Uptown York
Jun 02, 2016 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM
John Wright Restaurant
234 N. Front Street
Wrightsville, PA  17368
United States

Get Your Shine On! Join us for an unforgettable evening with food and fun, and when the time is right,  help light up the sky over the Susquehanna River with our greatest hopes, fondest memories, and biggest dreams.

Lantern Release Wish Party    Thursday, June 2, 2016                

5:30-8:00 PM   5:30 pm– check in  7:30 pm – lantern release

                 John Wright Restaurant   234 N. Front Street     Wrightsville, PA

Only $15 per lantern!

Note: Each registrant will receive their pre-paid lantern at the event. Lanterns can be purchased online at Eventbrite http://uptownyorkrotaryclublanternrelease.eventbrite.com​ (note: a service charge will be applied to online purchases), by mail, or directly from a club member. 

Offer a blessing, make a wish…the perfect gift or tribute to honor or in memory of  your special someone!

Proceeds will benefit area non-profits through the UYRC’s charitable grants program.

There’s no need to attend the Wish Party in order to participate!

Thanks to the miracle that is technology, folks from around the world can purchase a lantern and participate in the Wish Party! Of course, we highly encourage everyone to attend but it’s not a requirement. Your tributes, hopes, and dreams are what make the Wish Party special. Simply send us the message or story that inspired your purchase and our Uptown York Rotary Club (UYRC) volunteers will ensure your lantern is lit and lofted! See order form for details.

After the party, we will share photos and all of the stories/messages via our Club’s web and social media channels.

Note: in preparation for this event, the Uptown York Rotary Club has carefully planned and coordinated with other entities to ensure the safety of participants, property, and the environment. The event location was carefully selected to avoid proximity to homes and businesses with appropriate permitting and notification made to officials at the Wrightsville borough and fire department.

For your own and the environment’s safety, all lanterns must be purchased through the Uptown York Rotary Club. Extra lanterns may be available for purchase at the event (no guarantees!). Only adults and kiddos 13 and over will be permitted to light their own lanterns.We have chosen to purchase lanterns for this event that are constructed of lightweight biodegradable tissue paper on a bamboo frame with a small wax fuel cell suspended in the middle; there are no metal components to any of the lanterns. The wax fuel cells burn for a few minutes, self-extinguish, and then the paper and frame float back to earth. The flames from the fuel cells sever the strings, thus preventing hazards to fish or wildlife. The paper disintegrates on contact with water, and the bamboo frame disintegrates over time.

We will closely monitor the weather forecast prior to the event, and if rain or sustained winds are anticipated or it’s too cloudy for a safe release, the event will be postponed to June 9. Ifa burn ban is in effect the event will be cancelled. No refunds will be issued. If neither date works, arrangements will be made to distribute the lantern(s) to you for your individual use. We will send out emails prior to the event and have the most up to date information on our website, Facebook page, and twitter feed. 

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By participating in the 2016 Uptown York Rotary Club (UYRC) Lantern Release Wish Party Participants will waive, release and forever discharge the Uptown York Rotary Club and all other organizations affiliated with them from all responsibilities or liability for injuries or damages resulting from participating in any 2016 UYRC Lantern Release Wish Party , including those caused by the negligent act or omission of the Uptown York Rotary Club and all organizations in any way arising out of participation in any activities of the 2016 UYRC Lantern Release Wish Party

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