Christmas is a time for giving without expecting something in return.  This morning we gave to RUAH bagloads of items.
There are so many people who are less fortunate than we are and the work of RUAH Community Services centres around supporting those in need.  They may be in need of housing or in need of a place of refuge from some other kind of physical and/or mental suffering.  RUAH has been working in the community for many years - to ensure that those in need can find the support they require. 
Jessica from RUAH spoke to us at our annual Christmas breakfast, this morning, about a number of projects that they are currently involved in; and how the organisation has evolved over the years from the "Flying Nun's" who started this kind of work back in 1959 to the organisation it is today..  At the end of this morning's meeting we were delighted to be able to present to her organisation some 27 bags of items which they can distribute to some of their most needy, so that they don't have to go without during this festive season.  Thank you to the staff and volunteers of RUAH, you do a great job in the community.
For more information about the work they do head to their website