At the start of the pandemic, our Rotary Club partnered with Langley Meals on Wheels, the organization is a charitable, non-profit society providing affordable menu plans and social meal programs in the Langley community.  "Rotary Langley Sunrise helped us increase our capacity allowing us to serve more at the onset of COVID by taking on driver scheduling of Sunrise’s Rotarians drivers" , Shannon Woykin, Executive Director of the Langley Meals and Wheels explained.
Our Club has seen the impact of Langley Meals on Wheels has on the community and wanted to continue our support of this impactful community organization.  We most recently were able to make a donation that will help with funding a fire suppression system in their new facility in Aldergrove.
Shannon also commented, "Langley Meals on Wheels is grateful for Rotary Langley Sunrise’s donation for the Aldergrove Community Station House fire suppression.  Thanks for keeping the fire out of the Kitchen! Fire suppression is crucial to ensure personnel safety and protection of property and equipment damage."