Our other guest this morning also stepped up and provided us with information about what is happening in the City of Belmont.
Althea provided us with an insight into some of the many things happening in the City of Belmont to support people who live there.  One of the big tasks they did this year was to contact all their ratepayers to see how they were doing during these Covid-19 times.  They have done some follow up calls to people who indicated they would benefit from additional contact to ease their sense of loneliness. 
During Seniors Week (12 - 18th October) the City has organised a number of events to be run in the suburbs.  The focus for them include:  gardening, exercise, karaoke, pub quizzes, a day at the races and morning teas.  It is a way to get people from different areas interacting with each other and connecting with others around a topic of interest to them.  They are also providing shuttle buses to activities run through "Have a Go Day" in November.
Althea has an interest in Lego and was keen to find out more about our Bricktober as she believes it is a great way of connecting people with each other.  She indicated that there is the possibility of getting a Lego play station up and running as part of the revamp that is being done with the old Ruth Faulkner Library building now that the new library is complete.  The City hopes to re-purpose it into a pop up space where local events can occur throughout the week and for short periods of time.  They are currently in the initial planning stages, so it will be interesting to see how it will turn out.  We would love to be able to help out where we can. 
Ascot Rotary's Bricktober event is usually a 2 day event, but due to Covid-19 this year it is run as an online event during the whole month of October.  Profits that we make, usually, from the event go towards providing tubs of bricks for community groups who want to set up Lego Play groups such as the one Althea is hoping might be set up in Belmont.  If you want to find out more about Bricktober head to the website  have a look at some of the displays from past years, as well as this year; and if you would like to leave a donation please do so.  
Thanks Althea for coming along this morning.  It was a pleasure.  We hope to see you again sometime.