Posted by Gayle Lunder

ImageThis month we honor and thank Bob Krohn for his nine years of service to our Club and his many contributions!

What does Bob enjoy most about being a Rotarian - "I enjoy being among the wonderful, caring, fun people who brighten my Thursday mornings.  All of you are inspirations".  Bob's good memory or moment  - "When you reach my age you do not have single wonderful moments.  You have a lifetime of joyous times with family and friends.  Watching your kids grow and mature is wonderful.  Travel experiences with my bride has been a thrill.  The list goes on..."  Something that most people do not know about Bob is - "Perhaps it is not well known that I am a pretty good cook.  My specialties are a variety of chillies and pies."  If you change one thing - " If I could change one thing, I would like to be the Janesville Chief of Police for a day."  How do you want people to remember you - "What one wants to be known for calls upon the ego.  One can never be sure how others think of you.  For sure we all have those who admire us and those that do not.  I strive to be kind and considerate without taking myself too seriously!  Some days I hit the mark, some days I do not.  Gosh this has gotten serious.  It sounds like a funeral!  Love and kisses to you all" - Bob