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Active Members
  • Baker, Scott (Fire Chief)
  • Bollakis, Andrea (Property Management)
  • Bryant, Lyndsay (Boat Tour Operator)
  • Buscher, Jenny (Interior Design)
  • Buscher, Tim (Financial Consultant)
  • Butler, Randy (Lawyer & Property Developer)
  • Byer, Keith (Risk Management)
  • Conrad, Hannah (Hotelier)
  • Cottle, Cheryl (Retired Flight Attendant)
  • Dauscher, Andy (Real Estate Mgmt)
  • ​Dauscher, Ellen (Precious Metal Refinery)
  • Echan, Penny (Realtor)
  • Evans, Ryder (Software Developer)
  • Felton, Greg (Business Consulting)
  • Grasso, Tony (Spa Sales & Supplies)
  • Grime, Matt (Restauranteur)
  • Guilfoyle, Pete (Engineer)
  • Gulis, Cyndy (Veteran Liaison)
  • Johnson, Mike (Civil Law)
  • Kandel, Kristi (Real Estate)
  • Keith, Katie (Development Coordinator)
  • Kelly, Bill (Retired)
  • Kirkpatrick, Jon (Realtor)
  • Kolstad, Bill (Commercial Insurance)
  • Maahs, Randy    
  • McKay, Cam (Public Utilities)
  • McLaughlin, JJ (Personal Fitness Training)
  • McLaughlin, Lucy (Finance & Sales)
  • Murray, Trevor (Airline Pilot)
  • Pavich, Chris (Chiropractor)
  • Poth, Todd (Advertising/Marketing)
  • Schorr, Craig (Commercial Banking)
  • Schorr, Grace (Bakery Owner)
  • Sidney, Larry  (Holistic Wealth Advisor)
  • Sidney, Ray (Math Teacher)
  • Spano, Dan (Resort Marketing)
  • Stafford, Roy (Property Maintenance)
  • Stern, Bob (Medical Devices)
  • Stern, Roxanne (Retired Special Events Owner)
  • Stillwell, Roberta (Nursing Administration)
  • Thibodeau, Paul (Commercial Insurance)
  • Wiggins, Matt (Corporate Consultant)
  • Williams, Tim (ISP CEO)
  • Zarachoff, Joe (Business Consulting)
Honorary Members
Honorary membership is an exclusive distinction for meritorious service in the furtherance of Rotary ideals and for permanent support of Rotary’s cause. Honorary membership is the highest distinction that a club may bestow and is conferred only in exceptional cases.
  • Achard, Steve 
  • Atherton, Pat 
  • Atkinson, Steve
  • Berkson, Les
  • Bigham, Bill
  • Buedel, Conrad
  • Cable, Bruce
  • Glasson, Susan 
  • Kline, Steve
  • Lusby, Rick
  • Mateas, Leigh 
  • Norman, Dan
  • Ottman, Bill
  • Pierini, Ron
  • Quenzer, Pete 
  • Utecht, Klaus
  • Warnock, Clay
  • Williams, Brian