Why Did I Join Rotary?
After attending the 2022 PETS, Assistant District Governor Cecil Rhodes was so inspired that he came home and wrote this poem:
"Why Rotary" by Cecil Rhodes
Why am I a Rotarian?
It's a question often asked of me.
I thought Rotary was just a business club.
I was surprised at how wrong I could be.
When I visited, I found my neighbors,
A group of surprising diversity.
Friends united in a common goal
To make our community the best it could be.
But Rotary is much more than that.
Its scope an international one,
Eradicating polio and promoting peace,
Hoping the world can live as one.
So that's why I'm a Rotarian.
To make reality of my fantasy,
To make life better for everyone,
And leave a lasting legacy.
When other Rotarians are asked why they joined Rotary, here are some of their comments:
I joined Salida Sunrise Rotary to meet people and introduce myself.  I really thought it was a Business Networking Club! ... G. Olson
I joined Rotary to get out of the house and be more active in my community ... Adam Myers
To connect with my community and change the world ... PT Wood
In 1968 Rotary was the place to be for business folks wanting to serve their community ... AND it still is!  ... D.Moore
I joined Rotary so I could give back to my community during my retirement ... C.Rhodes
I joined because I thought it would help me make more money, but I have instead gained the riches of friends and fellowship ... M.Harris
I joined Rotary to give back to my community and stay involved in my retirement ... S.Pappenfort
I joined Rotary because Rotary International exemplifies the spirit of serving the community ... R.NeJame
In a world where so many people feel that they don't make a difference, Rotary goes out in the community and changes lives ... D.Payton
I joined Rotary to be part of an organization actively serving the community ... J.Schmidt
Skye [Ridley] invited me several years ago and I was toooooo busy. Then Robin [NeJame] talked me into coming to a meeting about a year ago.  I like/love the personalities in this group so I joined! ... E.Rogers
Rotary is a way and place to find your better self if you'll commit to serve your community ... D.Armstrong
I joined Rotary for the opportunity of self improvement, the opportunity to help my club, and the opportunity of helping my community ... S.O'Neill
Salida Rotary is one of the strongest supporters of kids.  I want to be part of that synergy ... D.Blackburn
I joined for friendship, helping the community, and contributing to Rotary Foundation ... D.Larkin
Participating in Community Service in the company of friendly people! ... J.Herrick-Stare
To volunteer, serve my community and meet folks ... J.Post