Posted by Gayle Lunder


This month it is my pleasure to 'spot light' Tom Wolfe, he has been a member of our Club for many years.  Here's what he has to say:

1) What do you enjoy most about Rotary - "I get great enjoyment in the interaction with people I have know literally for decades and for those members that I have just gotten to meet.  Our diversity of membership is vital to the success of the club and the good works we do within the community."

2) Share a good moment or memory - "If it a Rotary memory, it would be the first fruit basket sale.  Dan Collins and I were the co-chairs (about December 1986, I believe) and we built and delivered about 750 baskets from the basement of the Nowlan and Mouat Law Firm.  It took about 6 days to complete the task. Several years later we built over 2000 baskets on a Saturday morning and all were delivered by Monday noon.  That was because of the initial mistakes made by the first co-chairs and the brighter minds (Devan Dutra, Dave Cullen, Chris Olson and more) figuring out how to be more efficient in production and delivery!!

3) What is something that most people do not know about you - "My life is an open book and I have little to no secrets, but some people may not know that my Senior year in college I dropped out of the UW-Whitewater School of Education, while student teaching, and became a Police Officer.  Seven years later, at the ripe old age of 29, I received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from UW-Whitewater taking 77 additional credits as a working adult.  None of them on-line as Al Gore hadn't invented the "line" yet."

4) If you could change one thing what would it be - "Nothing! For all the good, and not so good, things that have happened in my life I have been blessed with a terrific family, good friends, good health, interesting and rewarding work, and most of my hair at age 61.  I may, to some small degree have had something to do with that but if any of it were changed my life may not have been nearly as good as it has been."

5) How do you want people to remember you- "As a fair, principled, open-minded person, who tried very hard not to stand in judgment of others, but may have not succeeded every time when challenged."

Wow.......thank you Tom for being a member of our Morning Club and for making a difference!