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Kalamalka Rotary club is a vibrant and diverse group of 101 members that was formed in 1984. We not only believe that "It's Great to do Business With A Rotarian", but are also committed to doing "Great things in our Local Community and Internationally".


Five Reasons to Join a Rotary Club
1.  Friendship
A basic human need: One of the two reasons Paul Harris began Rotary in 1905. Rotarians believe while it is nice to be important, it is more important to be nice.
2.  Business Development
The second original reason for Rotary's beginning. Everyone needs to network. Rotary develops confidence and skill in public communication, and the opportunity to use it.
3.  Personal Growth
Membership in Rotary continues one's growth and education in human relations and personal development. Serving in Rotary positions is like a college education in Leadership.
4.  Fun
Rotary is fun. The club projects are fun. Social activities are fun. And the service is fun. Every Rotary club and district has parties and activities that provide social fun and camaraderie.
5. Next Generation Programs
Rotary provides one of the world's largest youth exchange programs; high school and college clubs for future Rotarians, and youth leadership programs.
Home Page Stories
Angie MacDougal spoke to our club about the Front Row Foundation. It is a charity driven organization with a goal of providing people dealing with a life threatening illness the chance to do something they have dreamed of doing.  Her interview on Facebook explains this in detail and can be viewed at - https://www.facebook.com/kalrotary/videos/1154096081447677
More information is available on their website - https://frontrowfoundation.org/ 
Angie is on the left in this photo with Club President Carmen Larsen.
Derek Moody is the Committee Chair for the District 5060 Environmental Sustainability Committee.  He is on left in this photo with Morgan Roney. Derek recently spoke to our club about how Rotary International and each individual Rotary Club can be involved in this issue. He provided an interview about this project that we have posted on Facebook - you can view this at  https://www.facebook.com/kalrotary/videos/372072993727776/
The Kal Rotary members in this photo were recognized for having 100% attendance last year.  Perfect attendance is achieved by attending our regular weekly meetings and obtaining a make-up for any missed meetings.  A make-up can be obtained by attending a different Rotary Club meeting, being involved in any one of our work programs, attending a committee meeting or going to one of our recognized social events.
Lia Harris, Pediatric and Education Committee Volunteer for MedGlogal, recently spoke to our club about the Rohingya refugee crisis and how MedGlobal is making a difference.
You can listen to her description of this at our Facebook site - https://www.facebook.com/kalrotary/videos/403233480308493/ and there is more information about MedGlobal at their website -  www.medglobal.org
Lia is on the left in this photo with Club President Carmen Larsen.
In this photo, Morgan Roney is presenting Marjolein Lloyd with a "Thank You" Certificate for her presentation to our club about the ShelterBox Canada program.  ShelterBox is dedicated to helping ensure no family is left without shelter after a natural disaster or conflict, by going where others can't.  Marjolein provided an interview about this program that can be viewed on Facebook at this site www.facebook.com/kalrotary/videos/1423303627821449/UzpfSTUzMjU0MjAyMDoxMDE1NjE5NTYyNTc4MjAyMQ/  
There is more information about this program on the ShelterBox website - www.shelterboxcanada.org
Roger Perry joined Rotary in 1992, he was district governor in 2008-2009, and received the Citation for Meritorious Service in 2012. He has been supported fully along the way by his wife Judith. They are Major Donor’s to The Rotary Foundation and Bequest Society Donor’s Level 4.
At a recent meeting he and Judith  were presented with The Rotary Foundation’s highest award – The Distinguished Service Award.
The Trustees of The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International give this award to those Rotarians who have rendered exceptional service to the Foundation beyond the district level or for an extended period of time.  No more than 50 Distinguished Service Awards are presented each year. Individuals nominated for the Distinguished Service Award must have received the Citation for Meritorious Service at least four years prior.
The award is given only to those who have demonstrated active service; one who has contributed only financially is not considered for this award.
Greg MacKinnon (left) is presenting this award to Roger and Judith.
Laura Plummer is a Community Support Coordinator with Brain Trust Canada.  She is in this photo with Club President Ryan Fairburn (left) and Brian Reid. She spoke to the club about the effects of brain injuries and the treatment programs available from Brain Trust.  She provided an interview after the meeting that has been posted on Facebook - you can listen to that interview at 


There is more information about this and how to contact them at their website - https://braintrustcanada.com/
This photo shows Greg MacKinnon recognizing Bonnie Derry as a major contributor to the Rotary Foundation.
The Rotary Foundation transforms donations into service projects that change lives both close to home and around the world. Since it was founded more than 100 years ago, the Foundation has spent more than $4 billion on life-changing, sustainable projects.
The mission of The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.
What impact can one donation have?
  • For as little as 60 cents, a child can be protected from polio.
  • $50 can provide clean water to help fight waterborne illness.
  • $500 can launch an antibullying campaign and create a safe environment for children.
Information about the Rotary Foundation and the projects it funds are available at the website - https://www.rotary.org/en/about-rotary/rotary-foundation
Linda Boyd is a public health dietician with Interior Health. She recently spoke to our club about the new Canada Food Guide and shared her insights into how to use the guide to "Eat Well-Live Well". She also spoke about the challenges of food insecurity and possible solutions.  Linda is in this photo with Dustin Stadnyk and Mike Tindall, on the right.
An interview with her has been posted on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/kalrotary/videos/595041877684394/
You can view the new food guide at this site - https://food-guide.canada.ca/en/

Murray Wilson is a woodlands manager with Tolko Industries. He spoke at a recent meeting about forest management and the 2017/18 wild fires in B.C. In British Columbia Tolko has a woodlands management team in the Cariboo and the southern interior area, covering a total area of about 3,000,000 hectares.  The Woodlands Teams are held to the highest standard in planning forest management. They develop comprehensive plans guided by our Sustainable Forest Initiatives (SFI) forest certification, along with Federal, Provincial and local principles. These plans are then subject to extensive review involving Indigenous peoples and stakeholders in our communities. This is the key to success in managing our forests.

The Tolko website will provide much more information about their business and  how they handle forest management - https://tolko.com/  

Murray talks about forest management and the wild fires at this Facebook site - https://www.facebook.com/kalrotary/videos/352996095413965/  

From the left, the photo shows Club President Ryan Fairburn, Murray and Rotary member Bob Sattler.


When 18-year-old Maria Eduarda Spartani Ancona, known as Duda, stepped on to an airplane for the first time in her home country of Brazil she was nervous with anticipation. “I wanted to learn about a new culture, to experience life in a different country. My brother Francis had been on a exchange to Belgium and I longed for the same opportunity.” So Duda’s mom, Rosana, approached a local Rotary club in San Paolo. Duda applied and was accepted. An exchange was arranged with Kalamalka Rotary Club of Vernon as the sponsor club.

The long term Rotary Exchange Program as we know it now had its origin at an international assembly of Rotary Governors, held at Lake Placid, New York in 1958. Harley Shaver, a past Rotary Governor of Nebraska asked those present to go home and consider a new idea. The proposed exchange would enable students to spend a year in a different country, in a new culture, while going to school. Joe Bradbury, an incoming Rotary Governor from Australia accepted the challenge. Work was done at the assembly to develop the framework of the new program.

The first exchange was held in 1959 when Joe Rogers, a 15-year old student from Scottsbluff, Nebraska, arrived in Myrtleford, Australia. At the same time two Australian students, Nick Rutherford and Norm Jordon, arrived in Scottsbluff and Grand Lake, Colorado.

Today 8,000 to 9,000 short and long-term exchanges occur each year, allowing the opportunity for students to develop international friendships and learn about and appreciate different cultures.

At Clarence Fulton Secondary Duda studied Geography, English and Foods in the first term, then Physical Education, Math and Spanish in her second term, as well as Biology via an online course. “We speak Portuguese at home. So Spanish is similar, but different. In PE we did skating, snowboarding and racquet sports. Badminton was fun and I was good at it. Snowboarding, not so much.”

Two Kalamalka Rotary families hosted Duda. She spent the first term with Cara and Graham Mann and their teenaged daughters Sarah and Emily and the second with Darcy and Denise Chorley. “I have loads of fun with their five-year-old twins Ava and Reiker.”

Duda has especially enjoyed trying new foods in Canada. “Poutine is pretty good, we had Beavertails at the Christmas light up at Silver Star and, of course, I love Tim Horton’s doughnuts. My favourite restaurant is The Curry Pot. I love Indian food. And, I love maple syrup. I tried a maple latte. So good. The best drink I had here.”

Local travel was also part of her year. “I loved going to Cara and Graham’s cabin in September, experiencing the clean, fresh water. At the Calgary Zoo I saw bears, wolves, bison, Musk Ox and moose.” During a mid-April excursion to Victoria she saw an otter, a seal and an array of spring flowers.

Closer to home she went ice fishing and attended a Vernon Vipers game. “Watching hockey for the first time felt like I was in a movie.” Perhaps surprisingly her favourite activities all have to do with snow. “It is so different for me. I loved cross country skiing at Sovereign Lake. But, the first time I tried to ski downhill at Silver Star I was so bad,” she says with a laugh. “The second time I actually did two full runs on Far Out.”

Duda regularly attends Thursday lunchtime Rotary meetings. “Kalamalka Rotary and its members have been a big, big part of my exchange. Without the club, the exchange wouldn’t be so good. They have taken me so many places and introduced me to so many new experiences.”

 What will Duda miss most when she returns to Brazil in July? “New friends, club members, my host families and the weather. I really like the definite seasons in Canada. It’s all one season in Brazil.”

Future goals for Duda include completion of her studies at Maria Petronial High School in San Paolo and an office job doing secretarial work to help pay for university courses in film making. “I’m also looking forward to seeing my family and friends and our two cats and two dogs.”

Kalamalka Rotary President Ryan Fairburn, a big fan of the program says, “The Rotary Exchange program is undoubtedly the most remarkable experience that can be given to augment a young person’s life; they leave a child from the local community and come back a citizen of the world, ready to share and give back tenfold.”

Robert Spraggs is on the left in this photo with Rotarian Rob Bauml. Robert spoke at a recent meeting about computer security and specifically how it affected small businesses. Every business needs to share data to operate, but this may open the door to outside access such as viruses or malware.  After the meeting, Robert did an interview that is now posted on our Facebook site - a link to that is https://www.facebook.com/kalrotary/videos/594873941013644/  

There is more information about Robert's business as well as contact numbers at his site - http://aegissystems.com/ 

The club recently heard from Ray Verlage of the Men's Shed and club member Julia Payson, executive director for CMHA, about the value of peer support for men in reducing the risks of developing depression in retirement.  Sheds are a gathering place for men, mostly retired, and it usually includes a work space for projects, usually designed to help the community.  Pictured here l-r Ray Verage, Julia Paysen, David Friesen, Lyle Enns and Mike Nolan.
If you are looking for more information about the Vernon Men's Shed or wish to contact them, look at this site - http://menssheds.ca/vernon-mens-shed/ 
From the left, this photo shows Club President Ryan Fairburn, Kevin Breiter, Maggie Metz and Shelley Bedard. Kevin and Maggie have recently joined Kal Rotary and are being introduced to our club members.

From the left the Kal Rotary members in this photo are Bruce Shepherd, Carmen Larsen, Clark Brewer and Greg MacKinnon. Greg has presented the other three with a Paul Harris Fellow pin for their monetary support of the Rotary Foundation.  There is more information about the Rotary Foundation and the many services provided as the result of the funds provided by our members at this site - https://www.rotary.org/en/about-rotary/rotary-foundation

Matthew Little recently spoke to our club about the history of Chinese Culture. This was a look at how it evolved over the past 5,000 years. He felt insight into this culture could provide answers to many of today’s problems.  His description of this can be seen at this facebook site - www.facebook.com/kalrotary/videos/1131724270333546/

Matthew is on the right in the photo with Rotarian Morgan Roney.


Kelowna & District Safety Council is a non-profit organization with safety being their mission and passion. Starting in the early 80’s thousands of motorcycle riders and vehicle drivers have taken the lessons needed to learn how to get a license and the essential skills needed for life-long safety and enjoyment. Also, you will learn from the best, most experienced, and most committed instructors in the Okanagan region.

KDSC also offers a variety of programs promoting children’s safety skills – from babysitting to first aid, home-alone and bicycle safety, and more.  You can check out lesson schedules or look at what else is offered at the website https://kdsc.bc.ca/

John Grimes is a member of this safety council and recently gave our club members an overview of their programs. John is seen in this photo with Rotary Member Faith Wood.

Mark Jennings-Bates recently spoke to our club about the concept of flying cars.  He has a background in car racing and said that many years ago the idea of a flying car was mentioned to him and he has been involved in producing one since then.  It was initially thought that the best power for a flying car would be some form of a battery.  That has not worked out as it has become evident that no current battery has the power for take offs, significant flight time and landing.

He has been involved in making a flying car that resembles a helicopter with retractable wings and blades.  You can see how it works at this website - https://www.facebook.com/kalrotary/videos/228106631404422/

You can also see more information about Mark’s background and other involvements at his website - http://markjenningsbates.com/

Mark is with Rotary Member Faith Wood in this photo.

Holly Vanjoff is an Overdose Prevention Knowledge Coordinator with the Vernon Health Unit. She is on the left in this photo with Rotary Member Annette Sharkey. Holly spoke to the club about the opioid crisis in Canada and the excessive number of deaths over the past few years as a result of a drug overdose. She explained that an opioid overdose can be temporarily reversed by injecting a drug called naloxone.  A naloxone kit contains three doses of the drug and an injection needle.  These kits are now provided free to the public and have become a standard item with all first responders, such as ambulances, fire rescue vehicles and the police.


Holly demonstrated how the kit is used and offered to teach anyone interested in getting a kit after the meeting. She had mentioned during her presentation that due to the increase in people using drugs, anyone during a normal business day could encounter someone in distress. She was offering a kit to anyone who felt the need and wanted one.


The website for interior health offers information about pretty well anything you could ask, and is a link to available health services - https://www.interiorhealth.ca/Pages/default.aspx    

Rotary member Morgan Roney is thanking Gayle Voyer for her presentation to the club about the Canadian Blood Services. Gayle is the Territory Manager with his organization, and has explained the services provided at the blood donor clinics and the various ways to arrange an appointment to donate. She stressed how lives are being saved because of these blood donations and the need to have more people involved.

If you have questions about being eligible to donate due to a health situation or medication you take, there is an eligibility quiz you can take at https://myaccount.blood.ca/en/eligibility-quiz  and you can also book an appointment to donate at this same website.

Jody Mitchell is the owner of a 3D Printing business that she created about four years ago.  She recently spoke to the Kal Rotary members about how this business came from her need to become self sufficient for herself and her children. An internet search surfaced this idea that she worked on and turned it into a profitable business for herself.  She started with one small 3D printer that was partially held together with duct tape, and now she has many larger ones that she can program and let them work while she is busy with other things. The samples she brought showed they can make pretty well anything, but she uses them mainly to produce topographical reproductions.  She is also very committed to being eco friendly with her products.  Look at her website https://www.filaprint.ca to get a better idea of her products and how they may be of benefit to you or your business.

The photo shows Jody on the right with Rotarian Faith Wood.

From the left, this photo shows Jim Ferguson, Club President Ryan Fairburn, Derek Powers and Shelley Bedard. Shelley and Jim have introduced Derek as a new member to the club and outlined the expectations and benefits for a new member.

R.C.M.P Superintendent Shawna Baher is in this photo with Rotarian Rob Bauml. Supt. Baher has become Vernon's new "top cop" as she is now officially in charge of the Vernon North Okanagan Regional RCMP. She recently spoke at a Rotary lunch and outlined some of the RCMP projects currently underway.  She is expecting an increase in the number of police officers working in this area and also talked about expectations of the police dealing with the new marijuana laws, particularly regarding driving issues.


There is a very good article outlining the process for selecting a new Commander and some background information about Supt. Baher at this site - https://www.vernon.ca/activities-events/news-events/news-archive/vernon-north-okanagan-rcmp-welcomes-new-detachment
The photo from left shows Jim Ferguson, David Spencer and Club President Ryan Fairburn.  Jim and Ryan have welcomed David as a new member to Kal Rotary and introduced him to the members.  
Dayley Harper is in the center of this photo with Club President Ryan Fairburn and Rotarian Faith Wood. Daley spoke at the recent meeting about Chinese medicine and outlined how all parts of a person's condition must work together for their health.
The following is a quote from her website - "Chinese medicine has it's roots in Taoism - oneness in the world. This system understands that your health - physically/mentally/emotionally - cannot be separated from the world around you. Your strength, vitality, and wellness are a result of inner and outer harmony; on living the Tao. A major piece of the health picture is understanding your own inner balance and knowing how to respond to your environment."
There is much more information about Daley and Chinese medicine on her website - https://www.dayleyharper.com 
From the left, the photo shows Club President Ryan Fairburn, Ryan Cucheron, Shawn Hayden and Shelley Bedard. Ryan and Shelley are introducing Ryan and Shawn to the club. Shelley has explained the benefits, and expectations of Rotary members.

Our speaker today was David Gouthro - a seasoned, creative and playful speaker whose personal passion is to help people discover their courage to learn and grow.

"To say we are living in a world of increasing complexity, faster pace of change and rampant unpredictability is about as useful as saying “there is gravity”. Both statements are true, yet neither provides any insight into how to grow personally and/or professionally.  

A critical determinant of whether or not a person will succeed in such a volatile environment is their mindset—which is basically the way they view their own skills, knowledge and talents. Today we briefly explored two particular mindsets (fixed and growth) with the objectives of (a) helping you become more aware of your own mindset and (b) offering a few suggestions on how to change your mindset--if you choose to do so!"

If you would like to see more of David's ideas on this, and a number of other topics, look at his website - https://www.davidgouthro.com   The photo shows David with Rotarian Faith Wood.


Dwayne Peace is a retired 25 year member of the Calgary Police Service who spent the last 7 years of his career in high schools. Dwayne has a special talent for working with youth, and a passion for helping to make a difference in their lives.

He developed sessions based on mistakes he saw youth making. His work has continued to evolve during his 15 years of retirement. Depression, suicide, and the digital world are huge issues with today's youth and then Canada decides we should legalize marijuana.

His book, "Parenting with Eyes Wide Open" has received rave reviews from educators, parents, and grandparents. It was developed as a reference guide that parents have requested over the years. He is presently working on his second book addressing the legalization of marijuana.

Dwayne is in the middle of this photo with Club President Ryan Fairburn and Rotary Member Faith Wood.


Hayley Rakos is a 15 year old grade 10 student at Seaton Secondary in the French Immersion  program. She has played the Saxaphone one year in school and is into painting, horseback riding and BMX biking. After graduating Hayley plans to go to UBCO to study nursing. Along with enjoying school Hayley has a part time job at Vernon Teach and Learn. Hayley says she is eager to learn everything the Queen Silver Star Excellence Program has to offer.  Kal Rotary is thrilled to have her as our candidate ! 

The photo shows Hayley, in the middle, with club president Ryan Fairburn and Donna Koethler, our Rotary member who oversees this program.

Kai Rogers spent the past school year in Bolivia, sponsored by Kal Rotary as our Outbound Student. He spoke to the club about his experiences there, the people he met and some unexpected trips to neighboring countries. He attended both high school and university there, but said he learned more from the people he met.  He had some passport problems that resulted in unplanned trips to other bordering countries, but found there was some fun and excitement in doing this. He also saw the 'third world' areas where there was little food available and garbage left in the streets. Overall, he learned a lot from his time there and found the most valuable lesson for him was to 'go with whatever happens' and enjoy the moment.
Kai is in the photo with Jacqueline Rivard, who is responsible for the Student Exchange Program.  
Naaz Grewal is a new member to Rotary, and today she did her Classification Presentation.  During that talk she mentioned that she had spent a number of years in the Punjabi area of India and had been involved with their Bhangra dance.  She then mentioned that she was prepared to demonstrate this dance and would like a partner - Jerry Tellier was very quick to kick off his shoes and join her.  He obviously 'knows the moves' as he was very quick to catch on to her dance routine.  

From the left, this photo shows Club President Ryan Fairburn, Rotarian Rob Bauml, Dag Sharman and Zach O'Brien.  Dag and Zach are employed by B.C. Hydro and attended this meeting to discuss some of Hydro's recent projects in B.C.  A good part of the work being done now is to replace and upgrade outdated equipment.  An example was the idea many years ago of making cement hydro poles, expecting they would last much longer than the pine or cedar ones, however they found the cement would not hold up to weather conditions and are now being replaced.  They listed a number of local upgrade projects and where possible moving the lines underground.


Dag also showed photos of the new local Hydro building and explained how it had been planned as both a central work site for office staff and outside workers.  It also contains a bunker style work area that could control hydro through the entire province if needed.


The following site provided links to various areas in this province and the projects that are being completed in each, as well as links to other Hydro news and events - https://www.bchydro.com/energy-in-bc/projects.html  

Jeremy Vandekerkhove is a member of the Vernon Search & Rescue Helicopter Winch Program. He attended our meeting today to speak about the program, the funding provided for it, the training each member receives and the types of calls they respond to.  They currently have about 65 volunteer members that are on call 24 hours a day.  They are kept busy with an average of over 80 tasks annually, equivalent to an average of some 6,900 man-hours annually, excluding training or administration.  Their tasks include such things as searching for lost or missing persons, rescue operations, evidence searches, body recovery and emergency evacuations.  There is much more information about this program and the volunteers at their website - https://vernonsar.ca/article/who-we-are  

Club President Ryan Fairburn is on he left in this photo with Jeremy and Rotary Member Vicki Topping. 
Ryan Fairburn, on the left, is the Kal Rotary Club President for the 2018/19 year.  At the first meeting of this Rotary Year, he is introducing his Executive to the club members. 

Club member Brandi Shane organized another hike on Saturday. Perfect weather conditions provided a terrific hike up Bluenose Mountain in Lavington with some stunning views of the valley between Coldstream and Lumby.

Stay tuned for the next upcoming hike!











Left to right, this photo shows Dauna Kennedy, executive director of the Vernon Public Art Gallery, Tannis Nelson, Manager of Community Services Parks, Recreation & Culture with the Regional District of the North Okanagan and Rotary Member Mike Stamhuis.  Tannis and Dauna attended a recent club meeting to talk about the process and progress being made to build a new Cultural Facility in Vernon.  There is a very good report on this at the following Facebook site - https://globalnews.ca/news/4229678/plans-for-new-40-million-vernon-cultural-facility-move-forward
At today's meeting, Kal Rotary member Carmen Larsen was awarded the District 5060 "Changemaker" Award for her work on the Starfish Pack program.  This program supplies weekend meals to school children in need.  Please look at the following site for more information about this program - http://starfishpack.com/vernon/  
The photo shows Carmen with Past District Governor Roger Perry.
Thanks to club member Brandi Shane for organizing its inaugural hike on Saturday May 19 with perfect weather conditions and outstanding views.
The group hiked Mount Rose Swanson (Armstrong) through a beautiful forested trail to rock bluffs with spectacular views of the Spallumcheen Valley.
Stay tuned for the next planned hike!
The photo shows David Gibbs, General Manager of the Prestige Hotel & Resorts, and Gail Harrison, Grant Coordinator for Cops For Kids Charitable Foundation. Both spoke to the club today about their support and the development of JoeAnna's House.   Every year, thousands of families from across the interior of British Columbia must travel from their homes in order for a loved one to receive life-saving specialist care at Kelowna General Hospital.  For many families wanting to maintain a presence at KGH for the period of their loved ones treatment, the lack of affordable short-term accommodation in Kelowna adds significantly to their hardshipResearch shows that patients heal better when surrounded by their loved ones.  They get better when together.

The KGH Foundation has committed to raising $8 million to build and operate JoeAnna’s House, a home-away-from-home to keep families together when they need it most.  There is more information about this project at https://www.kghfoundation.com/joeannas-house  

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