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Rotary is busy building the new West Summerland Station at Victoria Road South and Simpson Road! This is an exciting opportunity to preserve our local history and provide another great space for the community.
Come and check out the progress in person or see pictures below:
Submitted by Rotarian Don Gemmell on 20 APR 2020:
Did you know that 4 Rotary Michael's have been part of our work group?

Thanks Michael MacNeil Sr and your Interior Roofing Guys for a great roofing job!

Have a look at the photo attached. Soon we will add the new Cupola, Fascia board and on the ends the Board and Batten Siding. These will add some Railroad Red Color Accents. At that point and from this perspective the actual Building will look finished.

But wait! There's more! There are lots more things we have on hand now to add. Like: Picnic Tables, Bike Rack, Trackside Platform, plus final Landscaping.

To permanently recognize our Club's role in bringing this project about. Summerland High School Staff have manufactured a very special Rotary Wheel which will be Inlaid into the floor,

And the picture of the Original sign of West Summerland Station should state that it was donated by George Giannotti whose father worked on the KVR.


This project is near and dear to our hearts as one of our Summerland Rotary Members; Vilas Prabhu, actually attended this school in India as a child and brought this much needed project to our attention.

With the power of Rotary International, many local Okanagan Rotary Clubs, other local organizations and private donations we were able to raise approx $100,000 USD to help these children have a proper school to learn in (the children currently attend the school in the dilapidated state it was) in a country whose own government won’t help. This is how Rotary “Connects The World”.

This is a HUGE project for our club and it is because of some key members of our International Committee that this project has been made possible and will, in turn, have such a positive impact on 1500 children who will soon have a proper school to learn in. Well done everyone!! 

We will be posting updates as our International project is well underway.

More pictures - click link below


Update 22 FEB 2020

Greetings friends:
I have visited school today with architect. The work is a bit slow, but steady. In fact, all work except staff rooms and boy's wash room would be over by March end.
On the occasion of Dr. Vilas visit, we installed e learning system in 6 class rooms and handed over to the school!
I am collecting all related photos on google photos and would share the link with you all in a couple of days.
1. Roof work would be completed by end of this month.
2. Window work would be over by end of this month.
3. 6 class rooms are already converted in to E class rooms.
4. Electrification of class rooms has started and would be over in a weeks time. We are fixing new wires, switch boards and providing 2 led tube lights and a fan in each class rooms.
5. Boy's toilet construction has started.
6. School desk work would start in March. I t should be over by end of month.
7. Staff room work would start in 2 weeks time.
8. Painting work would start from mid April as annual examinations are scheduled from 3rd March.


Update 15 DEC 2019

SN visited the school yesterday. Work going well. Attached are
the photos of his visit: Dining hall in progress, windows are ready to
be fitted, architect Nagesh Diwate inspecting the windows and other work
and giving the instructions.

Plan is to fix the windows on 3 rooms by 24th December.


Update 09 DEC 2019

SN Agrawal, our partner in the MHS project in India just sent us another update. SN is visiting the school every week.
Our Summerland Rotarian Vilas Prabhu will be visiting the site in the 2nd week of January.

"The project is progressing well, a little slower than we would like. However, the quality of the work is good!
  • The roof on 3 small buildings has been replaced
  • Dining hall roof is in place
  • Construction of floor of dining hall has started
  • Widow frames of 3 small buildings are ready"

UPDATE 16 NOV 2019

Here is another update from S.N. Agrawal in India:

  • The roof fixing has started.
  • The dining hall structure is in place and fixed

S.N. will be back in India from his travels abroad on 18th November and will visit the site.

Attached below are current photos of the work in progress:

By the way, in the photos from the previous update, the lady in blue is Mrs. Sangita Khot, Mayor of Sangli Corporation, who had come to see our work!


UPDATE 10 NOV 2019


“Roof infrastructure of 3 buildings are ready, as are windows. In another 7-8 days time, roofs would be in place on dining hall and 3 buildings. After that, one central building work would be done.” We are partnered with a local Rotary Club in India who sends us pictures as well as our own club member Vilas Prabhu who travels to India to check on the progress.

Welcome Benja Fereira Cordova from Chile!  Benja is our Inbound Rotary Exchange Student and is spending this school year attending Summerland Secondary so if you see him give him a big Summerland Welcome!
Giving Tuesday is a global movement for charities and individuals to come together for one common purpose: to celebrate and encourage giving. On Tuesday December 3rd, join the community of donors that support Rotarian projects around the world by making an online gift to The Rotary Foundation. Online giving is a fast, secure way to help families and communities that need it most — no wrapping paper required!
Words from from the heart heart of Aart, proud Summerland Rotarian:
   The Rotary Foundation and Rotary members are the artery of Rotary. The mission of the Rotary Foundation (of Rotary International) is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.
   The foundation has grown since start-up in 1917 from virtually nothing to a $1B support system to date. The funding comes from Rotarians like you and me, and friends of the foundation who share its vision. To put that in perspective … Rotary has some 33,000 clubs in over 200 countries with 1.2 million members that form a global network to build the Rotary Foundation and volunteer their time and talents to serve their communities and the world.
   So when you donate, you are helping all Rotary members, including yourself, make a difference in the lives of millions of people around the world, at home and abroad.

September 10, 2019

Hi Aart and Rotary Club Members:

Just to update you on our project in Bangladesh as Canadian Leadership Assistance Program (CLAP) continues to press on in the Tribal Hills.
CLAP continues to serve our 200 children in 3 villages in the Chittagong Hill tracts of Bangladesh. We are able to, sustain the supplies, equipment and teacher salary through our monthly donations program.
Thanks to the Rotary Summerland, 21 young ladies and moms graduated from the sewing program and have either begun their own businesses or got hired in the clothing industry. Bangladesh is amongst the leading textile industry in the world so there is a lot of opportunity for these ladies to find jobs - either in the factory or at home for their own villages. 
When we were there in January I had the opportunity to meet a young man who's mother was finishing off the program and was already hired in her field. Just this one story changed the lives of this family as they were able to provide their children a better quality of life. 
CLAP was also able to purchase a rice harvest. There are over 100 varieties of rice grown in Bangladesh. We were able to see the field workers hard at work planting. When the time of harvest would come, this rice mill would provide for many villages food for their families. and also the ability to sell in the markets.
Currently we are working toward building a high school and training center. We have 5 acres of land on which we will build a school, office, living quarters, and kitchen. The school will begin at high school level and also after post graduate education in  sewing, carpentry, fisheries and agriculture. We are achieving these funds through fund raising endeavors (in April we had a hardware sale and raised $4500.00 and in  May we had our annual garage sale and raised $7300). Also, at the end of September (29) we will be hosting our 3rd annual Dinner and Silent Auction (see attached poster). If you are interested in tickets let me know.
We have broken down the building project into 3 phases - the first being teachers quarters and classrooms to begin the school as soon as possible. The second phase will include the living quarters and kitchen and the third phase will include the training center. It is quite the process, but we are slowly moving forward to provide better education, training and sustainable living for the tribal people of Bangladesh.
Finally, I would truly thank the Summerland Rotary for all their support as a club and many individuals from the Club. Chantelle for providing a gift basket for the Silent Auction; to Leanne for setting aside the oodles of bottles from your campers during our bottle drives; to the lady who recently donated the proceeds from an auction your Rotary Club held; and to Aart for all his encouragement along the way. 
I feel so blessed to be part of such a supportive community. 
Thank you all and God bless.
CLAP President

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Donate to the Rotary Club of Summerland's New and Exciting project in India!
The Rotary Club of Summerland has started a new and exciting project in India. The objective is to make the dilapidated Miraj High School safe and operational again and provide for sustainable clean water, sanitation and improved education. The Miraj School has about 1200 students and caters to the needs of the very poor in the community. The Rotary Club of Ichalkaranji Textile City in India will be our partner. We will need to raise about US$ 40,000 to make this project a reality. That is only US$ 35 per child. The project has been approved by the Summerland Rotary Club, subject to financing.
Whether you are an individual contributor, a Rotarian or an employee of another organization, please consider to donate. You will have a significant impact on many children, now and in the future.
Thank you in advance!
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Joint Statement from Kiwanis International, Lions Clubs International, Optimist International, and Rotary

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