aid.

Envision the smile on the face of a RYLA camper that your club sponsored, as they see life from a new and deeper perspective. Now envision the positive difference that hundreds of RYLA campers will have on their schools, their families, and in their communities when they return from camp in June 2013. Envision the new reality that nearly a hundred eighth graders will be introduced to at the Rotary Eighth Grade Leadership Camp. Envision how these young people will return to impact the culture of their middle schools, and the lives of those close to them.

Now envision a village in an under developed country, where children have no hope of decent health care, clean water, or a place to learn how to read and write. Envision the difference in their lives when Rotary clubs from around the world pool their resources and commitment to build and staff a health clinic, drill a sanitary well and teach the villagers how to operate and maintain it, or build a school and train the teachers. Can you envision that? Now multiply that vision by hundreds, perhaps thousands, to get a sense of the impact that Rotary has around the world!

Think about the impact that you have as a Rotarian. What would your club be like without your efforts? Envision what your community would be like without your Rotary club. Envision what a different and much bleaker planet we would inhabit without the 34,000 Rotary clubs and 1.2 million Rotarians who, just like you, are committed to moving ahead with the work of Rotary.

Now, envision a world with 10 million Rotarians, forming 285,000 clubs, working ceaselessly to forward the object of Rotary. What kind a world would that be? What would it be like in your community?

Attaining this vision is up to you. Building our impact through increasing our membership is the most important responsibility each one of us has as a Rotarian. So reach out, and employ the "power of one" to change the world, not only through your own 'service above self', but by inviting, uniting, and igniting new Rotarians to create our vision of the future!

Sam "Woody" Wilbanks
District Governor, 2012-2013
Rotary District 5190