Global virus pandemics are not new. Before vaccines were developed for polio in the 1950s, parents were gripped by terror: over 1,000 children were dying or being paralysed each day.  Now, polio is a distant memory in most countries, but it persists in a few. The problem is that until we completely eradicate the poliovirus, children everywhere remain at risk. This has been a major focus of Rotary for more than 30 years.  To continue this work clubs from all over Australia and New Zealand have been participating in Walks to Eradicate Polio.  Involving their local community and raising funds for the continued fight.  The Busselton Gerographe Bay Rotary Club recently did its bit by organising a walk from Sugarloaf Rock to the Lighthouse and Back.  Well done to all those who organised the event and participated.