Posted by Christine Goss on Dec 05, 2017
Today's guest speaker, Timothy Green, pitched his concept to us for a community event that combines all thing Medieval with the staple food of that era, bread.  He suggested a family friendly event which included dressing up for the occasion, having tables of food reflective of those times, community baking competitions, cooking workshops and dough making, arts and crafts, music and maybe even some archery and jousting exhibitions. He called it "Breadieval".
But was that really his message of the day? Or was his message much more powerful?
It appears Timothy may be aiming much higher and pushing himself to face his fear head-on by taking part in the "100 Days of Rejection challenge" where participants actively seek ways to be rejected day after day, for 100 days, so that they become desensitised to the pain that "no" can cause.  But along the way, they learn many, many valuable lessons that will help them to achieve great things and live their life to the fullest.
Well done Timothy and best wishes for success in your bright future.
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