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Happy 95th Anniversary to the Rotary Club of Santa Monica! 
Celebrating the club's 95 years of fellowship and giving, we gathered to eat, drink, make merry, and donate to our Santa Monica Rotary Club Foundation! Together we added another $15,000 to our fund!
Lisa Alexander, Nora & Paul Bohn, and President Connie Maguire had a blast riding the carousel!
Thanks to Carol & Bill Powell, and all the 95th Anniversary committee, for putting together an awesome event!
A big thanks to Donna Byrd and Bret Carter for running the check-in table! Savi is especially thankful since that's normally her job, and she got to just attend as a guest this time. :)
Also much gratitude goes to Jack Gregory & Pat Johnston for bringing tons of cool memorabilia from the Rotary office for people to see! Here President Connie welcomed Jack & Holly Gregory to the event! 


Riding the carousel was a favorite highlight for so many!

John McIntire and Ellen Travis thought it was super romantic and fun!




Monika White and Roger Goodman looked stately upon their steeds!





Len Lanzi... Ride 'em Cowboy!






Pat Johnston looked so charming in her riding hat!





And Steve Eorio decided to dominate the piggy! 



Kurtis Magee, Suzan Allbritton, Timur Berberoglu, and Len Lanzi had a blast catching up with friends!  





So did Tammy Andrews and Jamie Menzies...





Kay & Kent Colberg...





and Char & Dick Lawrence, too!






Here's to another 95 years of providing service to our community and the rest of the world, to fellowship and friendship, and to world peace!


Rotary Gives Dolls to Make a Difference

Representatives from our Rotary Club went to Merida, Mexico on our Rotary District 5280's Humanitarian Trip! Our club, in partnership with Dollies Making a Difference, served as ambassadors bringing 90 beautiful handmade dolls and teddy bears to local children from impoverished families. President Connie and Rotary were featured in the Dollies Making a Difference newsletter!
Check out the article by clicking HERE!!
A few brave Rotarians traveled North to adventure in the wilderness and ski the slopes of Mammoth!
Included in this adventure were Tom Woods with his 2 kids, Will and Hadley, Tammy Andrews with her kids, Charlie and Emily, Carol and Bill Powell with their 2 kids, and Kurtis with his girlfriend Rose! It looks like they had a blast!
They didn't think it would be quite that adventurous, though. They got 9 feet of snow in 3 days! They were totally snowed in on Sunday and no one got out! Once that happened, there was nothing left to do but lounge, cook, play games, and watch the snow fall... 
All in all, it got a big THUMBS UP!
Thanks to Bill & Carol Powell for organizing the trip and taking care of your fellow stranded skiers!
January 6th, our first meeting of the year, started us off with a bang! We welcomed Paul Goodwin to speak about polling and gave away lots of money to non-profits in our area
Guest Introducer, Vicky Curtis, welcomed our speaker Paul Goodwin! He gave a very interesting talk about the vagaries of public opinion polling in the Presidential Election!
Susan Annett helped present a grant check to Chris Baca of Meals on Wheels from our Community & Youth Grants Committee!
Kathy Shepard welcomed C&Y Grant recipients Josephine Moerschel of Elemental Strings and Neferteri Plessy of Single Mom's Planet! 


President Connie brought in two of the dolls that will be part of the humanitarian trip to Merida, Mexico, by District 5280.  Grace Cheng Braun helped out by walking to each table to show off the dolls!


Myles Pritchard announced the results of the bell ringing for the Salvation Army. Rotary wiped out the other service clubs!  Sharon Perlmutter Gavin reminded us about the Day of Service at the Westside Food Bank on Jan. 7. 

New member Scott Gaynor took at turn at being a greeter...and Kathy Shepard approved!


On January 7th, a hearty group of Rotarians gathered at the Westside Food Bank to sort and box food donations
Thank you to Sharon Perlmutter Gavin who chaired this event! Other generous participants included Past President Judy Neveau, current President Connie Maguire, President-Elect Tom Larmore, Nora and Paul Bohn, David Rosenfeld, Suzan Allbritton, Bill Buxton, Drew Fleming, Deborah Williams, Past President Dee Menzies, Kathy Shepard, and our ever amazing photographer and volunteer, Iao Katagiri!
Allison Griffith, the volunteer coordinator for the food bank, quickly summarized the guidelines for sorting the food donations into coherent categories. Nearly one million pounds of food are donated during the holiday season.
Drew Fleming is always in his element at these volunteer events...thank you for your enthusiasm, Drew! 



Bill Buxton lent some strong arms to the task!




And President Connie diligently sorted and assigned foods where they needed to go! 






Past President, Judy Neveau, spent two hours labeling boxes as fast as she could write. The volunteers filled them up almost as fast as she could label them!




No, Tom, those yummy snacks are not for you. :)  





These volunteers were hard at work!

Thank you again, to all our volunteers! Go Rotary!

On December 16th, we had our Holiday Luncheon which included a festive room, generous giving of funds, and a special musical performance by some of the SMC Applied Music Program students!
President Connie Maguire (far left) and the Director of Vocational Service and organizer of the program, Gita Runkle (far right), congratulated the wonderful performers! Thank you to Brian Driscoll, Gary Gray, Enrique Conde, Luke Hu, Olivia Kamalski, Courtney Marsh, Andrew Rodriquez, Sina Roustapour, and Airrel Watkins for making our holiday luncheon so amazing!
An enthusiastic David Snow presented a check to Talitha Philips of Claris Health from our Community & Youth Grants Committee!!
And Chair Mitchell Kraus was equally happy to celebrate life and generosity, giving money to Yesenia Monsour of the Santa Monica Chamber Foundation! 


Thank you to Steve Eorio for providing some of his own homegrown and homemade wine! David Wisen couldn't wait to try it!





Nora Bohn, RoseMary Regalbuto, and Savi Labensart were feeling extra festive!




Thank you to our decorating committee, led by co-chairs Diane Margolin and Susan Gabriel Potter! The tables looked so wonderful!


We had lots of fun guests too!

Past President, George Collins, brought his sweet wife, Pat!





Teon Brooks was a guest of Adam Lichtl!





Robert Segal said hi to fellow Rotarian Pat Johnston, and some of her family, Kathy & Larry Dozal!





And Mr. Santa Monica and Past President, Nat Trives, welcomed visiting Rotarian ,Grady Mateen! No, he's not a basketball player...he is in sales in Milwaukee. :)


Thank you to Jolly Gissell for hosting the holiday party!!

And to Bill & Carol Powell for organizing it!!

December 10th was our Holiday Party! Hosted by Jolly & Patty Gissell and coordinated by Carol & Bill Powell, it was an event to remember! 
Kai-Li Quigley, Past President Spyros Dellaportas with his bride Donna, Past President Dee Menzies, and Patty Gissell were so festively dressed!
The dog got special treatment, thanks to Past President, Dick Lawrence! :)
The dining and drink was divine and delicious! 

So many happy and rosy faces!

Host Jolly was thrilled to provide a beautiful home for the occasion! And Gita Runkle (right) was happy to be there! 



Past President, David Bohn, chatted with Charlie Follette...




while his lovely wife, Lisa Kludjian Bohn got a chance to hang with former Executive Secretary of our club, June Doy, and her precious bundle, Mia!


Tammy Andrews, President Connie Maguire, Allan Young, and Carol Powell were having a blast!




As were Karim and Anne Jaude!







Past Presdient, Hal Quigley, and his sweet wife, Kai-Li took in the lovely decorations! What a great shot!




Past President, Judy Neveau, got to cuddle up with Len Lanzi (right) and his amazing boo, Russell. :)


Fun times were had by all!!

Joe Regalbuto, Russell Lanzi, RoseMary Regalbuto, Roger & Joy Davis, Liza Jensen, Len Lanzi, and Palle Jensen

Past Presdient, Spyros Dellaportas, Donna Byrd, Susan Gabriel Potter and Palle Jensen

Happy Holidays!!



Rotarians and their families fed the police on Thanksgiving! Thanks to those that came out!
Among some of those who volunteered...Jamie Menzies, Mitch Kraus and his son Zachary, Tammy Andrews and her two kids, Gita Runkle, Dee Menzies, Paul Leoni, Palle Jensen and Iao Katagiri!
Officers sat down to a meal at tables decorated with candy, turkey pics, and letters from local kids thanking them for their service, especially for working on Thanksgiving! 
They were very happy to be recognized on this special day! 



Officers got in line to receive food from friendly helpers!





Roger Davis with his wife, Joy, and his two kids, were so happy to help Co-Chair Dee Menzies with the event!




Our other Co-Chair was Jim Menzies, and their son Jamie is always happy to help!



Tammy Andrews and her family were excited to participate!





Former member, Alonzo HIll, along with joyfully feeding officers, was excited to see June Doy's new baby, Mia! (June is Savi's predecessor as Executive Secretary of our club!)




 A lot of other folks were too...





And who wouldn't want to cuddle that little cutie pie! June and Mia are doing really well, and send their best wishes to you! June is looking to find new work beginning in 2017 and would welcome any referrals club members might have. :)


Thank you to our police officers, who protect us and give of themselves every day!!

Don't forget dessert!! :)

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