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Kalamalka Rotary club is a vibrant and diverse group of 101 members that was formed in 1984. We not only believe that "It's Great to do Business With A Rotarian", but are also committed to doing "Great things in our Local Community and Internationally".


Five Reasons to Join a Rotary Club
1.  Friendship
A basic human need: One of the two reasons Paul Harris began Rotary in 1905. Rotarians believe while it is nice to be important, it is more important to be nice.
2.  Business Development
The second original reason for Rotary's beginning. Everyone needs to network. Rotary develops confidence and skill in public communication, and the opportunity to use it.
3.  Personal Growth
Membership in Rotary continues one's growth and education in human relations and personal development. Serving in Rotary positions is like a college education in Leadership.
4.  Fun
Rotary is fun. The club projects are fun. Social activities are fun. And the service is fun. Every Rotary club and district has parties and activities that provide social fun and camaraderie.
5. Next Generation Programs
Rotary provides one of the world's largest youth exchange programs; high school and college clubs for future Rotarians, and youth leadership programs.
Home Page Stories
Left to right, this photo shows President Elect Ryan Fairburn, Judd Buchanan, Janelle Hardy, Darrell Oshiro, James Mayne, Charmaine White, Jim Ferguson and Rick Danyluk.  Ryan, James and Jim are introducing these new members to the club, and outlining the benefits and expectations of being a Rotarian.  Darrell, Charmaine and Rick are employed at Prospera Credit Union, the most recent Corporate Group to join the club.

Gord Leighton is on the right in this photo with President Elect Ryan Fairburn. Gord spoke to the club about his life in radio broadcasting and how the style of radio has changed over the years. He prefers more of a community based station with a wider variety of music, more spoken word programs and involvement from the local population.


There is more information about Gord and the Vernon Community Radio Society at this site - https://www.vernonmorningstar.com/news/broadcast-veteran-discusses-community-station/
Brandi Shane is a new member of Kal Rotary.  She is in seen in this photo with Mike Stamhuis and President Elect Ryan Fairburn, on the left. Mike and Ryan have introduced her to the club members and presented her with the Rotary Pin.

Interact is a club for young people ages 12-18 who want to join together to tackle the issues in their community that they care most about. Through Interact, you can:

  • Carry out hands-on service projects
  • Make international connections​
  • Develop leadership skills​
  • Have fun!

Every Interact club carries out two service projects a year: one that helps your school or community and one that promotes international understanding.


The photo shows some of the W.L. Seaton Interact Club members.  Left to right, they are Jack Cotter, Seth Martens, Kaila Smith, Cyan Ross, Sydney Gravatt and Avril Baldauf. Standing behind is Andy Erickson on the left and President Elect Ryan Fairburn.  Andy is the Kal Rotary member who assists the students.  This group of students recently attended one of our meetings and took over the President and Sergeant positions for that meeting.  They also provided an update on the programs they are currently doing to raise money.  Overall, they did an excellent job and showed us a well organized and mature group of students.

The photo shows a new member to Kal Rotary, Amber Anderson, with President Elect Ryan Fairburn and James Mayne, on the right. James and Ryan have introduced Amber to the club members and presented her with a Rotary Pin.

Prem K Khatry, member of The Rotary Club of Mount Everest, Paul Harris plus 3, made a presentation at Kalamalka Rotary on January 25. Prem, managing director of Ace the Himalaya, one of the top ten trekking agencies in Nepal, told us about his NGO Sambhav Nepal which had many projects on the go in the Gorkha region of Nepal, an area at the epicenter of the 2015 earthquake. Sambhav Nepal builds schools, homes, water projects, toilet blocks and coordinates teacher training programs to support the people of this subsistence farming area. Sambhav Nepal has formed partnerships with two rotary Clubs in Sydney, Australia. With the support of Kalamalka Rotary and local non-profit Nepal One Day at a Time, headed by Rotarian Patti Lefkos, Prem is facilitating the construction of Devi Jal Kumari School in Aprik Village, Gorkha.


Left to right, the photo shows Patti Lefkos, Prem Khatry, Mary Jackson and Club President Neil Perry.

Kiva gives you the chance to make small loans to borrowers working to start businesses and improve their lives.
Our club has been involved with Kiva since April of 2015. In that time we've made 1988 loans of $25.00 each.
We've lent out $50,275.00 in that period and we've made loans in 67 of 77 countries available.
Check it out: KIVA.org
Left to right, the photo shows Club President Neil Perry, Art Hayden and James Mayne. James has introduced Art to the club as a new member and Neil has given Art his Rotary Pin.  Art was involved with Rotary in the past, and recently joined Kal Rotary. 







Kal Rotary candidate Bridgette Peterson played the violin and won a spot in top 3 performances of the night.

Little Miss Carnivals performed a couple of dance numbers! 

In another picture with Bridgette in a top hat she was performing her skit about Kal Rotary club and she was an auctioneer for our Dream Auction and the bid up was the Kal Tire Jet Getaway :)








Kal Rotarian Cliff Lattery's daughter Olivia was also performing.


Sofia has enjoyed her stay in Canada so far. Coming from South America she was most excited about experiencing snow for the first time. Her favorite memory so far has been the Silverstar weekend with the other Inbound Rotary students & skiing for the first time. She is looking forward to the weekend in the Mountains with both Inbound and Outbound students in Revelstoke in February. She is attending Seaton Secondary, Gr. 11 & likes the school & the friends she has made so far. She is looking forward to the last half of her stay here in Canada.   Sophia is seen in this photo with Rotarian Jacqueline Rivard.


Quote from Sofia:   My exchange experience is one of the most incredible things that has happened in my life. I have been able to travel, become better at English, experience the Canadian culture, and be more independent. The biggest opportunity has been to build long lasting connections with really amazing people. The Rotarians are lovely and include me in different activities. My friendships with other exchange students are bonds for life. I am sad that already five months have passed, but I am excited for the adventures still to come.

I feel so good with the decision I make and I wouldn't it change it for the world. 

Back by popular demand, we’re having another Kalamalka Rotary ski day at Silver Star!
Sunday January 8, 2018.
WHO - Any & All Rotarians, Friends & Guests/Spouses are WELCOME too!
WHAT – A day of fun in the snow downhill skiing at Silver Star Mountain Resort!
WHERE – Meet at the fire pit in the village at 9:00am to start the ski day and then at Long Johns Pub at 3:00pm to drink and eat!
WHY - WHY NOT? Come on out for some fresh air and exercise and enjoy the company of some pretty great people!!!
A reservation for Kal Rotary has been made at Long Johns Pub for 3:30pm. Even if you don’t ski, you’re more than welcome to come have a drink!
We're also planning on having a ski day on February 25, 2018 and March 11, 2018 so mark your calendars! 
Hope to see you there!

Brad Swanson (WHL grad-turned teacher) along with Paralympic athlete Josh Dueck  and pro skier and coach Mike Shaw, spoke to the club about their youth program, Test The Waters.

Test the Waters, is a multi-sport adventure/life skill building camp held during the summer. The multi-faceted camp includes paddle boarding Kalamalka Lake and learning bike skills and tactics before biking the picturesque Okanagan Rail Trail.

The camp provides features brain activation strategies, energy management, shifting perspectives, balance (both physically and cognitively) and accountability to yourself and others.

Brad Swanson runs Kala Star Academic and Outdoor School and states the three all passionately understand the importance of pre-adolescent teens building their own positive base. 

More information can be found at www.kalastar.ca

This photo shows Rotary member Rob Bauml thanking Ellen Morrison for her presentation to the club.  Ellen works for the City of Vernon in the transportation section.  She spoke about the current bus routes and changes that have been made and are being planned to make these routes more efficient and easier to use. Their review of the system also included changes to the fare rates to make it easier to understand.
If you have any questions about these routes, fares or other aspects of the transportation system, please look at this site - https://bctransit.com/vernon/home

$40,000 from last years Dream Auction was used towards the construction of the triplex on East Hill that was built by Habitat for Humanity and on Saturday, the families officially took ownership.

But this was not just a hand out. The families had to put in 500 hours of 'sweat equity' and they will have a mortgage to carry.

Habitat has offered a no-down-payment, non-interest bearing mortgage at fair market value to the families who could not afford to get on the property ladder any other way. Families pay about one-third of their income toward the mortgage.

Glory Westwell, Habitat's North Okanagan chairperson, said many families applied for the homes, and each was thoroughly screened to determine the best candidates.

The Seaton High Rotary Interact Club challenged Kalamalka Rotary to a Catching Cans Contest to support the Vernon Food Bank.  The students showed up their elder "peers" by amassing 479 food items compared to 302 for the Kakamalka Club.  The big winner, though, was the Food Bank with 781 items, worth over $1 500.00!  Great job, Seaton!  Kal Rotary Club member, Jim Ferguson, is subject of ridicule in the bin, with little sympathy from some of the Interact Club. 
Leslie Rolling recently spoke to the club about the Clean Water for Haiti Program. Most of the water in Haiti is contaminated and the source of many diseases. This program is being used to help combat that problem.
Clean Water for Haiti is one of the largest, consistently running bio-sand filter projects in the world. Since it was started in 2001 they have installed over 24,500 filters, providing access to clean water at the household level for almost 2% of Haiti’s entire population. The best part? Over 95% of their filters are still in use after the first year.  For about $100 US they can build a filter, deliver and install it, and provide a year of support to the family who owns it. On top of that, they get to provide full time employment to local Haitians.  They want Haitian families to know Clean Water for Haiti as a dependable source for household water filtration in Haiti.
If you would like more information about this program, or wish to become involved with it, please visit this site - http://cleanwaterforhaiti.org/  
Club President Neil Perry (left) and James Mayne are introducing Sarah Yerhoff to the club. Sarah has joined Kal Rotary as part of the John Howard Society group.
This is a photo Kal Rotary member Andy Erickson presenting the WL Seaton Rotary Interact Club the $2000 they receive annually.  The Interact Club chooses activities each year, and these funds help them set up their programs. Their 2017-2018 year plan they have chosen so far is outlined below:


-Continuing to run recycling program at WL Seaton -New composting program just put in place this year -Catching Cans a Halloween Food Drive completion against Kalamalka Rotary Club with all donations going to the local food bank

-1250 dollar donation to Patti Lefkos’s Nepal Project to build a bathroom building in the Village of Aprik, Nepal -Running coat check for Kalamalka Rotary’s Dream Auction with tips going to relief in Puerto Rico  (possibly via a local Rotary Club in Puerto Rico or ConPRmetidos) -Windowsill gardens being created for WL Seaton Foods rooms -annual International Women's Day awareness campaign -Sonic Sound Fest charity concert in mid May

-more projects to come throughout the year 

Photo Caption: (L to R) Kalamalka Rotary President Neil Perry joins Vocational Chairs Dr. James Mayne and Tanner Udenberg  to present the 2017 Vocational Service Award to Cheryl Heidt, Executive Director of Enderby Preschool. 
 Kalamalka Rotary’s annual Vocational Service Award has been awarded to Cheryl Heidt, Executive Director of the Enderby Preschool. 
“October is Rotary Vocational Service Month, which promotes the value of all professions and recognizes an individual in the club or community that exemplifies outstanding professional achievement while maintaining high ethical standards,” notes Vocational Co-Chair James Mayne.  
“As Executive Director of Enderby Preschool Society for over 20 years, Cheryl is committed to early childhood learning and providing the appropriate support to ensure that every child has the opportunity to succeed,” notes co-chair Tanner Udenburg.
At the start of her job, Cheryl ensured there was sufficient resources available for the children, developed policies and procedures to meet licensing standards and fundraised to support building improvements, and more recently, the construction of an outdoor playground.
Over the past two years, Cheryl’s time and energy has been focused on her vision of expanding the preschool to also provide full time daycare to meet the community’s growing needs.  The total cost: $625,000.  Cheryl’s fundraising efforts provided a significant amount of in-kind work for the new building, along with furnishings and supplies.  She was successful in receiving a Provincial Government Grant of over $424,000, under the B.C. Early Years Strategy, to create 32 additional licensed childcare spaces.  The new Daycare officially opened October 10 and three-quarters of the spaces are already full.
“Cheryl demonstrates her commitment to children and families in Enderby with her perseverance and significant investment of her own time.  Her ability to work on all aspects of the building – design, build and furnishing, all while running the existing preschool, is impressive,” adds co-chair James Mayne. 
     “Cheryl is a worthy recipient of the Vocational Award as she demonstrates time after time her commitment to her vocation – children and families,” shares Kalamalka Rotary President Neil Perry.  
      When asked why she does all this, Cheryl says: “I saw the need and was up for the challenge.  While I may have underestimated how much work would be involved to build a brand new daycare, on opening day I knew it was all worth it.  This daycare will enhance the lives of children, their families and the community and I am happy to be a part of that! It's an honour to receive the Kalamalka Rotary 2017 Vocational Service Award.”
Craig Broderick is the Economic Development Planner with the City of Vernon. He is on the left in this photo with Rotarian Richard Kerton. Craig spoke to the club about current multi-residential and commercial construction in the City. I would guess that most of us, when driving around town, have seen new larger buildings being constructed and wondered what they were going to be. Craig went through a slide show of about a dozen of these large constructions and explained what each one was and some details about the owners and when they were expected to be completed.
The following link will take you to the business economic development area for the City of Vernon.   There are links on this site to these new developments, and many other information sites about the City -  https://www.vernon.ca/business/economic-development

In 2014 Mel Spooner and her husband opened Paradigm Naturopathic Medicine – a healthcare clinic dedicated to providing individual health care. Information about this clinic can be seen at  www.paradigmnaturopathic.com      Mel is on the left in this photo with Rotarian Rhona Parsons.  She recently spoke to the club about a number of health issues and how to obtain balance in your life to combat them.

She also spoke about how to provide an athlete with resources and answers to some of the questions that may arise when they venture into the world of endurance events.  There is more information about this on the website http://endurancehealthandfitness.com

Brian Symonds is the water stewardship manager with the provincial ministry of forests, lands and natural resources, which oversees the handling of water levels of the valley lake chain system that includes Wood, Kalamalka, Okanagan, Skaha, Vasieux and Osoyoos lakes.  He spoke to the club today about the 2017 floods and why they were so high.

He said they have dam releases on many of those lakes and have the ability to make lake level adjustments, but what they were seeing at the start of the flooding were inflow levels exceeding what their ability was to let water out of the larger lakes. They had to also consider the negative downstream impact from water releases.

The excessive input levels came from heavy spring rains in the valley and snow in the upper elevations, followed by a warm spell that melted the late snowpack, which added to the water already running in the creeks. The dams were releasing water downstream but the amount coming in was far more than they could release. This lead to historic levels in all of the lakes.

The Okanagan Basin Water Board website provides access to information about the water systems in the valley, both current and historic, and links to many water related issues - http://www.obwb.ca/

Brian is on the left in this photo with Rotarian Mike Nolan.

Rotarian Sarah Yerhoff is on the left in this photo with Kate Fish, the Regional Harm Reduction Coordinator. Kate spoke to the club about the current fentanyl overdose situation and the deaths related to this crisis.  She provided the following statistics about these deaths in this province;

• There were 525 illicit drug overdose deaths with fentanyl detected from January through May 2017. This is a 109% increase over the number of deaths (251) occurring during the same period in 2016.

• From January to May 2017, fentanyl was detected in 78% of illicit drug overdose deaths (525 of 669).

• Approximately 31% of those dying from January to May 2017 were aged 30 to 39, with 73% between 30 and 59. Males accounted for 82% of deaths.

• Fraser Health Authority had the highest number (173) of illicit drug overdose deaths with fentanyl detected from January through May 2017, followed by Vancouver Coastal Health (160) and Vancouver Island Health Authority (89)

• The Health Service Delivery Areas with the most fentanyl-detected illicit drug overdose deaths from January through May 2017 were Vancouver HSDA (133), Fraser South HSDA (80), and Okanagan HSDA (58)

• Preliminary data for January through May 2017 suggest that the proportion of apparent illicit drug overdose deaths with fentanyl detected (alone or in combination with other drugs) is approximately 78%.  In 2012 it was 4%

She also spoke about the agencies and programs currently being used to combat this problem.  The following website provides more information about this issue and links to the most common questions about it, as well as contact links - https://knowyoursource.ca/questions-about-fentanyl/bc-faq/

Club President Neil Perry (left) and James Mayne (right) are introducing two new members, Tom Lewis and Jennifer Cramer Lewis, to the club. They were sponsored by Faith Wood and have attended several meetings while their applications were being processed. 
The Kalamalka Rotary Club is providing a $25,000 grant to the City of Vernon for the bike skills park being constructed in Becker Park this fall. Funding for this comes from the annual Dream Auction.
Photo: (L to R) Mayor Akbal Mund; Brian Reid, Kalamalka Rotary Club president; Nick MacDonald, director of North Okanagan Cycling Society; and Daniel Poulin, president of the North Okanagan Cycling Society.

Paul Williamson has a committee chair position with the BX/Swan Lake Community Association. He recently spoke to the club about issues concerning the remaining 166.9 acres of the original BX Ranch located on East Vernon Road. This land was purchased by the North Okanagan Regional District (NORD) in 2016 for 2.315 million dollars.

There is a process currently taking place to divide this land into two sections. One will become a public walking space, also called a Linear Park.  The other section, about 137.1 acres, may be offered for sale. The BX/Swan Lake Community Association has approached NORD about keeping the property in ‘public ownership’ and using it for an Agricultural Park.

This association has been reaching out to Vernon area residents for input on this proposal.  This can be seen at their Facebook site - https://www.facebook.com/search/str/bx%2Branch%2Bland%2Btask%2Bforce/stories-keyword/stories-public

or through the BX/Swan Lake Community Association blog site - http://bx-swanlake.blogspot.ca/

Paul is on the left in this photo with Rotarian Art Haycock.

This photo shows many of the Kal Rotary members who achieved 100% attendance for the past Rotary year – July 1st to June 30th of the following calendar year.  Club members are expected to attend as many of the weekly lunch meetings as possible, however they can get a credit for a missed meeting by doing a ‘make up’. This credit can be achieved by attending the meeting of any other Rotary Club, viewing on-line videos about Rotary programs both nationally and around the world, or being active in any of our committees.
Most of members in the photo were in the 1 to 10 year range for obtaining 100% attendance, however there were three who far exceeded these levels. Frank Anderson at the far right now has 27 years, Jim Burns was not present for the photo is now 30 years and Clark Brewer is at the top with 33 years – Clark is the second one in from the right.

Ken Derpak is Managing Director of Silver Star Mountain Resort.  Ken spoke to the Kal Rotary members about the future expansion plans at the resort.  Showing an aerial view of the mountain, he pointed out the areas where they want to do new ski runs, some on the back side of the mountain.  New lifts would need to be installed for these runs, and some of those could come from the area where they are installing a new gondola, designed to take passengers from the village to the summit.

Ken also talked about the idea of a restaurant at the summit, possibly an eighteen hole golf course and how they could accommodate the increase in visitors and traffic.  Any question you may have about the year round activities at the resort can be answered at their website - http://www.skisilverstar.com/?location=CA

Ken is on the left in this photo with Rotarian Stephen Russell.

Greg MacKinnon is seen in all of the following photos presenting Paul Harris Fellow awards to Kal Rotary members.  The donations these members have made to the Rotary Foundation will be used for a variety of programs - a list of these programs can be seen at this website - https://www.rotary.org/en/our-programs  


The members in the photos, from top down, are: Donna Koethler, Andy Erickson, Carmen Larsen and Frank Anderson.









































Previous District Governor Roger Perry (left) is presenting Art Clark with a Paul Harris Fellow award for his support of the Rotary Foundation.  Art has provided this support a number of times in the past.  The history of the Paul Harris Fellow recognition can be read at this site - https://www.rotary.org/en/history-paul-harris-fellow-recognition


From the left this photo shows: Club President Brian Reid, Roger Perry, Jerry Tellier, Andy Betschler, Mike Stamhuis, Mary Jackson, Carmen Larsen and Sarah Pruckl.


This was Brian's last meeting in the Presidential Role, and he wanted to recognize some club members who had put an extra effort into their club and committee work, making this a very good year for Kal Rotary.  These committees worked in areas like membership, club finances, advertising and the Dream Auction, which is the main event of the year.  This requires a considerable amount of effort from many people, from the initial planning to the actual event and the follow-up of providing funding for community programs.


Special recognition went to Carmen Larsen, who was chosen as 'Rotarian of the Year' for her work with the Starfish Pack Program that provides weekend meals to children in need. This program began in Abbotsford about 5 years ago and has been spreading across the province, thanks to Rotary Members like Carmen. If you are not familiar with the program, please look at the following website - http://starfishpack.com    


Gladys Fraser is ‘Director of Friends of the Games’ for the 55+ BC Games being held in Vernon, September 12-16, 2017.  Over 3500 athletes, officials & supporters, and over 1200 volunteers and fans will converge upon Vernon & Area for one of the largest community celebrations sport has seen in many years.  This annual event showcases the outstanding athleticism of BC competitors 55+ and promotes the benefits of leading an active, healthy lifestyle.


Gladys presented a video overview of the games, answered a number of questions about the types of events and encouraged anyone interested in this to become a volunteer.  She is seen in the attached photo with Rotarian Mike Stamhuis.



Leave a comment below to let us know you're volunteering!!


The following website has more details about the Games, an event schedule and contact information to be a volunteer or participant - http://www.55plusgames.ca



Louise Legasse is this year's inbound exchange student sponsored by our club, and she will soon be returning to Belgium. Louise showed the club a photo presentation of all the things she had done and the people she met since her arrival a year ago. She had set out a number of goals she wanted to achieve while here, and felt one of the main ones was to become fluent in English.  It was obvious from her presentation that she had reached that goal.
She had stayed with four different host families while here and has developed a special affection for all of them. Overall, she enjoyed this past year, making new friends at school and experiencing things only available in Canada. She will be starting university in Belgium this Fall, and hopes to return here next Summer to visit friends.
Club President Brian Reid is seen in the photo with her, and is saying 'Goodbye' on behalf of the club members. 
Club President Brian Reid (right) and Kim Nasipayko are announcing that Jerry Tellier has been chosen as the Rotarian of the Month. Jerry has been with Kal Rotary for about 10 years and has served as Club President. He handles the Treasurer duties, oversees our Facebook page and for a number of years has been a mainstay in our annual Dream Auction Program. Jerry is involved in a number of our committees and has been a mentor and friend to many of our members.  

Rotarian Mary Jackson reported on the April 2017 trip to Aprik, Nepal with fellow Rotarian Patti Lefkos and her husband Barry Hodgins.  They were there to review the progress of the first phase of the new Devi Jal Kumari school which consists of a four classroom block.  This building is part of a larger project which will fully  replace the original school destroyed by the April 2015 earthquake.  The construction of the first phase, completed in June of 2017,  was funded by Kalamalka Rotary, Nepal One Day at a Time, among others, and coordinated by the non- profit organization, Sambhav Nepal, founded by Prem Khatry in 2007.


Venture Training is hosting an art event, as outlined in the following poster:










Limited tickets (25) are available at the cost of $85.00 which guarantees the purchaser a unique piece of art, completed by individuals with developmental disabilities who attend the ACT program.  Call 250-549-7387 or 250-549-2744 for tickets.


How the evening works:

1. Attendees pick a number.

2. All the art pieces are displayed for viewing with a number attached to them.

3. Attendees identify their choices in the order of preference.

4. Door ticket numbers (balls) are placed in a bingo/lottery style draw vessel and as your number is called you get to select an art piece of your choice. 


There are at least 8 additional pieces to the number of tickets sold, so there is always a choice.


Proceeds from the event pay for art supplies for the ACT program.  Examples of the art can be seen below.

Club President Brian Reid with his wife Jeannie graciously hosted a pool party for the club executive and their family!  Brian thanked the entire executive of Kal Rotary for the terrific job they've done all year!
As you can see, the weather cooperated and great time was had by all!
From the left, the photo shows James Mayne, Club President Brian Reid, Neil Perry, Michael Finn and Brian Wilkinson. Neil is a co-owner of Wayside Printing and Michael & Brian are employees. They have joined Kal Rotary as Corporate Members and are being welcomed by James and Brian.  Neil is a current member of the club and wanted his employee group to also join and be involved with Rotary.

Rhonda Catt is seen here with Rotarian Rob Bauml. Rhonda spoke to the club about the death of her husband, Peter.  He was a young, active and apparently healthy man who passed away from heart disease. She said there were many warning signs of this disease that they passed off to other causes, and especially in the last few months of his life when these signs became more obvious, they should have been enough to go to the doctor. But, like most young men, he was reluctant to talk about them with a doctor.  After his passing, she put his story in a video with the aim of warning men in his age range to be more aware of what their body is telling them.   This story can be seen at this link - http://petersstory.ca

Club President Brian Reid, on the left, and James Mayne, far right, are introducing new members Steve Wensley and Gen Acton to the club. As part of the induction process, James has outlined the responsibilities and benefits of being a Rotary Member.

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