About Our Club
Our club  was chartered on the 1st of May 1963. We are one of the largest Rotary clubs in District 9790 and are a mixed gender club with female members comprising approximately 23% of our membership.
We are very actively involved in service work, but we also enthusiastically embrace fellowship. For example we have a very active caravanning and camping group, and an active golfing group in the summer months. The club even has a choir that goes by the name of the RCAN singers.
We have a strong focus on youth and have a very active New Generations portfolio. We conduct a youth camp annually for year 10 students from North East Victoria and the Murray River towns of the New South Wales Riverina.
We are also actively involved in Rotary Youth Exchange and have sent out and hosted many Rotary exchange students over the years.
Our major fundraising initiative is the Kiewa Street Market, which we operate every Sunday in partnership with the Rotary Club of Belvoir-Wodonga.