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Rotary Hall
The Terrigal Rotary Hall
is now run by Central Coast Council out of the Gosford Office.
Please contact them for access.
Join us at Terrigal Lagoon, western end,
on the 3rd Tuesday of the month
to work on the bush regeneration.
Phone John 0411 176 364


Welcome to Terrigal Rotary   

 Harley Newham  President 2017 - 18

 The Rotary Club of Terrigal is a volunteer service organisation 

 where members donate their time and resources

 to help others in the community and throughout the world.

 When Rotarians get involved, it's not just their communities,
 clubs and projects that benefit - they benefit as well!


 We have helped to re-form the Terrigal Bushcare Group with the Council.
We meet on 3rd Tuesday of the month, with a supervisor, and attack the weeds at the
north end of TerrigalRotary Park.
Please come along and swell our numbers, so we can make a difference to the lagoon wetlands,
forest floor, and help the mid-level plants provide cover for the native fauna.
Just ring John on 0411 176 564.
President’s Report 2017
     David Mylan
The opportunity to serve as the President of the Rotary Club of Terrigal (the Club) in its 42nd year of serving local, national and international communities has been a pleasure.  The support and encouragement from members has contributed to my personal enjoyment, sense of contribution and fulfillment that I hope each member has also experienced.
During 2016-17 some time and energy was invested in raising awareness of Rotary in our local community through innovating ways.  A Club “pop up” presence at Erina Fair, Erina and a stall at the Terrigal Beach Markets were opportunities for us to be accessible and visible by our community. 
The Club sought information on, through club meetings and meetings with community and business leaders, where the Club might apply its time, effort and resources and most importantly these conversations were contact points with people in our community.  A great practical example of the Club reaching out to the community was through the use of an online survey to the users of Terrigal Park about their interest and suggestions for enhancing the area, park facilities and infrastructure. 
 The Club hosted in May 2017 Community Awards at which six awardees were recognised for their contribution to their cause(s) and or organization(s).  In June 2017 the club recognized ten individuals from diverse business/professional/industry sectors for Vocational Excellence.  These events showcased the value, generosity and relevance of Rotary to the community and business sectors.
The Club’s support, involvement and provision of the inaugural convener, John Millhouse, of the Terrigal Lagoon Bushcare Program is a practical and innovative example of the Club serving its community.  Further demonstrating Rotary’s Motto of Service Above Self and offers an opportunity to involve the “community” in care of our local environment.  
The quality of the guest speakers at our club meetings has ensured our meetings have been interesting, informative, challenging, thought provoking and enjoyable. 
 The Club’s strength in connecting up like-minded people was highlighted through the cohosting in May 2017 with the Small Business Network Group of the Business Edge Networking event.  Over forty business and professionals attended the event. There was interest shown in Rotary and the majority of attendees have been added to our network to receive the Terrigal Times and information of upcoming events.
Club life has been enriched by vocational visits and social outings throughout the year in addition to District events such as District Assembly, District Changeover and participation of club members in the Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI).
The Club led Rotary Clubs here on the Central Coast in support of the Top Blokes Foundation . The pledge of funding of $3,000 in year 2016-17 and 2017-18 was made for the establishment of an interactive schools program here on the Coast.  The program uses peer mentoring to tackle issues that teenage boys aged 14-17 struggle with including risk-taking, peer pressure and mental health issues.
The Club is grateful to the Breakers Country Club (BCC) Board, management and staff including Chief Executive Officer Ken Pearson, Chef Arron Stewart, Functions Manager Jess McNamara, Duty Manager(s) Greg Cooper, Chris Gethen, John Norman and Dean Osborne and Catering Supervisor Kevin D’Almaida and staff member Daniel Kennedy.  The BCC team has extended personalized care and support of our meetings and events to ensure that we and our guests receive great value, professional and most of all fun and enjoyable experiences.
The accompanying Avenue of Service reports highlight the many varied and successful activities the Club has undertaken, initiated and planned for the future.
Yours in Rotary Service
David Mylan
Find the full Annual Report under the side bar:  Club Bulletins



will be held on 

18th and 19th November 2017


at The Scout Hall Terrigal Drive.


We are still collecting books

 Contact JOHN, on

0411 176 364

​if you have really good books for us to collect.

Thank you

Our annual Vocational Awards Night 
is always one of the highlights of our Club’s program, and last week’s event was no exception.  45 members, partners and guests attended the evening when we recognised 10 individuals from our local community for excellence in their vocation.
The evening’s proceedings were overseen by our Vocational Service Director, Rob Moffat, who ensured that everything ran smoothly and to time.
Our local Federal member, Lucy Wicks, was invited to attend the evening, but work commitments in Canberra meant she was unable to be present.  She did, however, send a letter of apology which was read by Gina Growden, in which she congratulated the Awardees and thanked them for their commitment to their vocations and for their efforts in making the world a better place.
In Lucy’s absence, our incoming District Governor, Peter Ward, officiated in handing out the Awards.  Photos were taken by Peter Hamilton.
Three Awardees: Diane Taylor, Garry Adlard and Kathleen Hunter were recognised for their volunteering work cleaning up Terrigal Beach. 
Other Awardees were:
Fiona Thorrington, Cruise and Travel Consultant, Cruise & Travel Authority, Terrigal
Kevin D’Almaida, Catering Supervisor, Breakers Country Club
Wendy McCormack, Training Director. Radio 94.1
Roy Henry, Secretary, Terrigal Men’s Shed
Chris Gethen, Supervisor, Breaker’s Country Club
Jim McCormack, Directory, Technical Support Radio 94.1
Rebekah Lester, Esteem Fitness Solutions
Last week we held a Presentation Night for Community Service Awards.
Six local people from a variety of areas in our community, were honoured with a plaque and certificate, detailing their achievements. 
A sizeable number of attendees included Past District Governors Terry Blair, Harold Sharp, Gina Growden and DG Elect, Peter Ward, as well as Honorary member, Adam Crouch M.P., who also presented the awards.
Awardees with their nominators
Our Club sponsored three RYPEN students this year from Terrigal High School.  They came to our meeting and gave very fluent accounts of their experience of the weekend camp. They shared their thoughts on the value of the activities which helped them with public speaking, teamwork, making friends and developing their own leadership skills.  All three highly recommended the camp and will encourage others to attend the winter camp this year.
On 4th March, Harley and Jill, manned the Club stall at the International Womens' Day Expo at Erina Fair.  Lynn Davies from Rotary Terrigal was on the committee that organised the Expo, and many congratulations to her and the team.
On 2nd March, President David inducted our newest member into the club.  Stewart has been a previous member and honorary member, keeping historical records of the club over the past years. We are delighted that Stewart is moving back into the area, and welcome him back as a full member.
President’s Report – 2015 -2016  Jill Hamilton
It has been a privilege and honour to serve as President for the past year, I would like to thank everyone for the support they have shown over the past year. Directors of each Avenue of Service have given time and effort to pursue the activities associated with their role, particularly with reference to the Youth activities within the Rotary framework.
I wish to thank all members of our club for their support, but in particular, Robin Hearder who has written the minutes up from our very energetic Board Meetings, and offered sane and sensible advice. Paul Harris for having made sense of the finance and all its vagaries, and David Mylan, who has helped promote and further the membership and interests of the club as well as being my second right-hand man.  The first, of course being Peter, my husband, who has been supportive and encouraging all year.
Some of our members belong to the Recreational Vehicle Rotary Fellowship, as well as those who love travelling, those who have family commitments, and those who serve on District Committees like District Governor Gina Growden, (2015-16), David Mylan, and Lyn Davies. Hence it is no surprise that each week sometimes a third of our members are away. I would like to thank the Function Management Team at Breakers Country Club, Amanda and Kate, Duty Managers Chris and John and our Maître D, Kevin,  and the catering staff of the Club, for their excellent and ongoing support.  We are truly grateful to have such a friendly and helpful team to work with.  Great speakers sourced by Robin and Gina, have enhanced our meetings and educated us in many ways. Our meetings this year have also taken place at a camping site, a gliding site, at other Rotary clubs, and the historic Avoca Beach Picture Theatre. We helped with the donation programme run by Ray White Estates, with their Tree of Joy, presents being sent to the Smith Family, and allocated to families on the Coast.
A very successful Rotary Information evening was held in March, when members welcomed people interested in knowing more about Rotary. This resulted in two new members,  who are enjoying their first foray into the Rotary world. In addition, we welcomed a member who transferred from Galston Rotary on moving to Terrigal.
We continued our membership of the Central Coast International Women’s Day Committee, with PP Lyn Davies as  their Secretary, and contributed to the Dinner in August, as well as the Expo in March.
Perhaps the most significant event of the year so far, was at the beginning, when in August we gifted the Terrigal Rotary Hall to the Community under Gosford Council ownership and management.  This was the culmination of many months of planning and negotiating, and thanks in particular, go to David Mylan, Paul Harris and Robin Hearder for their work with Gosford Council.  With our responsibility for the Hall being over, we have also lost our revenue stream, such as it was, also of course we have also lost the expenses incurred with continual use, and our thoughts as a club have turned to other avenues of fundraising.
A Pride of Workmanship was held in October. This was well represented by local workers and we were pleased to give six awards.  A good attendance by club members and guests made for a successful and rewarding evening. One of the highlights for our Club is that one of our members Gina Growden has this year also been District Governor.  We have had members also travel to District functions to support DG Gina, as well as join with the others in the District.  We had representatives at Canberra for District Conference in March, two District Changeover Conferences, as well as International and Foundation events.
We have distributed over $6000 mostly to local charities.  But, possibly our greatest achievement this year has been the outcome of a very successful Book Fair, organized by John Millhouse, and assisted by Harley Newham, from which the club raised over $7000. All members of the club in the country at the time helped, and we were grateful for the day to day help from other Rotary Clubs.  This entire amount has been donated to the Australian Hearing Health Project and will finalise the funding of a PhD student under Australian Rotary Health, to research Hearing loss and the implications for communication.  We thank PP Lyn Davies for her promotion of this project and her work towards it.
In addition to helping with local events, we have been involved with Terrigal High School, and supported teams and individuals to attend Rotary programmes. A brokered exchange between students from Terrigal High School and Coonamble High School was considered very successful by the schools, and they will continue with this project in house.
So a busy year comes to an end for me as President, but projects continue, and further developments will be on-going under the new Board.  I wish our new President, David Mylan, who has been an exceptional Vice-President, all the best, and know that Terrigal Rotary Club will go forward with a passion for community service and friendship.
On Monday 30 November 2015, the Terrigal Rotary Club project, Bush to the Beach entered it second phase, with a visit to Terrigal Surf Life Saving Club who welcomed students from the Coonamble High School by providing a BBQ dinner sponsored by Gosford North Rotary.  Surf Club Member Tim Schofield spoke to the students, representatives from Coonamble and Terrigal High Schools, and Rotarians (from Gosford North and Terrigal) on the topic of “what is surf club life about” followed by questions and answers.
The students were presented with a Terrigal Surf Club Cap and T-Shirt which were gratefully received as mementos of their time at the beach. 
The students then went to Toowoon Bay Surf Club who had donated the use of their club as a dormitory base,  and thanks should be mentioned for the Club’s generous effort in cooking breakfast for the students early every morning.
The Coonamble students also visited the Marine Centre at Terrigal, went Ice Skating, played basketball at the PCYC Bateau Bay, went Bowling.  They visited Manly and Tuggerah ShoppingTown for movies and retail therapy.  The group then left early on Friday morning to return to Coonamble.
One high school has about 1,100 students and the other just over 280 students.  So what would students from the Central Coast of New South Wales – Terrigal High School have in common with or could learn from students from a school on the Central Western Plains of New South Wales – Coonamble High School?
The idea of an exchange for students who have identified as Aboriginal and satisfied a set of school participation requirements was conceived by Rotarian John Spath, Rotary Club of Terrigal following a visit to the Rotary Club of Coonamble in 2014.  The idea was promoted to teachers of the Coonamble and Terrigal High Schools who also shared a passion for providing interesting educational, learning and cultural opportunities to their students. 
The Rotary Club(s) of Coonamble and Terrigal and the Clontarf and Girls Academy which are both part of Coonamble High School are providing financial and organizational sponsorship and support for the student exchange.  The Coonamble and Terrigal High Schools are providing teacher and transport support.  The combined aspirations and commitment of Rotarians and members of the school executives has led to the creation of the Beach and Bush exchange experience.
The exchange has two legs out-bound Terrigal High School to Coonamble from Monday 19 November – four days (completed) and in-bound from Coonamble High School to Terrigal from Monday 30 November – five days.
On Saturday 14th November 2015 Year 8 Erina High School student Radley hosted a learn to surf and beach awareness experience for local youth.    
The community project was provided under the auspices of the YMCA – Youth Frontiers Mentoring Program.  Radley’s volunteer mentors  Ms Bianca Shearer and Mr David Mylan and the program coordinator Mr Scott Browne assisted Radley on the day.
 Mr Tony Hughes and Ms Tilly Hughes (father and  daughter), the proprietors of  and  professional surfing  instructors – Avoca and Terrigal Learn to Surf donated  their time and  equipment so some young people could  have an experience that  would not otherwise been  available to them.  After surfing Avoca Beach Surf Life  Saving Club, volunteer Surf Life  Saving Patrol Captain Mr  George Ruzek provided  an overview on the role and  responsibilities of a surf life saver and beach and surf  safety.
  The Rotary Club of Terrigal provided funding for a sizzle.   No food was wasted as  stock on      hand was donated to the  Woy Woy Youth Cottage.
A great day was had by all.
On behalf of Radley and Youth Frontiers thank you Rotary for your support.
David Mylan
Volunteer Mentor Youth Frontiers
   Locals demonstrating Vocational Excellence get recognised
Six Central Coast community members who display outstanding qualities in terms of approach. dedication, attitude and commitment to service were recognised by the Rotary Club of Terrigal on Thursday 8 October 2015 at the Rotary Pride of Workmanship Awards held at the Breakers Country Club, Wamberal. 
Participating businesses and organisations promote the Pride of Workmanship theme of "Do it once- do it well" throughout their organization and nominate employees worthy of recognition, not only within the organization, but the wider community. Nominees of the Pride of Workmanship Program are presented with recognition of their achievements.
The Member for Terrigal Mr Adam Crouch MP delivered a speech on the Government’s infrastructure investment and employment growth program(s) and presented the awards.
Awardees: Luke Martin - Personal Trainer Fitness First Erina, Greg de Zeewu Painter and decorator Pro Cote Painting,
Donna Haddock -Hospitality Surf Café Terrigal, (collected by David Lambert),  Ms Elizabeth Todd - Secretary Small Business Network Group, Erina (collected by Bill Waller),  and Steve Madden - Maintenance Supervisor Tarragal Glen Retirement Village. 
President Jill Hamilton informed the family members, employers, colleagues and Rotarians present that:-
“This is a special night where we honour those whose work and attitude mark them out amongst others as showing Vocational Excellence.  This award can be given in any field of work or profession. It marks the trade or profession craftsmanship and skill and knowledge which is taken over the work done as well as the finished product or service provide.  It also marks the view of the nominator, that the nominee demonstrates exemplary work or service. .  The service provided by the nominee in turns helps grow the business by encouraging repeat business and referrals, builds good relationships, promotes ethical and fair practices and provides value for money”.   
Ceremony for Gifting the Terrigal Rotary Hall
August 13th 2015
A very well attended Ceremony for Gifting the Terrigal Rotary Hall to Gosford Council. Many thanks go to those who were instrumental in arranging the handover, and in planning the ceremony. Well done to David Mylan, Lyn Davies, Paul Harris, Robin Hearder and Peter Halliday.  Thanks also go to Gina Growden for her excellent talk of the history of the hall.  The Mayor, Lawrie McKinna gave a short talk, and then Gina and Lawrie unveiled the new plaque, dedicating the Hall to the memory of those Terrigal Rotarians who built and maintained it over the years. Morning Tea, provided by the Council, rounded off the ceremony, and allowed time for members and guests to chat and reminisce over the photos and history displayed.  

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