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Active Members
  • Cory Amante (Insurance Broker)
  • Tim Buscher (Financial Consultant)
  • Randy Butler (Lawyer & Property Developer)
  • Keith Byer (Risk Management)
  • Cheryl Cottle (Retired Flight Attendant)
  • Andy Dauscher (Real Estate Mgmt)
  • Ellen ​Dauscher (Precious Metal Refinery)
  • Penny Echan (Realtor)
  • Ryder Evans (Software Developer)
  • Greg Felton (Business Consulting)
  • Elizabeth Gore (Program Coordinator)
  • Tony Grasso (Spa Sales & Supplies)
  • Matt Grime (Restauranteur)
  • Mike Johnson (Civil Law)
  • Bill Kelly (Retired)
  • Mei Yung Lee   (Business Owner)
  • Scott Lindgren (Fire Chief) 
  • W. Garrett O'Neal   (COO/VP)
  • Chris Pavich (Chiropractor)
  • Todd Poth (Advertising/Marketing)
  • Shawn Rowles (Real Estate Developer)
  • Craig Schorr (Commercial Banking)
  • Grace Schorr (Bakery Owner)
  • Roy Stafford (Property Maintenance)
  • Roxanne Stern (Retired Special Events Owner)
  • Roberta Stillwell (Nursing Administration)
  • Paul Thibodeau (Commercial Insurance)
  • Geoff  Valentine (Realtor)
  • Tim Williams (ISP CEO)
  • Joe Zarachoff (Business Consulting)
Honorary Members
Honorary membership is an exclusive distinction for meritorious service in the furtherance of Rotary ideals and for permanent support of Rotary’s cause. Honorary membership is the highest distinction that a club may bestow and is conferred only in exceptional cases.
  • Steve Achard
  • Pat Atherton
  • Steve Atkinson
  • Les Berkson
  • Bill Bigham
  • Conrad Buedel
  • Jenny Buscher
  • Bruce Cable
  • Susan Glasson
  • Steve Kline
  • Rick Lusby
  • Leigh Mateas
  • Dan Norman
  • Bill Ottman
  • Ron Pierini
  • Pete Quenzer
  • Klaus Utecht
  • Clay Warnock
  • Brian Williams