Dear Fellow Rotarians,
It is with deep regret that we must postpone all Rotary Meetings until further notice due to our world wide situation and with a direct order from our RI President Mark Maloney. All Rotary District Events have also been cancelled at this time. With that being said don't forget who we are WE ARE PEOPLE OF ACTION. There will be many needs in our community during this most stressful time. Please reach out to me if there is anyway that you know of that Rotary can step up and help those in need. We are still able bodies that are willing to work and support even though we can not meet. I have a contact number on our website and we will also post on Facebook for those who need us to contact me and we can set up groups to assist when possible. In the mean time the message I am giving you from your fearless leader is to not live in fear and continue to love and care for your community, your families and yourselves. Most importantly please reach out to each other for help and support at this time. Much love and hugs to all of you and I hope we can see each other sooner rather than later. I will update with any changes as they become available. In the meantime if you have any questions, concerns or ideas of how we can continue to serve please call anytime 604-316-7125.