Lyndsey Fitzgerald, CEO of the Jacaranda Community Centre got a lovely surprise mid December when members of the Ascot Rotary Club presented them with several gifts.  The first gift was some comfortable outdoor chairs to use in their centre.  The second gift was some 22 handbags that had been filled with personal items for them to hand out to those in need.
A big thank you to Bunnings for their generous donation of the chairs must be made also because without their assistance we would not have been in a position to make this donation.  
A big thank you too goes to all the club members and friends who provided the handbags and/or contents which were also handed over to Jacaranda.  Jacaranda will be using these handbags to provide personal items to women who have fled from domestic violence situations.  Usually when this happens they leave behind everything so it will be a welcomed gift indeed.  The Community Centre also looks after many people who are in need over Christmas, so they could also be given out as gifts to those who have nothing. 
Thank you Michelle Kendall for keeping your eye out for how we can help others; and thank you to everyone who supported this work.