Albury Men's Shed
The Albury Men’s Shed was the first Men’s Shed in Australia, and is the prototype for all Australian Men’s Sheds.
The concept was brought to Australia by Albury North Rotarian Frank Dekruiff who, when he visited his country of birth (The Netherlands), discovered that his former employer had created a space in the company’s factory for retirees to congregate and share their trade skills and knowledge. This was primarily to stave off the loneliness and feelings of isolation that can accompany people in retirement.
Upon his return to Australia Frank promoted the concept to the members of the Rotary Club of Albury North, who embraced it as a Club project.
The Albury Men’s Shed is a thriving community of men and women, who come together to socialize, share their trade skills and hobbies, and work on personal and group projects.