Contact: Cameron Twa
Yellowknife True Nor
True North Rotary is honored that Matt Shepard (Shep) will share some of his valuable time with us to his talk about achieving goals in life and the extreme world of ultra running. He will explain how he balances his busy personal goals with his commitments to his community and people he coaches.
Everyone is welcome to partake in this presentation hosted by the True North Rotary Club of Yellowknife, January 7, 2021 at 5:30pm MST. If you are interested in attending please email to get the log in details of the zoom meeting.
**warning... after this presentation you may be inspired to achieve big goals!**
Shep is a member of Rotary and is a world class ultra runner competing in numerous extreme events including "Across the Years" where he ran 701.45km in 6 days. He achieved 2nd plan in the Big Dog's Backyard Ultra - World Championship with 281.6km. in 2019 he hosted the first 6 day running event in Grande Prairie AB and ran 551.2km in seemingly endless rain and cold. Shep is a man who truly understands how and what it takes to achieve big goals.
In the face of adverse cold conditions he even ran 41 hour in a small Valleyview coffee shop for the Personal Peak Quarantine Backyard ultra earning himself the nicknames "coffee shop guy" and "Shepspresso".
Sheps approach to life is inspiring and infectious. He sets his mind to big goals and achieves superhuman feats! He has a positive infections attitude, a spring in his step and an unbreakable smile on his face. There is only one Shep out there and we are so lucky to have him talk to us today.