A group formed to examine Child Youth Mental Health in Langley.  The original plans changed once the group actually met with the youth needing the services.  It was clear the various agencies providing services to youth in the mental health field in Langley did not share information with each other, and it was sometimes difficult for the youth in need to access information.
A website was developed with information on how to access the various services available for youth mental health.  In addition, a wallet card was created since many of the youth having issues were not able to access the internet.  Doctors and school councilors were contacted to educate them as to where to refer youth to.
The Langley School District has five councilors to help students with mental health issues, which occur as early as  kindergarten.  The councilors are overwhelmed and look to 
outside agencies for assistance.  It takes an average of six months for a your diagnosed with mild to moderate mental health issues to get looked at.  
Posters have been created to place around the community to help educate the public and hopefully catch the eye of kids.