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Just a quick follow up on the survey results from the 2016 Teen Job Fair and comments from everyone regarding our event:
-94 teens registered (45 JHS, 27 KHS, 6 RHS, 1 AHA, 4 Middle Schools, 2 Home School, 9 Others). We surpassed last years numbers by 8 but I was hoping for 200 teens this year 
-the majority of attendees heard about our event from school advertising, next was parent or friend, followed by Sun Current ad (similar to last year)
-average rating on a scale of 1-5 was 4.2 (similar to last year) 
-actual or potential hires/volunteer positions-85 (the majority of teens had to apply online or go through an interview process before actually being hired) (the 85 number may represent the same teen i.e different business or volunteer organization want the same teen)

Comments from businesses/volunteer organizations:
*Great Event! Well Planned!
*Increased number of business and volunteer organizations-impressive!
*Thought there would be more kids.  Did talk to a few very nice 14 & 15 year olds that did not fit our age requirements but look forward to seeing them in a few years.
*expected larger number of teens ages 16 and older
*Arrange tables to segregate age requirements i.e group tables that hire ages 16+ in one area
and 16- in another area  
*Amazing food in the Hospitality room! Adobo pork was awesome!
*round table is really more difficult for display and communicating, and my rectangular table cloth did not fit round table
 *rainy weather may have adversely affected teen turnout
*I noticed there were maps/programs  at the registration tables and these helped teens navigate better.
*the staff at the registration tables were very friendly and professional!
*It is very impressive we can attend this event at no charge
*Having Channel 9 news on site doing a story about our event was cool!
With regard to the raffle drawing,  Dwight will do a drawing at an upcoming Rotary meeting.
We had 12-$10 food cards donated-thank you everyone for making donations and soliciting businesses!  We will coordinate the distribution of the gift cards with help from staff and students at the respective recipients school.
Again, excellent work everyone.  You should be very proud of your efforts.  I'm sure the teens who secured employment/volunteer positions, and the Business Participants and Volunteer Organizations who gained employees and volunteers appreciated our team's efforts!  

Dwight Geisler
"The Bloomington Teen Job fair has helped my professional development.  The Job Fair helped me find my first job. I also found volunteer opportunities that I have moved up in. I now intern for the American Red Cross, something I wouldn't have done without the job fair.”
-Shea S.
"The annual Bloomington Teen Job Fair is a great event!  Because of it, I have built connections with local businesses, and local non-profits.  I got my first job because of the Job Fair.  I am still there, two years later.  I have made many friends, gained experience, and moved up in the work place.  The opportunity to improve my social skills, and become an active member of the community has been priceless."
-Tara S.

Here's to 111 more exciting years!!

Posted by Bloomington Daymakers Rotary Club on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hi Rotary friends, Here is a video of the Aavishkaar camps. Please share with our Rotary friends. This was funded through the District Grant.

Posted by Bloomington Daymakers Rotary Club on Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Posted by Bloomington Daymakers Rotary Club on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Daymakers Winter community service project was to build 175 gift bags for VEAP to include with the hot Christmas meal deliveries to Bloomington and Richfield Seniors.  Each bag contained about a dozen useful items for those alone for the holidays.  Contents were provided by the Daymakers, Hilton Hotel/Minneapolis Bloomington, and other donors. The bags were assembled by a Daymakers crew and their family members.

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