Dave Stark is managing the Rotary at Work program for the Canadian side of District 5050.  This is an 3education and awareness program to facilitate employment for persons 
with disabilities.  With Rotary's emphasis on vocational service, it was a natural fit for Rotary to act as a facilitator to help persons with disabilities find meaningful work.
A business case can be made for the advantages to a business in hiring the disabled.  Contrary to what many still believe, disabled people have a lower absentee rate, a lower accident rate and lower turnover.
In Langley, the Langley Association for Community Living is partners with  Rotary at Work.  They will match the business with a suitable employee, help them learn the necessary skills to carry out the job and provide on going support.
Statistics show there are 1.3 billion people world wide with disabilities and, including their family, there are 3,5 billion people impacted.  Businesses that hire the disabled are supported by 87% of the general population.  There will be an awareness day here in Langley on October 15 where we can help, see Dave for details. http://rotaryatwork.com