Rotary Club of West Polk County
                       Noon Monday Meetings
Mindi Heitland of the Waukee, Iowa Community School District was on hand at the regular meeting of the Rotary Club of West Polk County.  She is one of two coordinators that oversees the Waukee High School's "School to Work" program.  The program, originally established in 1997, provides for opportunities for students to intern a local businesses in a variety of fields.  The program is so popular, that only about half of the students who apply are placed. 
The program intends to give students first hand experience in a career field in which they have an interest.  They are then able to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and transferable skills.  Furthermore, the program often helps them build self confidence during and after their participation. 
We would like to publicly thank Mindi for presentation to the meeting attendees and wish her and the students she serves the best in the continued administration of a wonderful program.  If you would like to learn more about the Waukee School to Work program we encourage you to visit a page dedicated to that initiative, which can be found HERE.