February 2018
James Shipp
Feb 26, 2018
Park and Recreation District update
Dr. Jeff Kepple
Mar 05, 2018
Plumas District Hospital
Business Social/Mixer 5:15pm. 231 Main St Quincy
Mar 07, 2018
Aly Kinne - Rethink Industries - Above the Post Office
Rotary Speech Contest
Mar 12, 2018
Lunch Meeting
Rotary Music Contest
Mar 19, 2018
Dinner Meeting
Cindy Noble
Apr 02, 2018
Feather River Trout Unlimited
Leanne Schramel & David Lovato
Apr 09, 2018
US Forest Service Update
Board Meeting - All Members Welcome
Apr 19, 2018
4:00pm Plumas Bank Conference Room
Terri Gallagher
Apr 23, 2018
Preview of FRC play "South Pacific"
CHP Alcohol Impairment Test - Sarah Richards
Apr 30, 2018
Dinner Meeting -
Rotary Members
May 07, 2018
The Consequences of getting a DUI
Cathy Fitzgerald
Jun 04, 2018
Update on Africa work
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays:
  • Lisa Kelly
    February 17
  • Douglas Ely
    February 25
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  • Keri Taborski
    February 3
  • Rhonda
    February 29
  • Suzan Leonhardt-Mah
    February 2
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  • Hershel Beail
    February 1, 1991
    27 years
  • Andrew Davis
    February 6, 2017
    1 year
  • Karen Kleven
    February 9, 2009
    9 years
  • Richard Stockton
    February 25, 2013
    5 years
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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Quincy California!

Quincy CA

Service Above Self

We meet Mondays at 12:00 PM
Mineral Building Plumas-Sierra Fairgrounds
204 Fairgrounds Rd
PO Box 1717
Quincy, CA  95971
United States
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Welcome to the Quincy Rotary Club

Board Meeting Notes 12-21-17




  • Felker
  • Stockton
  • DeSelle
  • Mansell
  • Richards
  • Ryback
  • Summerfield
  • Leonhardt, R.

Public Relations:

  • Sarah Richards is requesting some help taking photos for Facebook posts, etc. – at meetings that she’s unable to attend.  


  • Richard Stock with follow up with Jimmy LaPlante.
  • Kory Felker agreed to follow up with Carson Wingfield
  • Other potential new members: the new high school Principal and David Arsenault
  • Rick Leonhardt is looking next year’s Membership Chair, and he intends to approach Doug Prouty as to his interest level.   


  • John DeSelle says we’re on pace to meet our $2,000 Polio Plus goal this year.  
  • John DeSelle is also working on a project involving the Kellerman Foundation and some medical supplies in Uganda.  

Club Service:

  • Richard Stockton wants approach the membership about our club’s “marble raffle drawing”, and the membership’s thoughts on if it’s an issue for guests to participate in that drawing or not.
Get in the holiday spirit with Rotary at the Holiday lunch Meeting December 18th.
Rotary Social Mixer.
Just a reminder don't miss the Social Mixer at 5:15 p.m. next Wednesday 12/6 for Feather River Outdoors and Barn Owl Books at 373 Main Street Quincy.

It’s time for our annual dictionary give away. Every year we gift the Quincy 3rd graders their own student dictionary, because knowledge truly is power! Big thanks to Rotarians Brenda Chance-Roccucci, Doug Ely, Darren Beatty, Rick Foster, and Sarah Richards for helping out this year!



Congratulations Quincy Rotary!! Quincy Rotary applied for $2000 matching District Rotary Foundation Grant for the support of the Quincy Jr/Sr High School Greenhouse Garden Project. The Grant application was approved. Quincy Rotary President Richard Stockton is accepting the $2000 check from Assistant District Governor Pete Hochrein. Quincy Rotary will be matching the $2000 Grant for a total contribution of $4000.

Rotary Board Meeting notes

11-16-17 meeting

Secretary Report:

  • Attendance at this Board Meeting
  • Mansell
  • Roccucci
  • DeSelle
  • Leonhardt, R.
  • Ely
  • Prouty
  • Edwards
  • Kinne
  • Stockton
  • Felker
  • Hochrein



  • Doug Ely agreed to be Rick Leonhard’s Co-chair for Membership.
  • Kory mentioned that Josh MacLean is not interested in joining at this time.  
  • Amy Carey has expressed interest in joining.


Youth Services: 

  • Aly is considering being Brenda’s Co-chair.
  • Johnny agreed to head up the 50/50 Raffle.
  • Proposed upcoming program dates – 2/12/18=Raffle Party (Evening Meeting), 3/5/18=Speech Contest (lunch meeting), 3/19/18=Music Contest (evening meeting).



  • The Board decided to bill the other Area 2 Rotary clubs $100 each for the cost of putting on the Foundation Dinner
  • Area 2 raised $347 to contribute to “TRF”.

Other Matters:

  • John DeSelle is working with PCTA to construct a kiosk at Bucks Lake Summit using Wilbur Vaughn’s money that he donated to our club thru his Trust.





Attending Members:

  • Leonhardt, R
  • DeSelle
  • Stockton
  • Richards
  • Mansell
  • Roccucci
  • Hochrein
  • Ryback
  • Summerfield
  • Felker


Club Service:


Community Service:

  • Rick Leonhardt brought up the idea of possibly rebuilding the 4-H animal facilities at the fairgrounds – as possible club project or multi-club project, utilizing district grant funds.  He’ll do some more research, and check on what interest level is out there.
  • Kory Felker is still looking for a Co-chair.


Youth Services:

  • Brenda Roccucci offered to develop or modify our scholarship applications to specify that a minimum of 12-units is required.   
  • Sarah Richards offered to work on developing some color brochures for our various youth activities and contests (RYLA, music contest, speech contest, ect).


  • Andy Ryback invited the Safeway Manager to attend a meeting as a guest.  
  • Kory Felker agreed to talk to Ben Grant




  • President Stockton asked Secretary Summerfield to order a past president badge for David Little.
  • The Board agreed to grant Lisa Kelly a 3-month leave of absence.
  • The idea of Club group photo was discussed at our upcoming Greenhorn Ranch dinner meeting.  



  • Richard Stockton agreed to talk to Leann Schramel, and invite her to a club meeting.
  • Kory Felker agreed to talk to Josh MacLean from US Bank.
  • The Board will ask Daren Beatty to look within PDH for other potential ideas of possible members.
  • Brenda Roccucci agreed to talk to the new QHS Principal.



  • Brenda Roccucci is still looking for a co-chair for her area of service.
  • Brenda discussed the idea of having a Rotary table at the Back-to-School night.  



  • The Board agreed to reimburse Dwight Pearson $311.00 for materials that he purchased for the Rotary parade float.
  • Kory is targeting 9-23-17 as a possible highway cleanup day.  


  • Terry Ostreich agreed to be John DeSelle’s co-chair in his area of service.
  • John DeSelle plans to implement a weekly “marble-draw” raffle and a monthly wine raffle at our club meetings this year to help achieve our $2,000 annual Foundation contribution goal.

Rotary Board Meeting notes 7-20-17 Board Meeting



  • The board agreed on member meal cost of $20/member for the 7/31/17 BBQ (dinner meeting)
  • The Board agreed to give a donation of $100 to A.C.T.
  • The Board agreed to contract with Tee’s to Go for a new Rotary banner/tablecloth with an approximate cost of $200. 


Membership (potential new members):

  • Rick Leonhardt to check with the hospital CEO
  • Sarah Richards to check with Carson Wingfield
  • Richard Stockton agreed to talk to Lisa Kelly to gather more information and more details about her leave of absence request.


Youth Services:

  • Jim Boland and Sarah Richards offered to assist with the Dictionary project.
  • The Board decided to continue the FRC scholarship program.



  • Terry Ostreich agreed to be John DeSelle’s “Co-chair”.
The Bell Saga Continues.
The Bell and this Chimney survived the fire.
A letter from the Bell.  It seems as if the President Richard will have to bid at least $100 a pound for the Bell.  We will have to see how much the bell weighs.
Pacific Crest Trail
Do you know how many miles the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is? Have you ever wondered how many people hike the PCT every year? Well if you were a member of Quincy Rotary all these questions and more would have been answered on Monday, June 12, 2017. Justin Kooyman is the Northern Sierra Regional Representative of the Pacific Crest Trail Association. Rotarians heard about volunteer opportunities and got some history on the PCT. Check out the Pacific Crest Trail Associationon Facebook or join Quincy Rotary and learn more about the awesome businesses in our community!
Changing of the guard
Newly Past President Johnny Mansell congratulates New President Richard Stockton and presents him the the shoes he has to fill for the upcoming year.  Editors note, they are infant size 3
Past president Mansell being taken away by the authorities to Past President's Jail, the best Jail there is!!
Highway Cleanup
Quincy Rotary did our part Saturday on the highway clean up crew! All of us volunteered to clean both sections of highway adopted by Quincy Rotary and our esteemed president Johnny Mansell completed his final community service hours!
District Music Contest

Congratulations to Quincy Rotary Club music contest winner, Sylvia Wood (center) who placed second in the Rotary District 13 music competition in Reno. She competing with 11 winners from the Reno area, northern Nevada and northeastern California. 

Sixteen year old Sylvia is a Sophomore at Quincy High School. She has been playing piano since she was four, and composing music since she was six. Sylvia played Chopin's Fantaisie Impromptu No. 2 in C# minor (Opus 66) on piano, and two pieces she wrote, Snowstorm, on flute, and Tempest, on piano, for the competition.

First place winner, Sarah MacHarg, in 11th grade at Davidson Academy in Reno, won $1,000 for her performance on piano. Sylvia won $750 for second place, and third place winner, Evan Rashby, a 12th grade student from Nevada City, CA, won $500 for his performance on Alto Sax. Contest funds were generously donated by Jim Annis and his company, The Applied Companies, in honor of his mother, Fannie Annis. Jim is a member of the Reno Centennial Sunset Rotary club and a 4th generation Rotarian.

Golf Tournament
Rotarians check in the almost full field on Quincy Rotary's big golf tourney fundraiser.  Despite the wet and cold everyone had a great time.
Quincy CHP was out in full force fielding two teams this year.  Not pictured are the portable sirens they attached to the carts.
President Johnny came this close to winning the quad.
Quincy Rotary Charter Night.
Rotary celebrated charter night with a great dinner meeting and entertainment by the upcoming FRC play Cabaret.  Esteemed President Johnny gave an oral history lesson of the first charter night May 23rd 1931.  
Notes from the Board meeting on April 20th.  
The board approved a funding request for $300 to go towards the flower pots downtown.  With the $300 donation Quincy Rotary will have a plaque on one of the flower pots.
The board also approved a donation of $250 to go towards the digging in program our speaker talked about at the April 17th meeting.
Quincy Rotary invaded the newly opened Quincy Pharmacy to hold a mixer. Karen Schad, owner of Quincy Pharmacy, was an excellent host and gave us a great tour.
Announcing the winners of the annual 50/50 raffle.
In first place for $2,500 Terri Gallagher
2nd place for $1,500 Danny Mae Mansell
3rd place for $1,000 Cal Sierra Title Chester
4th place for $500 Charlotte Smith
5th place for $250 Ed Cammack
6th place for $250 Meghan Daun
7th place for $250 Seamas and Sierra Gallagher.
This past Wednesday Quincy Rotary hosted the community supper at the Methodist Church.  The menu included Lasagna, Caesar Salad, and French bread.  The attendance for the dinner was guestimated at 1 -1.5 million people.
Quincy Rotary cooks some good Chili
Quincy Rotary took home the judges choice at the Groundhog festival this past saturday.  Rotarian Brenda Roccucci took her husbands chili recipe added her own twist and brought home the prize.
Welcome Back Rotary,
After a month hiatus due to holiday and weather we are back better than ever.
Couple of Key dates ahead.
February 1st we will host Community Supper.
February 4th is the Ground hog festival and Quincy Rotary will be entering the Chili Contest.  Rotarians looking to sell their raffle tickets should come on down and enjoy the festivities and sell some tickets!!
Rotarians come out on Christmas Eve to deliver holiday meals.
Rotary Dictionary Project
Rotarians Sarah Richards, Fred Surber, and Jim Boland hand out Dictionarys to local Students.
It is that time a year again.  With the holiday season upon us we will once again be delivering Holiday meals.  For Thanksgiving we will be delivering meals this Wednesday meeting at safeway at 3:00.
Business Mixer December 1st
Quincy Rotary will be holding a Business Mixer at Ropers on December 1st at 5:00.  We hope to see a bunch of Rotarians there supported the local business.
Foundation Dinner on Thursday October 20th.
The Area foundation dinner is set for October 20th and Greenhorn Creek Guest Ranch.  Come join in on fellowship, food, and libations.  We will have a dynamic speaker and some fun.
Quincy Rotary Goes Country
Quincy Rotary visited Greenhorn Guest Ranch for Dinner and Dancing the Evening of September 19th.
Highway Cleanup
We had a full group of Rotarians for the last highway cleanup of the year.  We conquered two stretches of highway and left it so clean you could eat off of it.
Fair Parade.
Rotarian Dwight Pierson represents Quincy Rotary in the Fair Parade.
Rotarian Dwight Pierson Cruising down Main Street during the fair parade.  (Not Pictured, the rest of the Rotarians in the parade that were pushing the old truck)
Highway Cleanup
Eight Rotarians showed up Saturday July 23rd to clean our newest section of Highway.  We spent two hours getting it clean enough to eat off of.  Only one rotarian had to be there due to mandatory community service.
Our highway clean up leader Fred Surber makes a couple new friends.
Rotary Hosts Community Supper
Rotarians pose for a photo op at the Community Supper on July 13th.  Rotarians Dished up Chicken Caesar Salad with French Bread and Watermelon.
Rotarians Doug, Rick, and Kory showing off their fancy aprons.  Looks like the aprons shrunk in the wash.