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Cedarburg Grafton Rotary Club 

New Member Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a history to this club?

The Club was chartered and founded in 1965.  The sponsoring club was Germantown.  The charter members, amongst others were, Bill Wernecke SR, Lowell Levy, Donald Levy, Merlin Rostad, and DR Richard Peterson.  The club was founded by the desire to create an organization that would consist of the leaders of the community.  It was their purpose to enroll a cross-section of those people who exemplified leadership skills and dedication to the betterment and improvement of the community.  New members are obtained by invitation and must be sponsored by a member or members.  Our emphasis has always been on quality and not quantity of membership.  The Cedarburg-Grafton Rotary Club is not intended to be used as a stepping-stone, but as a goal and reward for having demonstrated those qualities herein before referred to.   Membership in the Cedarburg-Grafton Club in and of itself in recognition of community service.  We wear our pins with pride.  Our club has a diversity in terms of age, sex, income, religion, and politics.  We are all dedicated to a common cause that is making our community and the entire world a better place to live in.

How much are the dues?

Dues are billed every quarter at approximately $250, this includes the cost of the weekly lunch.

Are there other costs?

Yes, routinely there are additional events and/or auctions that come up from time to time including purchasing of event tickets, or financial support of an event.

There is an additional annual $100 given to the Rotary billed with the dues to go to Rotary International for international programs under the “Ever Rotarian, every year” campaign. 

Members are encourage to become a Paul Harris Fellow, this is a onetime $1000 contribution, which can be billed over a 1 to 3 year basis, and is named for the original founder of Rotary.

How do I get involved in certain committees?

Seek out the chairperson, or a member of that committee and volunteer to help.

What if I cannot make all the meetings?

It is generally expected by our club to have 70% attendance,  you can make up a meeting by going online, or visiting another club and obtaining the card from that club and turning it into our club’s secretary as a makeup within two weeks of missing a meeting.   Many of our members get a makeup for attending a committee meeting as a part of the club, and the chairperson of the committee will turn in a makeup for your participation.  A number of our members have had 100% attendance for 40 plus years.

Where are the meetings and how long do they last?


Weekly meetings are held at a local establishment at noon on Thursday and typically are over by 1:15pm.  In the summer, members volunteer to host the meetings and the location is announced at the prior meeting.   Hosting members are reimbursed by the club for lunch costs up to a fixed certain amount which is established each year by the Board of Directors.

How does the club raise funds?

We have MAJOR fund raisers such as the July 3rd Music Festival and the Symphony concert event.  Participation at these events from ALL members is strongly encouraged, either financially or work related in the event.  We continue to seek additional sourced for fund raising and these are always evolving. 

Is there a schedule of events that I should be aware of?

Yes, because the dates change, check with the club secretary or watch the newsletter for dates.  These major meetings are:

November: Paul Harris Dinner (in honor of the outgoing President of the club)

August: Changing of the guard gathering.

Social gatherings/meetings:  Chinooks game, Club hunts, after hour’s socials, golf outings, Big Brothers/Sisters bowl-a-thon.

Is there a board of Directors?

Yes, the Board of Directors meet each month and has approximately 14 members from within the club,and the officers are President, President elect, Past President, Secretary, and Treasurer.   Usually these active members are chairs of different committees such as: Marketing, rotary International, Membership, Grant, Finance, Community projects, Fund Raising, Exchange students.

What if I have a Question?

Ask your sponsor or anyone in the club, we are happy to help.


Revised 2-18-14