At our last Zoom meeting Hugh Langridge provided an insight into the work he has done over many years to ensure items are correctly imported and exported to wherever it needs to go.
For over 40 years he has worked in various aspects of customs, quarantine clearance, importation/exportation, international/interstate/intrastate freight forwarding, and warehousing.  As a young employee he worked in Fremantle for several different businesses - mostly in customs and quarantine; and handling general freight.  At that time he indicated the easiest way of growing taller was to have to deal with crates of dates that had split open because they stuck to the soles of your feet; and you always felt taller after dealing with the clean up. 
Over the years he has worked for a number of companies, including JH Moullin, Powell and Moullin, Scott & Mottram, Scott Boalch and LGF Logistics. 
While in Fremantle he crossed paths with our current Ascot Rotary Club President, Michael Metcalf, who worked in the customs at the time.
Hugh indicated that he may have started as one of the youngest freight brokers, but he is now almost one of the oldest.  In the early days he used to meet with others personally but now it is mostly done on line.  It is an unrecognised business, because it happens behind the scenes, and unless you are in it, you really have no idea what it happening.  Over the years he has ensured safe and timely transportation of many animals; the equipment required for Big Bands to put on shows here in Perth; bringing in the Red Bull Air Race planes and equipment.  He says his favourite item that he had had to deal with was moving a baby elephant into Perth for the Perth Zoo.
What an interesting life you have lead; but as you say, unless you are in that business we know very little about it - as it is very much behind the scenes.  Thanks Hugh for an informative talk; and for doing the work that keeps you very busy.