Posted by Michelle Kendall on Feb 03, 2019
Report on Project at Timor
Dear Mike. I hope to find you in good health.
I attach some photos of Letefoho School, and results of years gone by, plus the current status of the school and students.
As you all know the school starts operating in 2014, with (80) students.
2018, we had 181 Students in rolled at the High school.
The results in my opinion, excellent, (34) of the students went on to the National University of Timor Leste, which guarantee the students with 80 per cent chance of working for the state once they finish the course at the University.
High school of Letefoho also finished 2nd in Ermera District. Which is very good in my opinion, considering, they only been around for (4) years.
Now for 2019, we have (256) students in rolled for the current school year, majority are girls. Again it's a great result, all of you should be very proud.
We have (19) teachers.
(7) Classrooms.
(1) Computer room.
(1) Science lab.
Hopefully we can count on you to continue your support for the youth of Letefoho.
Be for I go, I would like to thank each and every one of you, true your organization and groups for your support in making the school a reality for so many.
Hope and Dignity.
God bless all of you.