Board Meeting Minutes

July 26, 2018
Rick Leonhardt, Richard Stockton, Brenda Roccucci, Mike Summerfield, John Breaux, Andrew Davis, Wes Sanders, Doug Ely, Bob Edwards
John DeSelle, Pete Hochrein, Karen Klevin
Next meeting:
1.    Secretary Report – Mike Summerfield
Mike Reported that the overall attendance for Richard’s year of presidency was at 79.61%. He also received billings from District Club invoice for membership in the amount of $2,177.67 which he gave to John Breaux for payment.  He also provided a list of fines Rick assessed at the last meeting totaling $400.00.
2.    Treasure Report – John Breaux
John provided a P & L showing all income and expenses for last year, he would like to get together with Rick and propose changes to the look and feel of the current P&L, Brenda and Richard both offered to be available and attend that meeting.  John mentioned that he is creating a new check request form to be used it will include an area to designate what budget line item to debit the funds from.  Brenda reported that all accounts at Plumas Bank have been updated with the correct signers.  Richard presented a receipt for the pizza lunch provided at the walk out meeting, the board decided to reimburse Richard and give a credit to all members for that meal. Brenda asked John if he had made out the check to the Quincy Little League for $250 as approved by the Board on 7-16-18, John said it may be in the stack of checks he signed today but would double check and deliver it to Plumas Bank for deposit into the account set up for Quincy Little League.  Rick updated us on the Captain Carl $5,000 donation that has been earmarked for the Fairgrounds project:  Orin and Rick performed a walkthrough of the pig barn, we will be replacing all outer pig panels, the interior pen panels have water and electrical which would be too costly to replace at this time.  Rick contacted a company his family has used for years out of Fallen, they gave an estimate between $4,000-$5,000 for the pens.  Keven Moore and Oran Morrison have offered to do the electrical work at no cost to the club.
3.    Membership Report – Doug Ely
Doug reported we held a fireside chat with Melodie Bennett today prior to the board meeting, she will be inducted into Rotary on August 5thand Brenda will be presented with a sponsor pen. New member search: Andy brought a potential new member to this week’s meeting Rick Whitsell; Johnny is looking someone at Waste Management, Brenda spoke with Carson Wingfield who said he would come to a meeting with her; there was mention of the new CHP Commander and Barbara Drake from the USFS.
4.    Community Service – Wes Sanders
Wes reported that we had 17 club members attending the community supper, although community attendance was down to 80 people, they were able to enjoy 2ndand 3rdhelpings dinner.  We received a thank you card from Larry Potter which Rick will pass around at the next meeting.  It was discussed that there is not enough time to put together a Rotary float for the parade, but we do want to have one in the sparkle parade the 1stFriday in December.  Rick mentioned that he already has a trailer and generator and Wes has lots of lights. We discussed possibly this spring looking at updating the bleachers, or lack thereof at Rotary Field for Little League. Rick commented that he would like to others have asked and he agrees that Rotary needs to do more projects that are visible to the community.
5.    Youth Services – Brenda Roccucci
Brenda reported that the RYLA camp went very well for the three students we sent; Aaron Crews, Lucas Ryan and Renee Harding all wrote very heartfelt thank you letters to Rotary thanking us for sending them to such a meaningful camp. Brenda will present these letters at the next meeting.  We will be asking these three participants to come to a Rotary meeting and share their experience with us.  It was asked what the procedures are for students to receive their scholarship monies, Rick will check into this and let Brenda know.
6.    Rotary Foundation – John DeSelle
John was absent, no report available.
7.     Public Relations – Andrew Davis
Andrew discussed the need for everyone to share Rotary posts and phots so that more and more people are aware of our club.
8.    Club Service – Karen Kleven
Karen was absent
Other Matters:
We received letters from the students attending RYLA, Brenda will pass around at the next meeting. Pete has ordered the outside Library/Book Exchange kit to build and will let us know once it has been installed.
Meeting adjourned 5:10 pm
Minutes submitted by:
Brenda Roccucci