Magical Trolley Rider To The North Pole

Contact: Tom Finley
Two Rivers
United States

Magical Trolley Rider To The North Pole
(Formerly Polar Express)

We need 3 “Jolly conductors” for December 8-9, 2017 (Fri-Sat) to ride with the children on the Magical Trolley as they are taken from Manitowoc Coffee to the party for them at the Holiday Inn December 8-9, 2017 (Fri-Sat).  The job of a conductor is to greet the kids and make them feel special on this fun ride. You will get a conductors coat and hat to wear.  Each trip takes about 10 minutes.

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This event started in 2014 with 60 participants and has grown to 800 in 2016.  The hope is to grow it to 1000 in 2017..

 As a reminder, TR Rotary (Betty Bittner) submitted an application for a grant from District 6270 in support of Polar Express and we were given one of a few for $3000 grants (Betty is 2 for 2 recently for top amount).  One stipulation of the grant process is that members must also participate in some way in support of the beneficiary of the funds.  There will be other volunteer and support opportunities for the Polar Express event over the coming weeks but we need commitments for the (3 more) Conductors now.  Thanks for your consideration. Questions?  Contact Betty