Posted by Rick Taylor on Aug 30, 2018

Our speaker today was David Gouthro - a seasoned, creative and playful speaker whose personal passion is to help people discover their courage to learn and grow.

"To say we are living in a world of increasing complexity, faster pace of change and rampant unpredictability is about as useful as saying “there is gravity”. Both statements are true, yet neither provides any insight into how to grow personally and/or professionally.  

A critical determinant of whether or not a person will succeed in such a volatile environment is their mindset—which is basically the way they view their own skills, knowledge and talents. Today we briefly explored two particular mindsets (fixed and growth) with the objectives of (a) helping you become more aware of your own mindset and (b) offering a few suggestions on how to change your mindset--if you choose to do so!"

If you would like to see more of David's ideas on this, and a number of other topics, look at his website -   The photo shows David with Rotarian Faith Wood.