Bruce thought he was coming as a visitor to our meeting this morning.  Little did he know that he would end up being one of our guest speakers.
Thank you Bruce for stepping in and providing us with an insight into the work that you do with Mission Australia.  He is a Community Engagement Facilitator there and works with community groups and others to educate them about the National Disability Insurance Scheme as well as help them to build capacity to find other information they need.
He came to our meeting because he'd heard about Bricktober and the great work we do in supporting local community groups to develop Lego based Play groups.  People can apply to our club to receive one or more tubs of Lego bricks to help encourage young people, of all ages, to play together.  Bruce said he deals with a lot of young people with autism and often these people have been neglected in terms of finding ways of engaging them in meaningful social activities.  He came to find out more about our Lego Playtubs; and we got to find out more about the work he does. 
We had mentioned in our meeting that we were looking for young people with a disability who might like to attend our District's Handicamp in January 2021; and Bruce indicated that he could help get the word out to possible campers and able bodied buddies who could assist.  Thank you Bruce.  It was a pleasure to have you at our meeting.