Rotary Club of West Polk County
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Posted by Brian Buethe on Jul 13, 2018
One of the biggest milestones in life, for those fortunate enough to achieve it, is graduation from high school.  But for most students in the Dallas Center-Grimes Community School District, more education follows the graduation ceremony.  Many continue their formal education, whether it be a four-year institution, community college, trade school, apprenticeships, etc. in order to begin and advance their careers.  It is no secret that the “next level” can be challenging from a financial standpoint.
To learn more about one thing that is happening in the Dallas Center-Grimes area, a special guest presenter was invited to share the story of relatively new organization that is trying to ease the burden of continuing education a bit.  Mitzi Chizek, President of the Dallas Center-Grimes Education Foundation addressed the members of the Rotary Club of West Polk County at a recent meeting.  Mitzi is not new to this game.  She is retired from a long career in education, including decades of service in a number of capacities working in the DC-G School District.  When she retired, she held the title of Assistant Superintendent.  The has a reputation for caring, which is why it was no surprise that she has stayed involved.
The Foundation was formed in large part due to a planned donation from the Burnett Family Trust, which has been supporting graduating seniors of DC-G via scholarships for many years.  There was a desire to divest the fund, so the local school district needed a mechanism which could accept the donation and positively and efficiently administer the donation in accordance with the family’s wishes.  In steps the creation of the DC-G Education Foundation.  While the donation got the ball rolling, the vision for the Foundation is greater.
In the coming years, they hope to manage the funds in a responsible manner, but also promote awareness of the funds existence, raise additional capital, promote educational activities for students, support teachers in classrooms, and encourage the development of more locally sourced scholarships from families and the business community. 
They are off to a great start in their first few years.  Just this year (2018), the Foundation awarded over $110,000 in scholarship assistance.  They host a couple major events during the year, including an planned formal dinner, which is planned to take place in November.
How can you support the Foundation?  There are many ways, including, becoming a Committee Participant, donating time, participating in the special events, help promote awareness, develop and fund an annual named scholarship, individual donations, etc.  There is no argument that the work of the Dallas Center-Grimes Education Foundation is important.  In fact, it is quite literally an investment in the future of our society.
Thank you to Mitzi Chizek for a very informative and interesting presentation.