Posted on Jul 01, 2018
The Rotary Club of Smith Valley Celebrates the Year 2018
Our rotary club celebrated a very important event with the change of President beginning July1 2018.  
Our new President figuring out what he got into....again.  Our past President enjoying the moment.
We can not thank our outgoing President, Lorie McMahon, enough for the dedication, leadership, and creativity she has given to this club for the last 2 years.
We want to welcome and thank Greg Hunewill for taking over responsibility as our new President.  Greg has been a leader in the club for many years and this is the second time Greg has been Club President.  Thank you from all of us for taking on this responsibility again.
President elect trying to understand why we have 3 gavels.  It's a long story.
Our President Lorie getting a big thank you from our Assistant AG Mel Foremaster and a gift from Greg.  Once again we can't thank Lorie enough for all of her dedication and hard work the last two years.
Many thanks for Lou Chelone and his lovely wife Bonnie for all of the work they did in hosting this event.  Incredible job as always!!