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It is no surprise that the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise  has increased its member contributions to the Annual Fund and PolioPlus Fund of The Rotary Foundation (TRF) for the 2021-22 Rotary Year; thereby, achieving its financial goals to the Foundation for the third year in a row.
While just over fifty percent of the members contributed to either fund of the Foundation over the course of the Rotary Year, the club was still able to achieve the goals which continue to increase five percent each Rotary Year.
The Annual Fund goal, fixed at US$17,500 for 2021-22, was surpassed by US$1722 for a total giving of US$19,200, at a per capita giving of US$263.
Additionally, the PolioFund funding goal was achieved, in this case at 119.9 %.  The goal set at US$3,025 was met and surpassed late in the Rotary Year with total donations of US$4,764.51.

While a goal was not set for donations to the Permanent Fund of TRF, US$30,028.21 was donated to this Fund by several club Rotarians.

The final contributions for all funds set a new record for club member donations in a single Rotary Year.  Thanks to the generosity of the Rotarians who supported one or more than one of the funds of TRF, a total of US$,54,014.72 was donated to The Rotary Foundation to provide humanitarian service around the world.
With $8806 now available from the net profit of the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise’s 2022 Annual Golf Tournament, the club is now able to provide much needed additional humanitarian financial support focused on international service.   
Thanks to the many sponsors and the 27 golf participants of the fundraising event, the Annual Golf Tournament returned after a two year hiatus on June 17th at Michael Brook Golf & Country Club.  The event, organized by club member Norm LeCavalier, with the help of a number of club member volunteers, provided the participants with 18 holes of golf and a number of fun activities on the putting green throughout the day.
Watch the following video production created by KCS Productions to enjoy the antics and hilarious experiences that took place out on the golf course during the event.  (For a full screen view click on the image.  Also, best seen on a computer screen)
Also available on YouTube at
During the final meeting of the 2021-22 Rotary Year, on June 24th, Andy Griffin was recognized for his generous support of The Rotary Foundation.  Tom Paterson, the club’s Foundation Committee Chair, presented Andy with a PHF+5 pin to recognized his contributions of over $US6000 to the Foundation since he became a member of Rotary International.
Andy is one of eleven club members who have achieved an additional Paul Harris Fellow during the 2021-22 Rotary Year.  The following members have continued to support The Rotary Foundation and the humanitarian service the Foundation provides to those less fortunate around the world:  l
Jane Fletcher     PHF+2
Craig Garries      PHF+2
Andy Griffin       PHF+5
          Norm LeCavalier        PHF+3 and PHF+4
Colleen McEwan     PHF+3
  Susan McIntyre    PHF+2
Chris Murphy     PHF+2
Ken Ottoson      PHF+1
Dean Reidt          PHF+1
Lynn Spence      PHF+5
Vic Spolia             PHF+4
The Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise extends its appreciation to these Rotarians who are truly making a difference in the world.
Three years later, citizens and visitors to the Okanagan still consider the Kelowna Ribfest, a major family public entertainment event, one of the best festivals in Kelowna.  The Best of Kelowna presented this year by Secure Rite Mobile Storage continues to provide the community citizens and others with the opportunity to vote for their favorite Entertainment Festival in Kelowna.
Interestingly, the last Sunrise Rotary Kelowna Ribfest event took place in August of 2019, but it still resonates in the minds of people that it was something very special that a family could enjoy at no cost, which is generally not the case for much family entertainment.
In 2019, the Kelowna Ribfest received the Kelowna Now Best of Kelowna gold medal; while one year earlier, it had received a silver medal which indicates the growing popularity of the event.
Is there a message here for our Rotary club?
During the evening of June 22, 2022, the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise hosted its 36th Annual Installation for the coming 2022-23 Rotary Year.  Past President (2020-21) Norm LeCavalier organized the event selecting Sunset Ranch Golf & Country Club for the special evening event.  The Installation program provided the attendees with the opportunity to reflect on out-going President Marjolein Lloyd’s Rotary year as president and to learn about the focus of the in-coming President Randall Bamford’s goals for the Rotary Year 2022-23.
The video produced by KCS Productions, highlights events from the evening program.
The members of the club express their appreciation to President Marjolein Lloyd’s leadership during 2022-23; and look forward to the guidance and leadership from in-coming 2022-23 President Randall Bamford.
The Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise welcomed Barry Reid, a retired city director and a transfer from the Rotary Club of Penticton Sunrise, and Brad Serl, a financial advisor and a transfer from the Rotary Club of Kalamalka, into the club’s membership on May 27th.  As is customary at the Kelowna Sunrise club, both Rotarians were formally inducted into the club by Club Membership Chair Doreen Welsh.
Both inductees bring to the club a passion for volunteering and outstanding experience in leadership roles within their past clubs and with District 5060.
During the induction ceremony, in addressing Barry and Brad, Membership Chair Doreen, stated that “Sunrise Rotary will benefit from your past endeavours and skill sets to help make the world a better place by living these values. You are given many opportunities to serve others as a Rotarian, including community with both the young and old, and other destinations everywhere. The when, where, and how you serve is totally up to you.“
Barry was sponsored by club member Martha Kennedy; while Brad was sponsored by Bruce Falkins and Marjolein Lloyd.
To learn more about the club's two inductees, read the next two "Welcome.." stories.
Barry Reid, with a record of outstanding leadership at both the club and district level which he maintains to this day, transferred his Rotary club membership to the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise on May 27th, and in doing so, provided the club with additional leadership experience and the promise of continuing support for the vision and goals of the club.
Barry Reid served in a leadership role over his 15 years with the Rotary Club of Penticton Sunrise before departing to Vernon where he joined the Rotary Club of Kalamalka for the 2021-22 Rotary year.  While with the Penticton Sunrise club he served on the executive taking on a number of different responsibilities from 2008 until he departed from the club in 2021.  Barry particularly enjoyed the challenge of providing leadership for the club as its club president during the 2011-12 Rotary year.  Furthermore, from 2009 to 2018, he and his wife Denise hosted five students on the
Rotary International Student Exchange from Brazil, Finland, Austria, India, and Bolivia.  When he left the Penticton Sunrise club he was recognized as an Honourary Member which he still enjoys today.
Barry has been a vital leader at the District 5060 level in a number of positions which support clubs throughout the district.  The responsibilities he has taken on include serving as the Rotary Leadership Institute Registrar for several years starting 2012, as the D5060 Youth Protection Officer/YEAH (Canada) from 2018 to the present, and assuming the positon of chair of the D5060 International Service Committee from 2021 to the present.  In 2021, Barry also became very involved as a member of the District Grant Review Committee 2021 which he continues to this day.  Barry has also taken on a new challenge beginning in the 2022-23 Rotary year when he will serve as the D5060 Global Grant Chair.
When Barry and Denise moved to Kelowna in 2022, knowing the reputation of the Kelowna Sunrise as being active in the community and internationally, he decided to attend several meetings where he discovered that this was the club which would enable him to extend his focus on service while enjoying the friendship of the “nice” club members.  Having met several members through the Rotary Leadership Institute, International Service, and Youth Exchange, many club members such as Martha Kennedy, Ed Kolybaba, Linda Frandsen, Bruce Falkins, Colleen McEwan, Marjolein Lloyd, and Brian Wrightson, convinced him that was joining a club with a strong leadership component.
On May 27th, Brad Serl was welcomed as a member of the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise.  It is expected that Brad will continue his active participation in the leadership and affairs of the club.
A Rotarian since 2014, Brad Serl enjoyed a membership with the Rotary Club of Kamloops until 2019 and then with the Rotary Club of Kalamalka during the 2020-21 Rotary year.  He took on many leadership roles over his tenure with the Kamloops club, serving as a volunteer, as Membership Chair, and President of the club in 2018-19.  His leadership extended beyond the club serving as a facilitator with the Rotary Leadership Institute from 2015-2017 and as co-chair of the Institute during 2017-18.
When asked why he continued his membership with Rotary through the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise, Brad shared that when he moved back to Canada from South Korea in 2014, he did so ‘to start building ties to my community and to honor my grandfather, Ray Serl, who was a Rotarian in Kamloops for decades.”    Moving to Kelowna recently, with a desire to continue serving as a Rotarian, he accepted an invitation to consider the
Kelowna Sunrise club.
Upon graduating from secondary school in Kamloops in 1996, Brad achieved a BA (English) at the University College of the Cariboo (2001), also in Kamloops.  He moved to Busan, South Korea in 2002 and began working in cram schools, before moving on to teach English at Busan International High School from 2007 to 2009.  Later in 2009 and until 2014, Brad served as an Assistant Professor in the Teacher Training Program at Busan University of Foreign Studies, South Korea.
Brad moved back to Canada in 2014 where he worked at a number of random jobs in Kamloops, and where he pursued his Masters of Education (Leadership) which he attained in 2017.
In January of 2018, Brad began a new career as a banking advisor/associate with RBC/RBC Dominion Securities which he continued to April of 2022 when he began working as a financial advisor with Edward Jones, a position he continues to enjoy.
The Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise has recognized the volunteers of the Central Okanagan Emergency Support Services with a Rotary International Honourary Certificate of Appreciation.  The certificate recognized their continuing humanitarian service to those in dire situations due to a multitude of natural disasters in 2021. 
The 2021 Award was presented to the management team and the volunteers of the Central Okanagan Emergency Support Services at their regular monthly meeting on May 19th, 2022, by Norm LeCavalier, the 2020-21 president of the Kelowna Sunrise Rotary Club. LeCavalier expressed appreciation “for the commitment, dedicated and exceptional community humanitarian service that was provided by Central Okanagan ESS throughout 2021, and for that matter in many past years.”
Norm LeCavalier presents Honourary Certificate to Mel Capraire,   RDCO ESS Director
Appreciation and gratitude was extended to the voluntary management team of Mel Capraire, Beryl Itani, Dave Harrison, Nancy Wildeman, Garth Saunders, Carol Fazekas and Catherine Williams, along with the 142 volunteers who provided exceptional service and care to those in need during a devastating year of forest fires and flooding throughout the province, and house fires and an industrial accident within the Central Okanagan. 
Ed Kolybaba, a member of the Foundation Committee of the Kelowna Sunrise Club, pointed out that “during 2021, the management team and volunteers responded through 76 days of displacement because of fires, 24 days of displacement because of floods and many days because of an industrial accident in downtown Kelowna which claimed lives and displaced many from their homes in the near vicinity of the accident.”  This essential service resulted in the community members volunteering 9,354 hours of their time, an equivalent of 390 days, to provide
exceptional service to those in need without any hesitation. “Talk about ‘service above self,’ expressed Kolybaba.
L to R:  Beryl Itani, Tom Paterson (RCKS), Carol Fazekas, Mel Capraire, Nancy Wildeman, and Dave Harrison (Missing:  Garth Saunders and Catherine Williams)
Overwhelmed with the dedication and commitment of these volunteers, Kolybaba shared that “long hours, well beyond a regular shift for many, were put in day after day by the ESS Team, often commencing in the middle of the night or in the early morning, with little or no warning, to respond to a dire situation affecting an individual or family.” He added “that those displaced from their homes and community who came to the Kelowna ESS Reception Centre completely devastated, overcome with fear and totally at loss, were received with compassion and understanding by the management team and volunteers who provided support, guidance and comfort.”
Tom Paterson, chair of the Rotary Foundation Committee for the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise, at the onset of the presentation, provided an overview of how The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International helps Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace by improving health, providing quality education, improving the environment, and alleviating poverty in local communities and worldwide.
Paterson conveyed that “ Rotary International, The
Rotary Foundation, along with the Kelowna Sunrise Rotary club also recognize that there are non-Rotarians and other organizations beside Rotary clubs that bring sustainable improvement to communities and that respond to humanitarian needs.”  To this end, he stated that “the club was able and privileged to recognize community citizens and not-for-profit organizations that have contributed significantly in providing long and meritorious service in a way that has improved the quality of life of a substantial number of citizens within the community, and in this case also well beyond the Central Okanagan, while doing so within the ideals of Rotary, particularly ‘Service above Self.’”
As most are aware, the war in Ukraine continues to have devastating consequences on civilians as families flee their homes. According to the United Nations,  more than 5.8 million people, most of them women and children, have sought refuge in countries across Europe, in North America, and elsewhere, while more than 7 million more people have been displaced within Ukraine.
Rotarians around the world are deeply concerned by the unprovoked, criminal and barbaric Russian invasion of Ukraine which is resulting in the escalating loss of life, including children, the raping of women, and the ever increasing humanitarian hardship in every respect, all well beyond apprehension.  The devastating bombardment of hospitals, schools, nurseries, apartments and homes all designed to obliterate a nationality and its people is the most cruel and inhumane behaviour possible. 
In response to this outrageous Russian aggression and disrespect for humanity, Rotary is using its deep networks and decades of experience to take swift action in the region.  The first thing The Rotary Foundation did was to create an official channel for Rotary members around the world to contribute funds to support the relief efforts underway by Rotary districts and has designated its Disaster Response Fund as the main avenue for contributions. 
Using the donations of Rotarians, TRF established two grants.
Until June 30th, 2022, designated Rotary districts that border Ukraine and the Rotary district in Ukraine may apply for grants up to $50,000 each from the Fund.  This expedited disaster response grant can be used to provide relief to refugees or other victims of the crisis.
Additionally, until June 30th, other impacted Rotary districts that wish to offer support to refugees or other victims of the crisis in their district can apply for a $25,000 grant from the Fund.
While this would have to be verified, it might mean that districts outside Europe, including our own district, could apply for a $25,000 grant if the district was accepting and caring for large numbers of refugees from Ukraine.
So, how are Rotarians and their clubs worldwide taking action?
Thanks to the generosity of donors around the world, including several Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise, the Rotary Foundation has raised more than $14.4 million in contributions that is helping provide people with essential items such as water, food, shelter, medicine, and clothing.
By the end of April, 79 disaster response grants totaling $2.2 million had been awarded to support people affected by the war.
Here are a few examples of projects achieved or in progress using local funds and/or grants from the Disaster Response Fund.
The Rotary Club of Cherkasy (Chur-kas-e) in Ukraine purchased and delivered medical supplies and medicine to multiple local hospitals. The club has also organized daily meals for 250 evacuated families.
Members of the Rotary Club of Kharkiv (Car-kev) International have traveled to border countries to help refugees adapt to their new situations.
Clubs in Rotary District 2231 (Poland) are using a $50,000 disaster response grant to provide transportation, accommodations, food, and medical assistance for refugees who crossed the border from Ukraine.
Rotary District 2240 in the Czech Republic is purchasing $50,000 worth of sleeping bags, medicine, food, and defibrillators, EKGs, and oxygen concentrators to victims.
District 1910 in Austria is using a $25,000 disaster response grant to provide accommodations, baby supplies, medicine, hygiene materials, psychological care, food, and appliances to Ukrainian refugees in Austria.
“Even if the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise and/or District 5060 does not apply for a grant from the Disaster Response Fund, just think about how much we can help by providing funds that increase the funds available from the Disaster Response Fund for clubs in Ukraine or clubs in countries on or near its borders,” stated Club Foundation Committee member Ed Kolybaba following this presentation to the club on May 13th.
Tickets for the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise Cub’s 7th Annual Raffle went on sale on May 01, 2022 with $9150 worth of prizes available for those with winning tickets. The raffle will extend to 1:00 pm., August 31st, when the draw will be made at White’s Barbeque & Fireplace in Kelowna.
This year, there will be one additional prize, from four to five prizes.  Only 10,000 tickets will be up for sale with a price per ticket remaining at $5.00.
The five prizes are being sponsored by the donors of the prizes, including…..
First Prize: $5200 in gift cards provided by Save-On-Foods
Second Prize: A Green Mountain Grill Ledge Smoker, Pizza Oven attachment, Pizza Peel, Rotisserie kit, two bags of pellets, a cover and the assembly of the unit, all valued with taxes at $2,200, donated by White’s Barbeque & Fireplace in Kelowna, includes a Green Mountain Pallet Grill and accessories valued at $2,000
Third Prize: Prospera VIP Suite with ten tickets to see the Kelowna Rockets Hockey Club during the 2022/23 regular season. The winner gets to choose the date for the game which will be hosted by two Prospera Credit Union staff members with a $300 Suite credit (no cash redeemable value) donated by Prospera Credit Union and valued at $1000 + value
Fourth Prize: $500 gift voucher from Torino Ritz Men’s Wear of Kelowna
Fifth Prize:  Bread for a year (one loaf per week for 52 weeks) donated by Cobs Bread with a value of $250
Raffle tickets can be purchased from Kelowna Sunrise Rotarians, the club’s raffle blitzes, PostNet (2417 Main Street, West Kelowna) and the club’s Raffle Buying website (   
Net proceeds from the sale of the raffle tickets are returned to the community as a donation.  This year, the net proceeds, estimated at $4.76 per ticket sold, will be divided equally between Hope Outreach, Freedom’s Door and The Bridge (Youth Recovery House, Phase 11).
The Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise was pleased to induct two additional members into the club on Friday, April 28th, one of the individuals a seasoned active Rotarian with other clubs within District 5060 and another eager to serve his community and the world through membership as a Rotarian.
Mike Wright, the president and owner of Mike Wright & Associates Inc. since 2018, and a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA), Chartered Insolvency and Restructuring Professional (CIRP), and Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT), sought out membership with Rotary International and the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise as a means to focus more on serving his community.  Mike expresses that rather than focusing as much as he has on himself; it is time
to change his focus toward making his community a better place.  “I’m in a place that I can start to think about making my community better by giving a hand-up to people who haven’t had the opportunities I have had,” he stated.  He recognizes that Rotary will provide him specifically with the opportunity to focus on programs and projects within the community and internationally that support education and particularly basic financial literacy.
Mike hails from Wiarton, Ontario where he attended secondary school graduating in 1996.  In 2001, he graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with Honours in Economics and Accounting.  His career in accounting was enhanced with further studies enabling him to become a Chartered Account in 2004, a Chartered Insolvency & Restructuring Professional in 2007, and a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, also in 2007.
In his chosen career, Mike has served his profession in a variety of ways.  He is a past Board member and secretary of the British Columbia Association of Insolvency & Restructuring Professionals, a CPABC and CP Canada Financial Literacy facilitator and a participant in making submissions to government on proposed changes to insolvency and restructuring legislation.
Based on Mike’s recent and current service within the community, since he and his wife moved to Kelowna in 2007, he has demonstrated that he is already on his way to becoming an active community member.  He is presently a Director and the Treasurer of The Bridge Youth and Family Services and is soon to start as a volunteer child-minder at The Bridge.  He has also used his professional skill and knowledge voluntarily making presentations on credit and debt at the Karis Support Society, Freedom’s Door and The Bridge within the Central Okanagan.
John McIntyre, a seasoned Rotarian with a heart of gold, has been providing outstanding leadership throughout the Rotary district for years as Treasurer with the Rotary Club of Kamloops West Rotary, and more recently as President (2015-16), Secretary and chair of a number of other committees with the Rotary Club of Kelowna.

John is also a great supporter of The Rotary Foundation and the international work it carries
out throughout the world.  As a Paul Harris Society member and a Paul Harris Fellow at a +8 level, he continually supports the programs and humanitarian service provided to those in need beyond our borders.
John’s aspirations are to continue to provide leadership within the club wherever it is needed, whether it be in an executive or directorship role, or to serve as a member on one or more committees.With Alberta as his home province, John graduated from JT Foster High in Nanton in 1977 and from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Commerce in 1981.  Following the attainment of Chartered Accountant status in 1984, he became an Income Tax Specialist with Delotte’s.  In 1992, he became self-employed as a tax specialist, and then moved to Kamloops two years later where he opened his own Chartered Account firm which he operated and sold off in 2012.  Upon retirement, he and Susan moved to Kelowna.
Now that John is retired, he spends a considerable amount of time focused on Rotary activity and pursuing his passion for golf.
After stepping back from Rotary for a period of 22 months following his membership with the Rotary Club of Kelowna, John recognized that he was missing the service provided through the avenue of Rotary, which led him right back into Rotary membership, this time with the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise where he could become active in supporting the goals and projects undertaken by the club.
World Immunization Week, April 24–30th, is an opportunity to raise awareness about the effectiveness of vaccines and mobilize people’s support for immunization.
Vaccination is one of the best tools we have to improve people’s health and well-being. Global vaccination programs for preventable diseases, such as polio, are critical to protecting vulnerable children and preventing outbreaks.

Rotary members use our decades of experience in fighting polio to provide communities with information and access to COVID-19 vaccines in order to stop the coronavirus from spreading and help end the pandemic.
Kelowna Sunrise members have been sponsoring scholarships for students in Honduras through HELP Honduras for many years.  As a result, these students are enjoying successful educational experiences and outcomes.  It is expected that the financial support of 15 of the club’s members will provide similar success for 24 students for the next year. 
During Covid, only 11 students who had been receiving aid through scholarships actually quit the program.  This is a testament to HELP Honduras, its staff and the support that was provided through the use of cellphones, chargers, tutoring, and extra supplies made available to the students through the scholarship program.  Twenty-six students graduated from high school and another six from university. 
A recent meeting in March between representatives of the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise and the staff from AyO Honduras, Rotarian Don Kaminsky and HELP Honduras, clarified how much Covid had impacted the education of many students Honduras over the past two years.  Due to a lack of water, health and wellness services and other basic needs, only about one third of Honduran students have returned to continue their education for the current year. 
It is anticipated that more funds will be directed toward education in the future, considering that changes have come about politically in the country.
On April 08, six Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise were recognized for their continuing financial contributions which are making a difference for those in need throughout the world. Past District 5060 Governor (1999-2000), currently the chair of the District 5060 Foundation Committee, attended the club’s regular meeting to present Paul Harris pins that recognize the increased financial contributions of these six Rotarians.
The following club Rotarians were recognized with an additional multiple PHF pin, which signifies an additional contribution of US$1000.
(How can you support this vital relief effort?)
Rotary and Rotaract clubs in Europe and around the world have taken swift action and are working with members nearby to provide food, water, medical equipment, and shelter for refugees brought about by the horrific Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to a March 14th report from the United Nations, more than 3 million people, most of them women and children, have sought refuge in neighboring countries, across Europe, and in North America, including Canada, to escape the indiscriminant constant bombardment and destruction of Ukrainian cities and their hospitals, schools and homes.  Millions have also been displaced within Ukraine. Efforts by Rotary clubs are ongoing, according to Rotary International.
In response to the deepening humanitarian crisis in Ukraine The Rotary Foundation has created a channel to enable Rotarians from around the world and others to provide relief.  Commencing immediately, Rotarians and others can allocate financial contributions to the Disaster Response Fund of the Foundation.  Rotary Districts can also through their unallocated District Designated Funds allocate funds to the Disaster Response Fund for this relief.
The Trustees of the Foundation have decided to prioritize contributions, including unallocated District Designated Funds, made to the Disaster Response Fund until 30 April.  Districts can also apply for disaster response grants to support the Ukrainian relief efforts.
In addition to the Disaster Response Fund, Rotarians, other individuals and families, and Rotary clubs can also contribute to the relief through ShelterBox Canada (  ShelterBox Canada is affiliated with ShelterBox International, an official Project Partner with Rotary International which has now sent a team to the area.  
At the half-year point of the 2021-22 Rotary Year, the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise’s Foundation Committee reported to its members that the club Rotarians had achieved 59.5 percent of its goal for the Annual Fund and 52.8 percent of its goal for the PolioPlus Fund of The Rotary Foundation.
To the end of December of 2021, club Rotarians had donated $US 10,413 funds to the Annual Fund which thus far had generated a per capita giving of $US 143, leaving the need for additional donations of $US 7,087 to attain the club goal set for the 2021-22 Rotary Year. 
By December 31st of 2021, club members had donated an additional $US 1599 to the Polio Fund, edging closer to meeting the club goal of $US 3,025.
To the end of December of 2021, club Rotarians had donated $US 10,413 funds to the Annual Fund which thus far had generated a per capita giving of $US 143, leaving the need for additional donations of $US 7,087 to attain the club goal set for the 2021-22 Rotary Year. 
By December 31st of 2021, club members had donated an additional $US 1599 to the Polio Fund, edging closer to meeting the club goal of $US 3,025.
Appreciation is extended to Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise Rotarians Dean Reidt, Ken Ottoson, Norm LeCavalier, Lynn Spence, Craig Garries and Vic Spolia who each achieved an additional level of giving to The Rotary Foundation, either to the Annual Fund or PolioPlus Fund, or a combination of both in December and January of the 2021-22 Rotary Year. Rotarians achieve an additional level of giving after having contributed an additional amount of US$1000 to The Rotary Foundation.
Throughout this time frame during a number of meetings of the club, special presentations were made to these Rotarians who recognize the value of supporting the Foundation and the work it does in responding to dire humanitarian needs throughout the world.
On December 10th, Foundation Committee member Paul Mulvihill presented Dean Reidt with a PHF+1 pin; and on January 21st he had the honour to present Lynn Spence with her PH+5 pin.  In response, Lynn stated that she supports The Rotary Foundation “because it is easy to do, it is a 4 star charity according to Charity Navigator and it is rated in the top one percent because 91 % of the donations go directly to the projects and programs of Rotary.”  She added that Rotary is famous for its help around the world by providing global grants, responding to disaster, supporting peace scholars at universities and supporting district grants.
On January 14, Tom Paterson, the club’s Foundation Committee Chair presented two awards for their generous support of the Foundation and the valuable work it does worldwide.  Ken Ottoson received a PHF+1 pin; while Norm LeCavalier received a PH+2 pin.
January 14
One week later on January 28th, Norm LeCavalier, also a club Foundation Committee member, presented Vic Spolia with a PH+4 pin.  When Vic was asked why he chooses The Rotary Foundation to donate to, Vic said “I joined Rotary (in Kamloops) in 1998 and liked where the money is being used - international projects make a difference in the world!”
Paul Harris Fellow pins will be privately presented to Robert Fortier and Craig Garries.
The club congratulates these Rotarians who truly care for making a difference for those in need throughout the world.
The Rotary Club of Kelowna’s first ‘Season for Giving Calendar’ fundraiser conducted during December, 2021, was completely sold out raising $151,190 with all of the funds directed to support community humanitarian projects.  According to Chris Murphy and Stuart Lang during a presentation to the Rotary club on December 14th, the funds were generated with the cash sponsorship and contributions from club members amounting to $6110, community sponsorships contributing $27,750 and calendar sales generating $119,330.
The net profit funds generated from the fundraiser will be donated to the Kelowna General Hospital Foundation and the Child Advocacy Centre, both nonprofits receiving $51,576.62; while the club will retain $25,788.30 to be used to support additional projects within the community.
The funds donated to the KGH Foundation and to CAC will have a great impact in providing support for those in need within the Okanagan and beyond.  Ginny Becker, Executive Director, Child Advocacy Centre in late December expressed her thoughts on this impact. “What Have You Done? Let me tell you. You have created an environment where children who have been hurt or mistreated can feel safe and supported. You have provided an opportunity for children and families to find comfort and care. You have restored the dignity of some of our community's most vulnerable and ensured that they can find a path toward healing. You have shown our team that they are deeply valued for the difficult work that they do. And most of all, you have been the everyday heroes that make all of this possible.
Martha Kennedy, District 5060 Youth Exchange Chair and member of the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise, through the use of PowerPoint provided a comprehensive overview of the Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) program at the clubs regular (zoom) meeting on January 07, 2022. 
Using a quiz as her source, she provided an overview of the early years of the RYE program and then covered various ‘need to know’ topics, including a number of myths about the program, the need for Rotary International certification to participate in the program, the essential responsibilities of Rotary volunteers,  the application process for students wishing to be selected as an exchange student, the obligations 
of the selected exchange students, and the role of club members in supporting the exchange program.
The first Rotary Youth Exchange took place in 1929 between the Rotary Clubs of Copenhagen, Denmark and Nice, France, but this exchange was not a yearlong experience as we know it today, but rather an exchange for a couple of weeks during a school vacation; “but it was the start of a great beginning,” expressed Kennedy.
The first year long exchange program took place in 1958 when a student left Scottsbluff, Nebraska to live in Myrtleford Australia while two Australians arrived from Myrtleford to live in Grand Lake Colorado!  Today, 80 countries in all regions of the world participate in the Rotary Youth Exchange program.
Over 9000 students worldwide have participated in the program.  To bring about a program that generates an exciting and successful program for this number of students, it takes a host of volunteers.  According to Kennedy, it takes approximately five Rotarians volunteering for each student. Youth exchange officers, counselors and host families make up this cadre of volunteers who work cooperatively to ensure that the experience is successful.
Kennedy explained that RYE students must agree and must adhere to four basic rules  that included no drinking, no driving, no drugs and no dating or serious relationships; and they must participate in predatory and debriefing activities.
There is a role for every Rotarian in supporting the program stressed Kennedy.  Rotarians can get involved by serving on the Youth Committee; they can host a student for a 14 to 16 week period; they can serve as a counselor/advocate for the student; and/or they can help in recruiting students by encouraging students to apply, by helping with interviews, and by putting themselves out there to learn more about the culture of the inbound student.
The Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise has been a strong advocate and an active participate in the Rotary Youth Exchange program since it was chartered in 1976. The club’s first experience with the program involved hosting an inbound student, Luz Carmen del Gomez from Mexico, during the 1987-88 Rotary year.  Two years later the club sponsored their first outbound student, Julie Mawhinney, who was hosted in Belgium for the 1990-91 Rotary year.
Since that time, 31 young people from our community have participated in the program, traveling and enjoying an exciting cultural and educational experience second to none in a total of 18 different countries. The program also enabled 36 inbound students from 21different countries from 1987/88 to  2019/20 to enjoy an exciting adventure in Canada, particularly the Okanagan.
It has not been since 2019-20 that the club has sponsored or hosted an exchange student, Kaya Hahn to Italy and Arnau Quirante Viladrich from Spain.
Unfortunately the club, and for that matter Rotary International, has not continued with the RYE program because of the covid pandemic.  It is expected that the program will get back on track when covid has been fully contained. 
Every year, Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise volunteer collecting donations for those in need within the community through the Salvation Army Kettle Campaign. 
From the beginning of December in 2021, the club Rotarians, joined by the Kelowna Rotaract Club and the club’s sponsored Interact Club, stepped up once again to volunteer during the Kelowna Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign which was kicked off in Kelowna on November 18th.
On three successive Fridays in December, with the guidance and organization of club Rotarian Brian Wrightson, over thirty club Rotarians, along with Rotaract and Interact members, donated over 60 hours of their time over 15 shifts ringing the bells at London Drugs in Kelowna.
The Annual Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign receives donations enabling it to support families and individuals in need during the Christmas season, which is often a very stressful time for families on fixed incomes.  The gifts of donations this season couldn’t have come at a better time, particularly when so many continue to face the Covid pandemic surge.
The financial target for the Kelowna Salvation Army Kettle Christmas Campaign for 2021 was

set at $700,000 and no doubt will be surpassed by the caring people of Kelowna. The donations will not only be used to support families and individuals during the Christmas season, but will also provide funding so that the Salvation Army can provide programs for those in need throughout the coming year.

Check out the number on the back of your Season of Giving Calendar to see if it matches one of the numbers listed on this website on the right side of the Home Page, to see if you are a winner.  The winning ticket numbers are now all listed in the right side column.
If you are a winner, you can pick up your prize at Dominion Lending Centers, 104-1912 Enterprise Way, Kelowna, BC V1Y 9S9 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm and on Thursdays from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. If you are unable to collect your prize at this time, please contact Be sure to bring a valid photo ID and your winning calendar when collecting your prize.
Congratulations winners; and don't forget that the Season for Giving Calendar will be back next fall, so there will be many more opportunities to be a winner and a great way to support those in need in the community.
On July 01, 2022, a new executive and slate officers will continue providing leadership for the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise for the Rotary Year 2022-23.  The Rotary Year for Rotary International begins on July 01 and ends on June 30th.
Elections for the vacant positions for the new Rotary Year were completed during the club’s Annual General Meeting held on Friday, November 26th.
Randall Bamford will take over the role of President of Marjolein Lloyd who will continue on the Executive as Past President.  The position of President-Elect will be assumed by Colleen McEwan.  Carolyn Monz will continue as Secretary, a position she has held since July 01, 2021 and Moya Webb will continue as Treasurer, like Carolyn, a position she has been in for the 2020-21 Rotary Year.  The position of Vice-President with duties as Chair of Public Relations remains vacant.
Four of the club Rotarians will return for another Rotary Year as directors, Melanie Hall-Szyszkiewicz as Community Service Director, Chris Murphy as Fundraising Director, Andy Griffins as Donations Director, and Aleasa Tasker as Membership Director.    
Nominations were open for five officer positions which resulted in Lynn Spence accepting the position of Director for Club Service, Paul Mulvihill taking on the role of Director of the Foundation Committee, and Rene Bernard filling the position of International Service Director, leaving the positions of Youth Service Director and Environment Director still to be filled. 
As always, the members of the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise look forward to each new Rotary Year, recognizing that each and every leadership team of the club is fundamental in leading the club to growth and success, by providing a clear vision, inspiring and motivating members, providing guidance and building morale. 
On November 15, 2021, the town of Merritt and area saw extensive flooding which led to the entire town of 7000 people being evacuated.  As people are being allowed back into their homes the devastation will continue to be revealed.  Large parts of the town have been affected slightly, while other parts are catastrophically affected.
The Merritt Rotary Club has set up a Disaster Relief fund to help families and individuals who have been severely affected by the flooding.
The funds will be based on donations from Individual Rotary members, Rotary Clubs and non-Rotary individuals and organizations.  Fund proceeds will be used to provide financial support to individuals in need to help them on their path to recovery.
The Rotary Club of Merritt is registered as a charitable organization with the Canada Revenue Agency.  This registration designates the Society as a Qualified Donee for organizations that require this designation as a basis for providing donations.  It also allows us to provide tax receipts for those donating to the fund.  For those requiring receipts, please include your full name, mailing address and email address in the message box for e-transfers.
Donations can be made by cheque to the Merritt Rotary Club Society at PO Box 938 Merritt, BC V1K 1B8 or by e-transfer to
Additional financial support will shortly be provided to Child Advocacy Centre and the Kelowna General Hospital from the net proceeds of the sold out sale of the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise’s Season of Giving Calendar.  As a result, the response to the health and well-being needs of children throughout the Central Okanagan will be further enhanced.
On November 16th, Chris Murphy, Co-Chair, Season of Giving Calendar, announced publicly that all 6000 Season of Giving Calendars had been sold.  Sales for the calendar commenced on October 23rd. With the sale now completed, those who purchased the calendars for $20 will now look forward to having their ticket number drawn during the period of December 01-24th.  Purchasers have 261 chances of winning prizes having a total value of $62,319.
The winning numbers will be announced daily throughout the drawing time frame at KelownaNow.  The winning numbers will also on the club’s ‘Season of Giving Calendar’ and on a weekly basis on this website and at Capital News.
With the Calendar sales exceeding expectations, no doubt the Calendar fundraiser will be re-introduced next fall; thus providing more financial support for worthy causes in the Kelowna community.
The successful story of responding to the health needs of children in Mexico that follows is yet another example to how the donations of the members of the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise make great humanitarian impact year after year!
In early 2019, club member Rene Bernard introduced the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise to consider responding to the need to provide healthcare and wellness services for economically disadvantaged children in the small community of Todos Santos located on the Baja Peninsula of Mexico.  As is the usual response, the International Committee of the club researched the need further and shortly after contacted the Padrino Children’s Foundation in Todos Santos to offer the club’s support to enhance the health service for children.
At the regular meeting of November 19 the members of the club had the opportunity to learn firsthand how the club’s and member’s donations were making an impact on improving healthcare for children in Todos Santos, Mexico.  Dr. Alejandra Pena Salguero, the primary care physician and executive director for Padrino, along with Nancy Naigle, Padrino’s secretary of the Board of Directors, made a presentation to the
club via Zoom from Todos Santos, where they described how two grants from the club were being used and what a difference the funds were making in providing better health service for children.
During the 2019-20 Rotary Year, the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise donated $4,410 CDN which was then matched with a District Simplified Grant (DSG) that toether amounted to a total of $8,820 available to target early diagnosis and intervention for neurodevelopmental disorders among pre-school children. Unfortunately, due to the Covid pandemic, the commencement of the project was delayed until 2020-21.
This was the first of two grants developed and funded by the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise with the District’s DSG, that provided funds to revise and redesign the Early Detection and Stimulation Program started in 2016 by the Padrino Clinic.
The second grant from the club, with a matching grant from the district, approved by the district in December of 2020, provided funding for technology requirements for patient data (diagnosis, medical history and quality measurement tools) and family information. Smart phones and software enhancement were made available to improve the efficiency of the staff  and for information collection.  The project was funded with a grant of $US6,200 based on club funding of $US3,100 and the same amount from the district.
Dr. Salguero explained that the leading reasons that families seek out medical care through the Padrino Children’s Foundation is because of developmental disorders in their children.  “These disorders include delays in development, learning disorders, language delays, autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disability, amongst others,” stated Dr. Salguero.
Recognizing that rehabilitation was very challenging at older ages, from 2017 forward the focus shifted to preventing neurological delays at a much earlier age; thus the focus was directed toward pre-school children which provided a much better chance of a successful rehabilitation.
Dr. Salguero outlined the development of the Padrino program from its beginnings in 2016 until the present time.  In 2016, the basic operations were focused on the medical needs in Todos Santos and the surrounding area; but in 2017 this was extended as a community outreach program with health clinics, wellness checkups, and eye care clinics.  In 2018, therapies for children with neuro developmental disorders began to be provided in addition to genetic testing for children with rare diseases.  By the end of 2019, mental and social health services provided psychological support and psychometric evaluations, followed by increased psychology services and COVID relief support to the community in 2020 and 2021.  Also in 2021, the first pediatrician was welcomed to the community, local pediatric consultations and subspecialist consultations began to be provided, and thanks to funding from the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise, a better IT infrastructure was developed. 
Dr. Salguero shared that they were privileged to receive additional financial assistance from the Kelowna Sunrise club through the second grant to enable Padrino to put into place an improved IT infrastructure that greatly enhanced the functionality of their clinical team, adding diagnoses, medical histories, and quality measurement tools.  Furthermore, the improved system provided increased security of patient information and enabled the team members to have a much better system of communication as they focused their work in providing health care for children and families. 
Dr. Salguero’s parting words were “Thank you so much for your continuing support over the last couple of years.  It has been a wild ride and we are so grateful to have partners that want to help out in an area that is otherwise forgotten in many ways.”
We think nothing of it!  We take for granted that all of our children will be able to read.  We know that our children will have an abundance of reading resources.  We expect nothing less!  But wait, why is it that our children only have this opportunity?  What about the rest of the children in our world, particularly the children in the underdeveloped countries? 

Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise, along with Rotarians right across the globe, and many others have this same concern; and thankfully, many are taking action to address this concern, albeit unfortunately the concern will continue to exist right across the world well into the future.
One such action is currently taking place in the small town of La Paz, Honduras because of the action of the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise along with the Rotary clubs of West Kelowna, Salmon Arm, Ogopogo, Lake Country and Kamloops Aurora, and the Chispa Project in Honduras under the leadership of Sara Burkes, the founder of the not-for-profit organization.

While the Sunrise Rotary Club, along with its partner Rotary clubs, have financed many literacy projects elsewhere in underdeveloped countries, this project is special because of having guidance and leadership from Sara who has been very dedicated and successful in creating 65 school libraries throughout Honduras through the Chispa Project; and who is clearly focused on establishing this project and bringing it to fruition.
Under the guidance and leadership of Sara, funds amounting to US$7685 from the Kelowna Sunrise Rotary club, its Rotary club partners, and a district designated grant from Rotary District 5060 approved in February of 2021, are now being used to develop and furnish a library at Dionisio de Herrera Anexo Elementary School, a grade one to six school with 350 students in La Paz, Honduras. The budget includes funding for 700 books, library materials, shelving, and inauguration expenses.  Training will also be provided for staff, parents and students. 
Sara’s leadership, with the assistance of the newly founded La Paz Rotary Club which has agreed to help with the installation of the library, involves establishing library use policies, implementing a library committee of teachers and parents, planning the layout for the library, communicating with the school community, fundraising to raise funds for the school’s five percent of the total cost commitment and providing educational workshops for the staff, students and parents.
During the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise’s regular meeting on November 12th, through the avenue of ZOOM, Sara explained how she became involved in responding to the educational needs of children in La Paz starting in 2014 when she began to volunteer in a rural school, which was then followed up to a teaching experience at a bilingual school.  Through these experiences, she soon realized that there was a lack of books within the schools.  This led her to found the Chispa Project, which to this date has created over 65 school libraries across Honduras, donating over 35,000 books to these libraries.  Sara shared that “founding the Chispa Project is a dream come true getting to share her love of reading with children across Honduras.”
With heartfelt thanks Sara expressed her appreciation to the participating Rotary clubs for continuing to support Chispa’s work over the last couple of years. “It has been a wild ride” acknowledging how covid has affected the implementation of the library project, “and we are so grateful to have partners that want to help out in an area that is otherwise forgotten in many ways,” concluded.
This story of successful humanitarian service is only possible because Rotarians from the Kelowna Sunrise club, along with Rotarians from the partner clubs, have made donations to The Rotary Foundation; and “not us not forget that everyone of us as Rotarians can help to make a difference for many more children in the world.”
Supporting The Rotary Foundation with financial support is one of the best ways to make a difference for those in need throughout the world.  Rotarians around the world and from the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise recognize this, and in doing so, make The Rotary Foundation one of their charities of choice.
Club member Paul Mulvihill, after being honoured for his financial support for the Foundation on November 6th at the club’s hybrid weekly meeting by Pete Erickson, District 5060 Foundation Chair, expressed that he had first hand seen, along with club member Andy Griffin, what the Foundation could do for a community in desperate need of
humanitarian aid.  Paul shared that “when Andy and I went to Ethiopia and saw the work that the Foundation did with providing fresh water within 500 metres instead of five kilometres away, I found out exactly what the Foundation does and why it is so important.”    This is just one example of the impact the financial support for the Foundation is being made throughout the world where people are experiencing deplorable living conditions..
DG Pete Erickson, following a presentation on the financial status, grant programs and impact of The Rotary Foundation paid tribute to a number of Rotarians of the club who have made The Rotary Foundation their charity of choice with their generous donations to the Foundation over the years.  Tom Paterson, Colleen McEwan and Ed Kolybaba were recognized for their status as Paul
Harris Society Members; Helmut Hubert and Randall Bamford were honoured for attaining Major Donor status, along with Paul Mulvihill who had reached Major Donor, Level 2 status; and John Pouliot was recognized for increasing his commitment in his estate planning to the Endowment Fund at a Bequest Society Level 2.
During his presentation, Pete Erickson stressed that it was not difficult to financially support the Foundation using Rotary Direct, whereby the Foundation, either through a monthly bank account debit or monthly credit card, has the donation deducted according to one’s preferred allocation; thereby setting up a process of a
regular payment “that you will not even miss over time.”  This was echoed by Tom Paterson, club Foundation Chair during his Foundation Moment, and by Paul Mulvihill.  Paul’s exact words were “you don’t’ need to donate large amounts, just set up a small regular payment and you will not even miss it.
A story featured by CNN caught the attention of the editor of this website after watching an “Environment Moment,” PowerPoint production by Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise club member Allison Kirkwood.
Under the caption of “Asian rivers are turning black. And our colorful closets are to blame,” a journalist for CNN, described how textile dyeing has become one of the most polluting aspects of the global fashion industry, devastating the environment and posing health hazards to humans.
The story illustrates how world’s textile consumption of 95.6 millions of tons in 2015 has created a deep and damaging impact on the environment with water pollution, air pollution and solid waste pollution.
The textile/fashion industry uses 93 billion cubic meters of water annually based on that the fact that to produce one kg of fabric, it takes typically 200 litres of water which are specifically used for washing the fiber, bleaching, dyeing and then cleaning the finished product.
The pollution problem comes about when often the waste waters are not treated to remove the pollutants before they are disposed in the environment.  The high volume of polluted water, including formaldehyde, chlorine and heavy metals is responsible for aquatic life toxicity, water that is consumed in daily activities by a large number of people. The World Bank, for instance, has identified 72 toxic chemicals and solvents that are just used for the process of textile dyeing.
The apparel industry also produces air pollutants including nitrous oxides and sulphur dioxide produced in the energy production stages, volatile organic components (VOCs) produced in coating, curing, drying, waste water treatment and chemical storage, and aniline vapours, carriers of hydrogen sulphide, chlorine and chlorine dioxide produced in dyeing and bleaching stages. 
The textile industry also produces solid waste.  Globally, each year, millions of items of clothing end up in landfills.  Moreover, the waste produced ends up in water bodies, causing environmental issues.  Some of the pollutants that end up in landfills include fiber lint, fiber scraps, trimmings and packaging waste produced in the fiber preparation, wasted and retained sludge in waste water treatment and lock, chemical and dye containers used in dyeing and finishing of woven fabrics 
This various kinds of pollution released into the environment are dangerous, both for the planet and for human being.  So what can we do to help in reducing this environmental nightmare?
Club member Allison Kirkwood shared one thing we can all do.  Here is her story………
How would you like to take a trip for two to anywhere West Jet flies, spend five nights, including lessons, rentals and lift tickets at Big White Ski Resort, enjoy an ultimate golf experience at five local golf courses, spend one week at St Ives on the Shuswap all just for having a winning ticket from the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise’s ‘Season for Giving’ Calendar? 
You can have a chance to win one of these fantastic prizes, or 257 others, prizes having a total value of $62,319, simply by purchasing a ‘Season for Giving’ Calendar for only $20 at any of the six Save-on-Food stores in the Central Okanagan, at  the Kelowna General Hospital Gift Shop or at PostNet in West Kelowna.  But you have to do it right away, as only 6000 calendars are up for sale; and based on the first day of sale on October 23rd, they are going to be sold out quickly.
Each day during the period of December 01 to the 24th, unique numbers will be drawn for the prizes that correspond to one number printed on each purchased calendar (0001-6,000). The winning numbers will be announced through KelownaNow, the Kelowna Sunrise Rotary ‘Season of Giving Calendar’ website, the club’s website and via weekly updates posted in the Capital News.
At a special event held on October 23rd at Orchard Plaza, the official launch of the Calendar and its sale took place.  Kelowna Sunrise Rotary member Randall Bamford served at MC for the event, which featured how the fundraising project came into being by club member Stuart Lang, appreciations
extended to the sponsors of the prizes, and comments from Doug Rankmore, CEO, for the Kelowna General Hospital Foundation  who was accompanied by Tracy, a nurse on the Neonatal Unit,  and Rick Oliver, Board Chair for the Child Advocacy Centre,  representing the two beneficiaries that will be receiving the net proceeds from the sales of the Calendar.
The goal of the Kelowna Sunrise Club, through the net proceeds from the sale of the Calendar is to respond to the local needs of children.
The Kelowna General Hospital will target the Neonatal Intensive Care Ward with the funds provided by the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise.  CEO Doug Rankmore identified that having a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Kelowna, also available to families in the Interior Health region means that families
 and babies don’t have to be transported to Vancouver for intensive care. Doug pointed out that “the unit is a tertiary unit as it serves mothers and babies across Interior Health, so this is a wonderful vote of support for families across Interior Health.”
Funding will also support the collaborative model of care used by the Child Advocacy Centre which is designed to empower  those working on the front lines of child abuse to work together to improve outcomes and build resilience for children , families and the community.  In his remarks, Rick Oliver stated the donation from the 
sale of the Calendars “is going to make a big difference to kids in our community.”  He shared that, the Centre in its third year of operations, “serves kids who are really vulnerable”and added that the Centre “brings all of the services together to collaborate so that kids are able to tell their stories once, that they are supported, and that everything is activated around the kids in a safe and friendly place.” 
Check out the video about the ‘Season for Giving’ Calendar launch which will appear on the Home Page of this website in the very near future.
Beginning shortly after the 2010 Haiti earthquake, five women residing throughout British Columbia and Alberta visited Haiti on different occasions and learned firsthand about the devastation resulting from this earthquake and several others that followed, along with a number of hurricanes and tropical storms, and how the poverty in the country was affecting the health and education of the Haitians.  The concerns for the people of Haiti moved these women profoundly to the point where they recognized that it was not enough to just sympathise; it was indeed necessary to take action to make a difference for the distraught Haitians.  Energized with this focus, the women began to fundraise to support a number of specific causes, while several of the women visited Haiti to provide hands-on support through leadership, training and guidance.    Under the leadership of Judy Douglas, an OR nurse from Vernon, Canadian Friends of OSAPO (Oganizasyon Sante Popilè ) was formed as a society in 2013.  The name was changed to Canadian Partners 4 Haiti – CP4H in 2018 to comply with CRA in attaining charitable status which was finally received in 2021.
The focus of CP4H is directed to support and care within a remote area of Haiti, two hours north of the capital in hill country, an area challenged by poor communication, dreadful roads, and currently with dangerous gangs.  This support involves partnering with OSAPO, a medical facility which provides health care to over 70,000 people, providing supplies and a lunch program for a nearby school and training women at a sewing school at the clinic.
A manager of the OSAPO clinic oversees the program and provides the team with timesheets and receipts which the team pays.  A very dedicated teacher who makes her way from Port au Prince twice a week provides the education and training, which must be done through the use of diagrams as seven of the ten women in the sewing program are illiterate.  Unfortunately, the treadle machines from China are of poor quality and usually breaking down, yet another challenge for the program.
The challenge for CP4H now is to find ways for the trained women to earn money for their family’s livelihood.  Linda Frandsen, one of the team members and a Rotarian with the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise recognizes that there is a need to find someone in Haiti to establish contracts with clothing production businesses or to establish a coop to enable the women to be self-employed.
The initial support from the women originated for the clinic when one of the women discovered the clinic during a visit to the country and then went back several times to teach OR nursing techniques.  This led to an interest of the women in raising $10,000 back in the Okanagan in 2016 to provide funds to create a sterilization area at the clinic. Another member of the team had begun to personally support the school with supplies and a lunch program during this period of time.   Yet another member visited the school several times beginning in 2012 to help organize the clinic and the school.  In 2017, a fourth team member visited OSAPO and then using funds generated by the team, involved the team in sponsoring three ladies at a sewing school in the town and then starting the sewing school at the clinic for ten local ladies.   Linda visited the project herself in 2013 and then again in 2018 when she distributed ‘Days for Girls’ kits.
While the initial fundraising took place with donations from Rotarians and friends through a dinner and auction, selling a block for the new CSR at OSAPO and other events, the team started a unique fundraising activity in 2019, which unfortunately was set aside for 2020 because of the pandemic, but was resurrected just recently in 2021.
Back in 2019, the team rented a hall, gathered their friends, and made 250 pies which were sold at $15 each, and which provide sufficient funds to support the school of another year.  This year, with apples from the adopted trees from Rotary club member David Raye’s orchard, donated boxes from Save-on-Foods, and a fantastic pastry chef who made all the pastry, two teams, one in Kelowna consisting of eight women, and another in Vernon, together made 320 apple pies, generating a net profit of $5050, to pay for the salaries, rent, and some repairs for the next year.
Through the dedication and concern for those less fortunate, CP4H has made a great impact in changing the lives of women in Haiti in just such a short time.  What a blessing these women, who each brought their strengths to the team, made in responding to the needs of those less fortunate.
The Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise’s ‘Season of Giving Calendar’ has now been produced and printed with the official launch of the Calendar taking place at 11:00 am on Saturday, October 23rd in Kelowna at the Orchard Plaza.
It is expected that the 6000 calendars, each with a unique number, will sell out quickly considering that only $20 will provide the buyer with a chance to win over $62,000 in prizes.  At the conclusion of the sale of the calendars, numbers will be drawn and prizes awarded for each day between December 01 and December 23.
The numbers will be published daily by Kelowna Now and on this club website, and weekly in the Capital News.
Financially supporting local not-for-profit organizations this year is based on the theme “children and community.”  The proceeds from the sales of the “Season of Giving Calendar’ will be donated to the Kelowna General Hospital Foundation for the children's ward  and to the Child Advocacy Centre who treat children who have been abused.
The idea for a ‘Season of Giving Calendar’ fundraiser was first suggested early in the new year as part of the Rotary Kelowna Sunrise’ s multi-year planning activity.  By the early part of February a concept began to take shape and on March 26th, a mock-up of the Calendar was shared with the club members. On April 23rd, the club members were informed that the fundraising project would be proceeding forward.
Under the guidance of team leader Stuart Lang, working committees, each served by a chair, were formed to conduct a variety of functions including, production and design, communications, financial planning and requirements, prize collections, marketing and sales and distribution. By the end of July, the Calendar was ready to go to press; and on August 20th the calendars had been printed and shipped to Kelowna.
Check out the following video to observe how the Calendar was printed.
On October 15th, Lynn Spence was inducted into the membership of the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise, bringing with her the experience and proven leadership as a Rotarian since 2008 with the Rotary clubs of Ladner (2008-09) and Surrey Guildford (2009-2021).
Lynn served as President of the Guilford club in 2011-12 and Secretary from 2013-14.  She extended her leadership experiences by serving in several positions in District 5050, including Assistant Governor (2015-18), Visioning Facilitator (2015-21) and Visioning Coordinator (2017-21).  She also supported the Rotary Foundation as a PHF+4 donor.
Together with another club member, and a Steering Committee composed of three clubs in her Area within District 5050, Lynn cooperatively provided leadership in the development and implementation of the Surrey Starfish weekend backpack program.  In addition to involvement in this Rotary program and many other Rotary community projects, she volunteered with school breakfast and lunch programs, and with Newcomers’ programs.
Born in Jasper, Alberta, Lynn attended Bonnie Doon Composite High School graduating in 1966.  She continued with post-secondary study at the University of Alberta (1969) and graduate study at the University of Toronto (1974).
Lynn commenced her career in the Mental Health field in 1974, working in Social and Community Services including Mental Health, probation, child and family counselling, and school psychology before taking on a new role as an Associate Executive Director, Director of Branch Development for the not-for-profit CMHA BC Division in 2008 which she was involved with until 2017.
Upon moving to the Okanagan, Lynn desired to continue her service as a Rotarian which led her to check out the clubs in the Okanagan.  After checking out the Kelowna Sunrise club website, attending several Zoom meetings with the club, and recognizing the energy and active focus of the club on serving the community, her mind was quickly made up as to where she wished to serve.
Lynn is very interested in being involved in community service projects especially related to children, shelter and food security, and in providing leadership with respect to membership development/retention.
This coming Sunday, October 24th, is a very special day, not just for Rotarians, but for everyone throughout the world, as we celebrate World Polio Day to celebrate and learn about the progress on the road to polio eradication.
World Polio Day is observed and celebrated on the 24th of October every year.  It is an event to develop increased awareness about polio, take structural measures towards eradicating this disease and thank thousands of healthcare workers worldwide who have contributed to removing polio from our world.
Listen to Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta as he encourages all Rotarians and citizens of the world to take action.
A polio-free world is possible, but we can achieve it only by taking action together.  Join with @Rotary this #WorldPolioDay to @EndPolioNow:
The Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise, under the leadership of President Norm LeCavalier during the 2020-21 Rotary Year, was awarded the Rotary Citation for the 2020-21.  Current president Marjolein Lloyd, on behalf of Rotary International, presented the Citation certificate to Norm during the club’s hybrid regular meeting on October 15th.
To be eligible for the Rotary Citation, clubs need to begin the Rotary Year as active clubs in good standing and they must have achieved at least 13 of the 25 goals that are identified as criteria for successful achievement. 
Congratulations are extended to past-president Norm, the club leadership team and all of the members in meeting the required criteria and in receiving the award.
Few diseases frightened families across the world more in the early part of the 20th century than polio did.  Polio struck in the warm summer months, sweeping through communities as an epidemic every few years.  Though most people recovered quickly, some suffered temporary or permanent paralysis and even death.  Many polio survivors were disabled for life.  They became a visible, painful reminder to society of the enormous toll this disease took on young lives.
During the first half of the 20th century, poliomyelitis, a.k.a. polio, hit Canada harder than anywhere else. Canada experienced its first localized polio outbreaks in the 1910s with the first major wave of larger outbreaks in the late 1920s.  Like covid 19 to date, the country experienced four waves, with the fourth, from 1946 to 1953, being the most severe, reaching a national crisis in 1953.
Thankfully, the research by Dr. Jonas Salk led to a successfully tested vaccine against poliomyelitis in 1953 which was approved for use in 1955; and by Dr. Albert Sabin who identified the three types of Poliovirus and developed an attenuated oral vaccine in the 1960’s that provided longer lasting immunity than the Salk vaccine.  
Through the administration of the vaccines, the last case of wild-type paralytic polio was reported in North America in 1991 and the entire continent was certified polio free in 1994.
While Rotary International started working to eradicate polio in 1979 through immunization campaigns throughout Southeast Asia and Latin America, it was not until 1985 that Rotary introduced PolioPlus, the first effort to immunize every child in the world with polio vaccine.  Three years later in 1988, Rotary pushed forward a global resolution to eradicate polio at the 1988 World Health Assembly in Geneva which resulted in Rotary spearheading the launch of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative with the World Health Organization, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and UNICEF.
Today, with the work of this partnership, and the generous donations from Rotarians around the world, including Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise, the PolioPlus Program has impacted the world in such a profound way that has resulted in polio cases having fallen 99.9% since 1988.   
We are so thankful, yes, you and I, for what a difference it is to have a polio-free family, community, country and world; and we must never reduce our efforts to make sure that this focus is sustained so that every global citizen enjoys the same polio-free life. We need to understand and recognize that persistent barriers to reaching every child with polio vaccines and the covid-19 pandemic have contributed to an increase in polio cases worldwide.  Last year, 1226 cases of all forms of polio were recorded compared to 138 in 2018.  This means that our efforts cannot lessen and that the PolioPlus Program still needs our financial support. While we are closer than ever in eradicating polio, we are not done yet.  The Rotary Foundation still needs funds to continue immunizations and surveillance efforts.   Our gifts will get us closer to the finish line.
As Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise Rotarians we join together with our friends, neighbours, community and the world in observing World Polio Day on October 24th
While this is a day to celebrate the progress in working to eradicate polio from the world, more importantly, it is a time to reflect, raise awareness and recognize that we all have a part in ‘serving to change’ the world and to make it a better place for everyone.
Providing care for the community and the world are the main reasons why two recent inductees desired to take up membership with the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise.
On Friday, October 04th, Sandra Impey and Karan Massar were inducted into the membership of the club by club Membership Chair Doreen Welsh, the first two new members since the commencement of the new 2021-22 Rotary Year and the first ever on-line live meeting.
Sandra Impey, transferring her membership from the Rotary Club of Grand Prairie Sunrise where she served as a member since 2007, joins the club with a wealth of club service and leadership having served as the chair of the Club Service, Foundation and Membership Committees, and as the 2017-18 Club President.
When asked why she sought out membership as a Rotarian and specifically why she joined the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise, Karan expressed that she wanted to become more connected to her community and to give back and support her community. 
She shares that she “felt like “coming home” at the first Kelowna Sunrise zoom meeting; and now as a member looks forward to getting to know the city of Kelowna and the Rotary members through active participation in the club.” 

As a Kelowna Sunrise Rotarian, Sandra is anxious to get involved in a variety of ways, such as serving with fund raising, international service and/or with the Rotary Foundation which she has actively supported by providing leadership and financial contributions in the past.  In fact, she has achieved a PHF+5 level while doing so.
Karan Massar, sponsored by club member Jane Fletcher, holds the position of Senior Officer, Community Giving, with the British Columbia SPCA Kelowna Branch, a position she has held since February of 2019.
When asked why she sought out membership as a Rotarian and specifically why she joined the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise, Karan expressed that she wanted to become more connected to her community and to give back and support her community.
She pointed out that while doing a presentation to the Rotary club and after spending time conversing with club member Jane Fletcher, she was confident that the Kelowna Sunrise Rotary Club would be a “great fit.”

Karan has a desire is to use her background in fundraising to support the fundraising that the club conducts as a means to generate funds which support the needs within the community.
As a child, do you remember the thrill of opening each little trap door on your Christmas advent calendars and finding a piece of chocolate to devour?
Step into 2021 and enjoy a whole new experience of thrills and rewards with the first-ever Rotary “Season of Giving” calendar chock full of surprises.
Forget just chocolates and anticipate lots of treats each day with exciting prizes including:
     A full day trip for two which can include two supercars with drivers for a day of wine touring or the ability to join a supercar private track day, Area 27 with professional instruction and car provided courtesy of local philanthropist Brent Marshall of Business Finders Canada valued at $10,000
     The “Gift of Flight” - One round trip flight for two guests to any regularly scheduled and marketed WestJet destination*! *(No cash value, fees, taxes, surcharges not included, blackout dates and restrictions apply.)
     Five nights accommodations, lessons, rentals, and lift tickets at Big White valued at over $5,800
     Boat, jet ski and other rentals from Downtown Marina Kelowna valued at $3,250
     $2,000 in Gift Certificates to Natures Fare
     $2,000 in Gift Certificates for Save-On-Foods
     $1,800 in Gift Certificates to Olivia’s Oils
     A private helicopter experience with Alpine Helicopters worth $1,000
     One week vacation at St Ives on The Shuswap BC, two prizes worth over $700 each
     A luxury wine tour with Wicked Wine Tours valued at $1,000
     “Bread for a Year” from Cobs Bread
     Wild at Heart print, and signed Fraiche Nutrition cookbooks from local philanthropist Jillian Harris
     Ultimate golf experiences at five local courses, wine gift cards, skis, and many more surprises are hidden and waiting to be discovered behind the doors...
For only $20 each, buy yourself and someone special a Season of Giving Calendar in support of local children. The 6,000 lucky purchasers will receive a beautiful calendar, with artwork designed by renowned local artist Dale Dirks. With daily windows from December 1st-24th, family, colleagues and friends take part together by opening to reveal multiple fabulous prizes each day. Daily, unique ticket numbers will be drawn for the prizes that correspond to one number printed on each purchased calendar (0001-6,000). Winning numbers will be announced through KelownaNow, the Kelowna Sunrise Rotary “Season of Giving Calendar” website, and via weekly updates posted in the Capital News.
The club's goal is to raise $120,000 for local kids in need, and as such have chosen two local organizations to become the major beneficiaries of Season of Giving Calendar proceeds: The Kelowna General Hospital Foundation targeting Neonatal Intensive Care Ward and the Child Advocacy Centre.
Club President Marjolein Lloyd says “Our club is very excited to be able, with community support, to contribute to both of these extraordinary, essential organizations.”
Calendars can be purchased in-person starting October 16th at select Save-On-Foods in Kelowna: Mission Store on Lakeshore, Orchard Plaza, Glenmore, Rutland, as well as West Kelowna and Lake Country stores as well as at the Kelowna General Hospital gift shop. With $62,319 in prizes, there’s something for everyone and multiple prizes will be given each day. Don’t miss out, get your calendars early!
Please join the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise at the Very Special Big Launch Event Season of Giving Calendar at Save-On-Foods, Orchard Plaza on October 23rd at 11:00 a.m.
The members of the Kelowna Sunrise Rotary Club extend their congratulations to the four ticket holders who won the four fabulous prizes during the raffle draw held at 2:00 pm on Thursday, September 30th.
1st Prize:  Robert Bissell of Kelowna ($5200 in Gift Certificates for purchases at Save on Foods)
2nd Prize:  Duncan Gardiner of Summerland (Green Mountain Pallet Grill and Accessories valued at $2000)
3rd Prize:  Diana Ellis of Kelowna ($1000 cash from Prospera Credit Union Kelowna)
4th Prize:  Sandra Nolt of Kelowna ($500 Gift Voucher from Torino Ritz Men’s Wear)
A record sale of raffle tickets took place during the period of June 04 and September 30th when all 9000 available tickets were sold resulting in gross profits of approximately $45,000.  While the Kelowna Sunrise Rotary supports many local charities, the major benefactor of this year’s raffle will be the Bridge Youth and Family Services which supports families with various programs and which provides detox and recovery programs.
The event held outside Save on Foods at the Orchard Plaza in Kelowna was presided over by MC and club member Randall Bamford.  Bamford paid special tribute to club member Ken Ottoson who had devoted endless hours coordinating and managing the club’s 6th Annual Community Raffle, the four sponsors of the prizes that enabled the club to limit its overhead expenses, the club members, staff from Bridges and others who sold the tickets, and those who supported the club’s focus on serving those in need within the community with their purchase of tickets.
Marjolein Lloyd, president of the club and club member Ken Ottoson also shared their appreciation for all those who made the sale so successful.

During the event, Celine Thompson, Executive Director of the Bridge expressed her appreciation for the partnership that Bridge has with the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise that has enabled it since its inception in 2020 to open Phase One of the Youth Recovery House. 
She thanked the club for its continuing financial support from the proceeds of the raffle which will enable Bridge to continue to advance the progress of its goals to assist youth in need.  “With your endeavours and enthusiasm and with everyone who supports you, I am confident that we will have the same success when it comes to Phase Two, when together we will build a model program that will be a legacy in the community for years to come,” stated Thompson.
As has been for the past six years, the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise has always used all of the net profits from the club’s Community Raffle to financially support various not-for-profits focused on providing services for those in need.
If you didn’t have the opportunity to attend the Raffle Draw Event, you are welcome to sit back and view the following video production which includes words from the various participants involved in the event and the live draws being made by the four sponsors.
Effective Leadership, through the act of trusteeship, is the key to a Rotary club’s success and growth, and to its core function to provide humanitarian service and to advance goodwill and peace around the world.  
Through trusteeship, the president and his/her executive/board’s commission is to serve as trustees.  As trustees, they carry out the function of watching, guarding, overseeing or managing the club, its culture, its purpose and its focus in accordance with Rotary International.
The officers guided by the president and working cooperatively with the president, give, show, and assume leadership while “holding the charter of public trust” as trustees of the club.  They give leadership when responding to situations, through their actions, and when determining a course of action or deciding to move the Rotary club in a certain direction.
The Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise expresses gratitude to and honours the Rotarians who are currently members of the club for their service in providing leadership as the president of the club; and to the Rotarians who are now members of the club but have served as president with other clubs. The club is also appreciative of those who have served in this position but who are no longer members of the club.  In their capacity as presidents, all have taken on the role of trustees with dignity, truth and compassion.
Check out the article found on this website under the site section “Editorials” authored by Ed Kolybaba on the topic of “trusteeship” and the “types of leadership” the president and officers assume as trustees of the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise.  You must be signed in to read the article.
The members of the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise extend their congratulations to two club Rotarians who continue to support The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International; and while doing so, achieved an additional Multiple Level status as a Paul Harris Fellow (PHF).

Norm LeCavalier was recognized for his achievement of a PHF+2 level on August 06, 2021; while Susan McIntyre was recognized for the achievement of the same level on September 10, 2021.  These Rotarians are the first two to attain an additional PHF level for the Rotary Year 2021-22.
Tom Paterson, the club’s Rotary Foundation Chair, made the presentations during the club’s regular zoom meetings; and on behalf of the club expressed gratitude and congratulations to the two outstanding club Rotarians for their focus on supporting the Foundation which continues to finance humanitarian programs and the promotion of world understanding and peace.
In making the presentations, Paterson stated that “the symbolism in this recognition is to say thank you for making a difference in your community and in the lives of less fortunate people in the world.” 
Alert to all readers of this Home Page Story!
Do you know a grade 9, 10 or 11 student who lives in the Okanagan area and is interested in traveling, experiencing a different culture, learning a new language and having an amazing year in another country? If so, please forward this message to the student with the poster. 
Allison Kirkwood, Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise Youth Services Committee Chair and Colleen McEwan, District 5060 Youth Exchange Officer, will be hosting an in-person information session at Kelowna Secondary School (multipurpose room) for parents and students from Central Okanagan School District on Wednesday, September 15 from 5:30-6:30 pm.
There will also be a Zoom information session for parents and students on Monday, September 27, 2021 on the following link: 
Meeting ID: 893 9085 7617
Passcode: 220521
Students and parents are welcome to reach out to Colleen at or Allison at
Applications are due October 8, 2021
ShelterBox Canada extends congratulations to the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise for its achievement of Bronze Hero Status for the Rotary year of 2020-2021!
In extending its congratulations, ShelterBox Canada stated that “each year, Rotary helps us to go further, support more people, and access areas that would otherwise be impossible to reach,” adding that “Thanks to your support this past Rotary year we have been able to deliver aid to families recovering after disaster in India, Honduras, Philippines, Tanzania, Sudan, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Cameroon, and Ethiopia.”
Thanks to the continuing support of ShelterBox Canada by the club, ShelterBox has been allowed to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of families affected by disaster and conflict. 
Kelowna Sunrise Rotarians have always recognized The Rotary Foundation for the humanitarian service provided worldwide for communities and people in need.  Once again, the club can celebrate the generosity of its members in supporting the Foundation, as it reaches and surpasses its commitment of financial support for the work of the Foundation, as it has in year’s past.  As of June 30th, 2021, Kelowna Sunrise Rotarians have personally donated a total of US$388,855, close to half a million Canadian dollars, to The Rotary Foundation since the club’s charter.
The final report of the Foundation Committee for the Rotary year 2020-21, just released, indicated that the major goals of the Committee focused on supporting the Annual and the PolioPlus Funds of The Rotary Foundation have been achieved and surpassed. 
The report summarized that the goal of contributions to the Annual Fund set at US$16,000 had been surpassed by an additional US$3,141 which amounted to a 119.6 percent achievement level with a per capita donation rate of US$242.29.
Additionally, the goal for contributions to the PolioPlus Fund established at US$2,750 had been surpassed, ending up at US$4,765, an achievement of 173 percent and per capita level of $60.32.

The contributions to the Annual, PolioPlus and Endowment Fund over the course of the Rotary year resulted in support for the Foundation’s programs amounting to US$24,658.  This placed the club in fourth place, behind the Rotary Clubs of Wenatchee, Yakima and Moses Lake within District 5060.

Unfortunately, several goals were not achieved, including only a 68.35 percent of achievement in reaching the level of ‘Every Rotarian Every Year’ which required that 100 percent of the club Rotarians would donate at least US$25 during the Rotary year; and only a 62 percent achievement level for the number of Rotarians who would contribute US$100 or more during the Rotary year, a goal that had been set at 50 members.

The personal financial support of Kelowna Sunrise Rotarians, which in large part is used by The Rotary Foundation to provide matching grants for the International projects initiated and implemented by the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise and other Rotary clubs worldwide, is making a difference for those in need throughout the world.
With and due to the donations of members of the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise to The Rotary Foundation, this past Rotary year, the International Service Committee of the club has been able to provide leadership and guidance for humanitarian projects in Mexico, Honduras, and Nepal.   These projects which together with contributions from the club and from other Canadian Rotary clubs, and with matching grants from the Rotary Foundation, have resulted in financial support of US$131,676 for five different projects in these three countries. 

The members of the club Foundation Committee thank the club Rotarians for their generosity, their care for those in need and for their continuing compassion.  “Your hearts are in the right place!” 
Local Okanagan organizations that are focused on responding to the needs of families, youth and children greatly appreciate the donations received annually from the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise.
Without exception, each year the club provides funds to support these organizations, funds attained through fundraising activities and funds from BC Gaming Grants.  During the Rotary Year 2020-21 (July 01, 2020-June 30, 2021), the club helped fund humanitarian services provided by these organizations amounting to $65,387.
The following chart provides a summary of the donations that were made during the Rotary Year:
This past year, the proceeds from the Annual Raffle of the club, provided a majority of the funds.
The Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise is pleased to announce that two indigenous secondary school graduates were recently presented with two 2021 awards sponsored by the club.
The Kelowna Sunrise Rotary All Around Medicine Wheel Award, valued at $750 was awarded to Sianna Williamson, a student from Kelowna Secondary School.  Sianna is a well-rounded student who seeks out her wellness priorities in order to achieve her personal and academic goals. In doing so, she has met the criteria whereby she demonstrated active service, citizenship, leadership, personal determination and an outstanding work ethic at school/community, excelled in team sports or individual physical accomplishments, demonstrated cultural contributions at school and in her community and provided evidence of overcoming personal and systemic barriers to success. 
Sianna plans to attend McGill University to study psychiatry before pursuing a career supporting intergenerational trauma survivors and residential school survivors.
The Kelowna Sunrise Rotary Spiritual Award, valued at $500 was presented to Hayden Wilson who graduated from George Elliot Secondary this spring.  Hayden has met the criteria for this award by focusing on making cultural contributions by being involved in promoting and being actively engaged in cultural activities within the school and community.  He has also demonstrated active and productive service, citizenship, personal determination and an excellent work ethic. 
Hayden’s future Goal is to continue with a forest ranger and peace officer training program which he has already commenced.  He hopes that he will have the opportunity to use the knowledge and the skills he will acquire from the program to serve on his home reserve working alongside band members and Elders to protect the community’s traditional lands.
A third award, valued at $500, the 2021 Medicine Wheel Award - Diverse Needs and Abilities, personally sponsored by a member of the club, was presented to Keeanu Saunders, a 2021 graduate of Mount Boucherie Secondary School.  To be eligible for the award, Keenanu also had to demonstrate outstanding service, citizenship, leadership, personal determination and an excellent work ethic, along with contributing to cultural endeavours within the school and community and providing evidence of overcoming challenges and diverse abilities in order to succeed. 
Keeanu was on an Evergreen graduation path, but through determination and strength earned his full Dogwood Diploma. While remaining well connected to his Indigenous culture and his community, his goal is to pursue study in physiotherapy.
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