Welcome to the Rotary Club of Quincy
All President-Elects must survey their members for input in setting goals for next year. Incoming Public Relations Chair Karen Pierson has volunteered to contact every Rotarian personally to hear members responses to the following questions:
What do you enjoy most about being a Rotarian?
What suggestions do you have to improve Quincy Rotary? (meetings, community service, programs, etc.)
What do you want our Rotary Club to do more of in the future?
Which form of communications do you prefer for club news?
     _____Quincy Rotary website
     _____Bulletin (printed or emailed)
     _____Plumas County News (online)
All  responses will remain anonymous. A summary of trends will be shared with the membership. Your input is most appreciated.   
Thank you to all who supported our fund raiser! Congratulations to the winners of the 50/50 Raffle listed below:
First Place        $2500 Plumas Bank Quincy Branch
Second Place   $1500 Plumas Bank Risk Management Team
Third Place      $1000 Seamas and Sierra Gallagher
Fourth Place    $  500 Mathew, Mitchell and Madilyn Leonhardt (Chuck Leonhardt)
Fifth Place       $  250 Nina Martynn
Sixth Place       $  250 Herschel & Kathy Beal
Seventh Place  $  250  Kelby Gardiner  
Winners can pick up their tickets at Plumas Physical Therapy om March 1. 
Well here I sit and wait to attend a Rotary meeting n Portola.  Oh how I yearn to be part of the Rotary Club of Quincy, but it seems I have been forgotten!  For months I have sat in closets, trunks of cars, and even garage shelves with no interaction with Quincy Rotarians.  Lately I was lucky to be able to travel through the mercy of a good friend.  Though my travels have been memorable, I constantly think of the many times I was placed on the podium in the Mineral Building awaiting the gavel hitting my bronze body resulting in a glorious and welcoming sound to all of you.  My adventures will continue with the hope that someday Kory will find me.  I know he has tried but has received little help.  I will try to communicate with all of you whenever possible!
The Rotary Closet is set to open March 1! Teachers will be able to utilize the Closet to assist students who are in need of school supplies and protective clothing. To date the following items may be found in the Closet: coats, hats, mittens, boots, socks, umbrellas, personal hygiene items, and assorted school supplies. Earlier in the school year, teachers were asked what items would be most needed, and additional items may be added at any time. Donations from Rotarians and community members are welcome. New items are preferred but good used items such as boots, snow pants, and rain gear will always be needed. Cash donations are also greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, contact Dwight Pierson at dwightpierson@gmail.com or 641 583 0744.  
Last Monday, Erik received his one year plaque and we heard from our REGL students who shared their experiences of attending the recent REGL camp.
Thank you Greenhorn Guest Ranch for your awesome hospitality on Monday!! We had an awesome time and the dinner was delicious!!
Last week, we welcomed District Governor Randy Van Tassell to Quincy Rotary. Herschel Beail was the recipient of the Silent Rotarian Award for all his work in setting up and taking down the Mineral Building each Monday, while Ray Lewis won the Community Service Award. And, even better, President Brenda Roccucci got her bell back. Since Andrew “the persuasive pastor” was the last person the bell was seen with, Deputy Carson Wingfiled arrested him, although he was quickly released (all in good fun with lots of laughter).
Mr. Bell was having a little existential crisis, so he stopped by Rev. Andrew's office for some counseling. Seems like Mr. Bell is really starting to miss us and has been feeling quite lonely lately.
Last meeting, Leanne from Greenville presented a service opportunity to help rebuild the Greenville playground followed by District Attorney David Hollister presenting the state of the DA’s office.
Mr. Bell has been out and about again!!
Last week, Aly Kinne talked about Rethink Industries and Hope Recovery Center.
Last week, some of our county’s 4H youth shared about their animals and a few brought their animals. Come out and see them this week at the Plumas-Sierra County Fair!!
Mr. Bell went on a sailing adventure.   Mr Bell came in handy as an additional Anchor.
The Adventures of Mr. Bell
Checking for Bills at the Post Office with Darren.
Soliciting free Tax advice from John.
Looks like Mr. Bell is hanging around Pioneer RV Park and with Fred in the greenhouses.
Charter Night
A wonderful charter night dinner with our guest speaker, Larry Kendrick. Larry spoke about the Four-Way test and how it can be applied in all we do.
Golf Tournament
It was a beautiful warm sunny day at Plumas Pines for a full field, with plenty of standby teams.  This kickstart of summer event is our major fundraiser and fun was had by all.  Be sure to get your foursomes in early next year to assure a spot.  
Thank you everyone who came out to the fairgrounds Saturday to help demolish the old pig pens in the swine barn. Also got to see the upgraded electrical in the beef barn.
Congratulations to Sophia from Portola on moving onto the district speech contest, and Sylvia from Quincy on moving onto the district music contest in May. And a big thank you to everyone who participated and Community United Methodist Church, Quincy for hosting this year.
We welcomed Ryan Tompkins, UC Extension Natural Resource and Forestry Advisor, as he talked about The Role of Fire: Forestry and Prescribed Burning.
Two weeks ago, our president elect Brenda got to run the meeting and did a fantastic job in Ricks absence. Maggie Guzman from PG&E was our presenter. Last week, we all shared the favorite part of our vocation and Carson and Moorea received their blue badges. Tomorrow, we get a preview of FRC’s production of Chicago which will play at the West-End Theatre in May. See you at noon tomorrow in the Mineral Building.
Last regular meeting on February 11, we had James Shipp from the Recreation & Parks Department present on the new batting cages project. We hope to help with some of the labor on this project and will have more information when it becomes available.
Welcome to the Rotary Club of Quincy California!
Quincy CA

Service Above Self

We meet In Person
Mondays at 12:15 PM
Mineral Building Plumas-Sierra Fairgrounds
204 Fairgrounds Rd
PO Box 1717
Quincy, CA 95971
United States of America
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