If you have not been receiving these meeting summaries for some time, it is not because you have been deleted from any mailing lists...there has not been many! At the most recent Board meeting it was discussed that these were indeed important to the membership and there were even some volunteers to spread the task so your inbox should be fatter in the future!


Pres Lynda introduced the several guests in attendance. MaryClair Massicott and Sherry McFarlane, guests of Cheryle and Harold ( prospective members) and Brad Burns and Scott Tremblay, our speakers and Richard from the Times. She also noted that Sandi, Ken and Chris are coming up to their 1st year anniversary with the club...no pins, just atta persons!


The Rotary Fall District Meetings were held over the weekend at the Watermark with several of our members in attendance. Evidently there were several topics of interest coming out of those sessions and they will be shared as part of the November 16 business meeting. 


The Club Christmas dinner will be held at the Campo Marina restaurant on December 14th (no meeting that day) so please go to the home page on Clubrunner and click on Christmas Party to register. 


Our speakers were Scott Tremblay, Principal of OSS, and Brad Burns, Vice-principal. Both are new to these positions and to the school and obviously bring huge positive energy and commitment with them. Also both have partners who are educators and both have children enrolled in OSS. Scott came most recently from Keremeous and Brad from Kamloops. I think their objectives in speaking to us were to reach out and potentially involve the community and also to share the School Plan which has a very unique schedule. They were very successful in both!

I am sure Richard will print more thoroughly the School Plan in an upcoming Times article and I would encourage you to read that. It involves a very unique school schedule - there are only 10 other BC schools with some form of flex based learning systems. Basically it reduces the number of traditionally taught subject blocks and adds supervised learning centre hours for  more self-directed learning for the students. 

This is a 5 year journey with lots of check points and assessments along the way to let them know if they are truly 'making a difference to our kids' as they define the goal. A very professional presentation by a couple of neat guys who are working excessive hours to make it work...we need to have them back at the end of the school year for an update. 


Mark your calendars for October 23rd for an evening meeting (no luncheon) - this will be a 'social fireside' and will be held at the Clubhouse at Desert Rose Estates, hosted by Jim and Cheryle and Pam. 


Our speaker next week is Andy Foster, Mt Baldy ski area manager - should be good!


Ken won the 50/50 (because he was last in!) and immediately donated it to our school backpack program...thank you!


Store those golf clubs and dust off the skiis!