Rotary Club of

Kamloops Daybreak

Sargent At Arms Committee 2017


This is the team that makes sure the room is set up with all the important stuff to run our meetings. Once the meeting is over, they are the ones that put the stuff away again. Watch out, they are also looking for the most innovative way to fine you also, so be on your guard.

These folks also look after guests and do the Happy Bucks.

Date Meeting Setup Meeting Tear Down  
February 10, 2017 David Deol Bill Andersen  
February 17, 2017 David Deol David Kneeshaw  
February 24, 2017 David Deol John McCurrach  
March 3, 2017 David Deol Bill Andersen  
March 10, 2017 Bill Andersen David Kneeshaw  
March 17, 2017 Bill Andersen John McCurrach  
March 24, 2017 Bill Andersen Bill Andersen  
March 31, 2017 Bill Andersen David Kneeshaw  
April 7, 2017 David Deol John McCurrach