This morning we provided 2 sets of Lego Playtubs to Guildford Grammar School.
Fiona Fraser, who accepted them on the school's behalf is very keen to make sure that her Year 1 and 2 group will have plenty of opportunity to develop their STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) through using the Lego.  She is hoping that in the not too distant future she can involve groups from other years in her Lego Club.  Fiona was delighted to receive this gift and can't wait to get the students building using these bricks.
Schools and community groups in Western Australia - if you want to, you too can set up your own Lego Play Groups and ask for donations of the Lego Playtubs.  These bricks are purchased through funds raised via our Bricktober event which is run annually.  However for 2020, due to Covid-19 restrictions the usual 2 day event has been converted into a 31 day on-line event, where you can view new content every day; purchase merchandise; and even make a donation to Bricktober for us to continue to provide these great Lego tubs.  Head to the website to find out more about this e-Bricktober event.