The Latin Runners is a running club that Lluvia Meneses started as a way to get Canadian women with a Latino heritage out of isolation in their own homes and out into the community by learning together how to run for leisure and pleasure.  Lluvia was at home with her crying baby, feeling trapped in her own house, when she noticed all the people regularly running past her house in the rain.  She went to the local community center and took a 13 week course to prepare her for the Sun Run. From this, she went on to start the Latin Runners.
Lluvia started with a group of nine women, teaching them the basics of running and encouraging them to get together regularly to socialize as they ran.  From here the word spread through metro Vancouver and she was asked by other Latino communities to help them organize a group in their area.
The expanded reach of the idea came with its costs.  Lluvia checked Google and found a grant application from B.C. Athletics.  With the $1.000 grant as a start, her organization has continued to grow and she has had over 300 women pass the finish line in 5k and 10k events.  The fact they can complete the race gives them confidence they can do other things inn their lives, and the group is very supportive and encouraging to each other.  Lluvia plans to expand to include women from other ethnic groups