Mike Morgan manages the aboriginal education programs in School District # 35, Langley.  The goal of the program is equitable education for aboriginal students.  Fifteen years ago female aboriginal student graduation rates were 33 %.  Today it is at 78 %, which is at equity with the rest of the student population.
In 1996 a Royal Commission declared the need for an equitable outcome for aboriginal people.  The Indian Act is Canada is 140 years old and still exists as the determining legislation on how the government deals with native people in Canada.  The " gradual civilization act " resulted in Indian  residential  schools that native children were required by law to attend.  Local  youth were removed from home and taken to stay at the schools where every effort was made to eradicate their culture and language.
A class action lawsuit was started by native people after the passing of the 1996 Royal Commission relating to the abuse experienced at residential schools.  The government responded with an apology, a cash settlement and the  Truth and Reconciliation Commission that spent four and a half years crossing the country talking to RCMP, educators from the schools and attendees