Every year Rotary International sets aside one day for all clubs to participate in a hands-on project for the good of the community.  This year it was 27 April.  The Fallon Rotarians teamed with the City of Fallon to finish the landscaping and picnic table assembly associated with the new gymnasium in Venturacci Park. 

In the group picture left to right back row are: Steve Easter, Pat Fisler, Chris Pierce, Lane Mills, Ron Juliff, Joe Lane, Zip Upham, Bob Withers, Mark Leiser, Ryan Swerczek, David Hadaway, Steve Endacott, Middle row: Nancy Upham, Rinehart Wilke, Allan Kalt, Mike Richards,  Front row: Garret Kalt, Dyllon Hadaway, Aspin Easter, Lauren Easter



The local Fallon Rotary Club plus family members, including a Rotary Family from our sister club in the Philippines, planted flowers and shrubs, laid sod and constructed 5 picnic tables.

Much thanks to all who were able to participate, which included: Steve Endacott (team leader), Mark Leiser, Pat Fisler, Mike Richards, Mike Lister, Chris Pierce, Rinehart Wilke & daughter Taylor, Allan Kalt & son Garrett, Nancy & Zip Upham, Lane Mills, Joe Lane, Ron Juliff, Ryan Swerczek, Bob Withers, Dave Hadaway & son Dyllon, Jody Brown and from our Phillipines Sister Club, Renzie & Steve Easter plus daughters Lauren and Aspin.Image