BLT stands for Basic Life skills Training.  It is a program that has high risk kids referred to it from the Ministry of Children and Family Development.  The people in the program coach and guide the kids into developing skills to cope with life. The program is activity based along with counseling.  It is often the first chance many of the youth involved have ever had to develop friendships and self confidence in a non 
threatening situation.  Rather than dwell on the past, the staff concentrate on what's happening at present and how to deal 
with it.
One of the ways the program connects with the youth is through music.  They have a rock music program where the youth can perform and even create their own music.The setting for the program itself is different.  The walls are murals and designs that are totally nontraditional.   This creates a setting completely different from the usual bland counseling offices, letting the youth know this will be a different experience.