Past President Mike Bermann, Deanne Lumsdon Eductiaon Assistant Highgate Primary School and Past President Ron Alexander presenting two Tubs of LEGO to be used in Highgate Primary School’s LEGO Club
Deanne thanked the Ascot for our contribution to the school.  Deanne told members that students using the LEGO rotate on a two week basis and create their theme.  It is a wonderful resource to have that brings together students from across the school.  Especially the special needs children and non-English speaking students.  It helps with their oral language, friendships and inclusiveness. 
The LEGO explicit social skills group Deanne runs each week will benefit greatly.  The club helps to develop the student’s social skills, by working together collaboratively.  It teaches them to share, plan, and design, negotiate, and create.   In the fourth term they enter the LEGO Competition as teams against each other.  The extra amount of LEGO will go a long way to help the schools LEGO clubs success.
The school is extremely grateful for Ascot’s donation thank you so much.