Welcome to our Newest Member 

Kate Woolman

We are very excited to welcome Kate Woolman as the newest member to Salida Sunrise Rotary Club.  Kate was born and raised in a small-town in Minnesota before moving to Colorado.  In September, she and her husband (Chris) and 20 month-old daughter (Madelyn) moved to Poncha Springs. 
While in Colorado Springs Kate was a State Farm team member working primarily with business insurance and life insurance needs.  Fortunately for Salida and our surrounding areas, she was chosen by State Farm to represent their brand beginning in January, 2021 as an agent.
When asked a little about her background, Kate's response is "[I] have been involved with community Ed programs, instructor for several fun classes for kids 2-13 and was a chaperone on multiple trips; aquatic centers, museums, parks. I taught a range of things from cooking, baking, gymnastics (the kids taught me how to do a cartwheel), Spanish, juggling, bocce-ball, flag football, bike safety, Coached tennis lessons, playground time, bead work, doll-making - etc.


I love arts and crafts, working with volunteer projects such as leaf raking, helping people in need with chores, cleaning ditches or paths. We have adopted the trail behind Safeway on the bike path as of end of March. I can help with insurance questions and be a resource for anyone that needs help. We handle business, life, home, auto and I'm happy to be a second set of eyes.

[I] Trained for law enforcement (ten years ago) [and] I am very supportive of community service officers and law enforcement. I would say skills such as de-escalating, interrogation (or asking questions to better understand), professionalism, empathy and rock-solid ethics are part of my base-line.

I can run a drill, hammer, paint, clean, landscape, garden I'm great with service industry stuff such as serving food and beverage or greeting guests."  

So, Kate will be a great asset to our organization.  So far she is already taking an active role in our community by joining the Salida Chamber of Commerce as well as looking into Salida Sunrise Rotary Club.  She's very excited about our club because of her enthusiasm in working with kids of all ages plus our focus on the environment.