Posted by Gayle Lunder
This month it is my honor to spot light Janesville Morning Rotary member of 31 years- Bill Moxley.  I asked Bill a couple of questions and here are his responses:


1) What do you enjoy most about Rotary? "The sociability, love to be around people, meeting new people, Rotary provides this opportunity"

2) Share a good moment or memory- "The memory I would like to share happened this year after the Pie Ride, I was sitting around with other Rotarians and we were talking about the 100 left over pies, what to do with them, I decided to take the pies to the children that were playing at Lions Beach, the children were excited and surprised, the parents appreciated the generosity of the Janesville Morning Rotary Club.  This felt really good to me!"

3) What is something that most people do not know about you?  "My interest in golf, currently I sub on two leagues (great way to meet people).  I enjoy traveling to Arizona and Nevada to golf, two separate trips and have been doing this for 26 years."

4) If you could change one thing what would it be?  "Nothing-because life has been good!  Good health, good family, good life for a Southern boy from Missouri."

5) How do you want people to remember you? "I want people to remember me as a caring person.  I love listening to people and hear their stories."

Thank you Bill for sharing your thoughts and time and more importantly for being a Janesville Morning Rotarian where you are Having Fun and Making a Difference!