Purpose: Community Service in the South Everett Mukilteo Club has always meant getting personally involved in activities that make our community a better place. Our club likes "hands on" projects that sometimes involve hard work, but always have a place for fellowship.

SEMR Service Director: Alison Brynelson

Make A Difference: New "hands on" project in South Everett/ Mukilteo area.Beach Clean-up at Lighthouse Park (PR Committee suggestion)

Thanksgiving Baskets - 300+ Thanksgiving Dinner Baskets

Christmas Kids Shopping Day - Find a retail partner who will help us increase kids spending amount...K-Mart?

Food Drive - Explore shifting to different season other than Christmas/ Hannakuh when need is greater..partner with area clubs?

New Spring Service Event: The committee will be exploring new possibilities for later in the year (after the auction)..any ideas?