A total of 15 Rotarians and 6 partners gathered at Wagga Beach around noon on Sunday 28th June for a catch up – with appropriate ‘social distancing’ of course. The menu was BYO lunch

Attendees were: President Jo (& Dennis) Wilson, Dave (& Donna) O’Grady, Max (& Sue) Chapman, Colin (& Alison) Wiese, Fred (& Rae) Loneragan, John (& Anne) Wood, Kim Baker, Anne Egan, Jenny Groch, Joan Skews, Dawn Smith, Sandra Rootes, Alan Sharp, Bob Martin & David Brady.
After all the great rain we have been receiving, the weather on the day was perfect for a winter’s day. Sitting around in very pleasant sunshine, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to catch up ‘face to face’.
President Jo provided some light hearted entertainment concerning how she & Dennis are coping (or not) with possums in their ceiling. Plenty of advice was forthcoming from various people as well as some recalling their own possum adventures from the past.
The beach gathering wound up around 1.30pm as the shade from the nearby trees turned the air a bit fresh. A few members however moved to a warmer sunny spot and continued with a bit more fellowship for another half hour or so before heading off. Overall, a great get together enjoyed by all