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November 2018
Chris Kastalan -
Dec 06, 2018
President Australian Paramedic's Association
Angela Burford Wamberal Rural Fire Service
Dec 13, 2018
Preparie your Bush Fire Plan, and surviving a Bush Fire
Terrigal Rotary Christmas Party
Dec 20, 2018
No meeting that night
Christmas Club Recess - 27 Dec/ 3 Jan
Dec 21, 2018
No formal meeting at Breakers
Josh Edwards
Jan 10, 2019
The Real Meaning of 12 Days of Christmas
Robyn Ratcliff
Jan 17, 2019
International Speaker on Business, and Club Social Media Director
Jan 24, 2019
Top Blokes
Scott Levi
Feb 28, 2019
ABC Breakfast Announcer
Mar 21, 2019
Harmony Day
No meeting, no speaker
Apr 25, 2019
Upcoming Events
Rotary Hall
The Terrigal Rotary Hall has been gifted to the community.
It is now under going a major refit, and  run by Central Coast Council.
Please contact them on 4325 8222 for further information.
Join us at Terrigal Lagoon, western end,
on the 3rd Tuesday of the month 9am to 12pm
to work on the bush regeneration.
Phone John 0411 176 364
Booking sheet


Welcome to Terrigal Rotary   

Greg Hooper  

President 2018 - 19

The Rotary Club of Terrigal is a service organisation where members give their time, talent and resources to help make the Central Coast community and communities around the world - a better place to live in.  Terrigal Rotary's mission is particularly focused on youth service and developing our young leaders of the future.

When Rotarians get involved, it's not just our community and the wider world that benefit - we all benefit from the fellowship and have great fun doing it!  Join us and experience the satisfaction, sense of accomplishment and fulfilment of making a difference in the world.


will be 
at The Terrigal Scout Hall Terrigal Drive,
Terrigal on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 November 2018.
We raise funds for our charity donations and will be able to support youth projects, both locally and in Africa.
We are now collecting books and looking for volunteers
 Contact JOHN on 0411 176 364
​if you have really good books for us to collect, or want to help out.
Thank you
Yes please
·        Fiction Paperback books
·        Fiction Hardback books
·        Sci Fi
·        DYI, Gardening, Craft, Hobby, Painting Books
·        Cook Books
·        Military and History Books
·        Children’s books
·        CDs
·        DVDs
·        Puzzles and games
·        Comics, graphic novels & Manga
·        ‘Talking book’ audio on CD
No thank you
·        Reader’s Digest condensed books
·        Law books, older than 3 Years
·        Encyclopaedias, no matter how new
·        Atlases older than 3 years
·        Magazines
·        Text books, unless recent & in mint condition
·        Any item not meeting our quality standards (any books that are yellowed, mouldy, torn, dirty, written in, or defaced can unfortunately not be sold)
Our Square POS machine is up and working.  Harley and Greg have access to it at the moment.
David has put up the banners that are making an impact in the area, and even the Terrigal Men's Shed commented to me about them last week.  The Book Sale is a Terrigal Event that people look forward to. 
Our local media have been contacted and I have heard announcements on the radio about the weekend Book Sale.
There is no more pick ups or donations of books.  We need more helpers on Friday 16th and next Monday 18th.
Dear Rotarians
Would you be so kind to include this in your Bulletins over the next fortnight?
This is our major fund raising event
As an aside we need to sell all our books as our storeroom/container next to the Rotary Hall that we have gifted back to the community is being removed.  We need a new home? Any ideas would be welcome as well. 
We want to sell our books so as Rotarians we can do good things in our community and our world.   It would be nice to see them go to a good home and not to be recycled or go to landfill.
Terrigal Rotary
Message from our Book Sale Team:
Your support of our upcoming book sale would be greatly appreciated.  Here is a flyer and some text for your social media channels and club bulletin.
The Rotary Club of Terrigal’s Book Sale will be held on Saturday 17th to Sunday 18th November 2018 8.00am to 4.00pm and is the largest second hand book sale on the Central Coast.  The book sale is the biggest fundraising event that supports our community and youth projects here on the Central Coast and international projects.
Whether you are a book worm, a dedicated reader, a student, a book collector or someone searching for those long lost books to make your book series complete, Rotary Terrigal Book Sale is the place for you. At the event you will find over 9,000 books – children’s books, fiction – crime, romance and mystery plus more and non-fiction, military, cooking, self-help, gardening and some magazines, records, puzzles, DVDs, CDs, board games and much more.  Come and join us at the Terrigal Scout Hall, corner Willoughby Road and Terrigal Drive, Terrigal on Saturday 17th to Sunday 18th April 2018 8.00am to 4.00pm.
Let me know if further information is required.
We have a number of positions filled for our next year's Board, and as we have developed centralised systems and a Club strategic plan, now it is far less onerous for Directors to manage their portfolios. 
Thanks to Stewart we have a workable budget, and Andrew has a strategy for centralising our records, key documents and formatted correspondence.  For example: Andrew has on file our Respect Policy that was ratified by all members present at our last Club Assembly.  These are policy documents are usually endorsed at AGMs or where By-Laws required to be changed.  An AGM Agenda will be sent out with next week's TT Bulletin.
As our Social Media innovations have been exciting some members find this new ground, and we will discuss this platform as an item on if, or how we can include this in our Strategic Plan that will progress into PE Mary's year.
Greggo needs to have reports to him early next week for publication, and Directors to have a brief to give to the members at the AGM.
PP David is promoting  to the community the next Symphony Central Coast Event on Sunday 2 December, 2018. 
Our speaker program is fully booked till February next year.  We have a list of fantastic speakers.  Scott Levi of ABC FM fame will be coming in February; Top Blokes will be back on 24 January to give us an update on their progress:  
Next week we have our Honorary Member, Adam Crouch  who will give us an update on law and order matters effecting Terrigal.  You will be amazed at some of the information you will be privy to that night.  Book it in your diary, and ask a friend along. It will be most fascinating!
Our speaker last week was our own Robyn Ratcliff. Robyn has spoken at many Australian and International venues on Life Coaching and Time Management. Robyn has over 20 years’ experience as a Business Owner, Performance Coach, Corporate Trainer & Inspiring, Motivating Speaker and is the Author of the book “Time Mastery” 
Robyn was speaking to us about the value and mechanics of using social media, such as Facebook, to advertise the great things that we do locally with Rotary, as well as the larger projects that Rotarians are involved in throughout the world.  Our club, with Robyn's guidance, aim to use this media platform to reach like minded people from all walks of life, in our area, who would like to join such a vibrant organisation. 

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Robyn has been hard at work, and having some fun too, enlivening our Facebook page.  We are getting some increase traffic, but it would help if you clicked a like or made a comment eg   my grand kids love getting a new book from the Little Library. Such a good idea
Book these dates:
The  date for Terrigal Rotary AGM, and to have 2019 /20 Board Elections is on Thursday 22nd November, 2019.  Stewart has compiled a draft budget that Directors can use, as well there was a template Jill had prepared.  Ideally we want a written report on how their programs are progressing that can be included in our Strategic Plan, and ensure we complete the programs in the remaining seven months.
Bi Annual Book Sale
Post AGM we should also have a report on how successful regarding profits of our Book Sale 17 and 18 November,  and we need all hands on deck as this is our major fund raiser.  John and his team have worked for months on this so we need to make this a combined Club effort.  
Call for Volunteers   
Through our Meetup Page: Friends of Terrigal Rotary we have one new volunteer, but well we need  many more volunteers for setting up at the Terrigal Scout Hall on the 16th and packing up on the 19th...  in the past we have asked and had limited or overwhelming support from the likes of Terrigal Men's Shed, our Terrigal Life Savers.  So this year we need to be asking again eg the Wamberal Rural Fire Service, CCGS / Terrigal High kids and so forth.  All boxes are around 10 kilos and we just need able bodies with attached hands and feet to move them about, or pick up a broom and help clean.
 Terrigal Bush Care, twelve months of progress.
Over the last twelve months our bush care group has worked on bush restoration on the western end of Terrigal Rotary Park. Our group of six volunteers work with a qualified supervisor provided by the Central Coast Council. The Council also provides basic equipment and training.
Most of the time the work is to slowly and carefully remove introduced weeds. Sometimes it’s difficult to notice significant changes in the work area. Recently this changed as Council funds were used to hire contractors to remove thick vegetation near the Shell Garage roundabout. This complemented work the Bush Care group had already undertaken further into the reserve where lantana had spread along the edge of a man made storm water drain running from Terrigal Drive to the lake. If your driving or walking along Terrigal Drive it’s now possible to see all the way to the lake edge.
Terrigal Bush Care meets every third Tuesday of the month at 9.00am on the western end of Rotary Park. New members are always welcome. Contact John on 0411176364.
Related imageJanet Millhouse has sent through some recent photos of the renovation process on our gifted Terrigal Rotary Hall.


Community Projects Report.


Rotary Club of Terrigal bi-annual Book Fair


By way of background, The bi annual book fair is the main fundraising activity of the club. The concept was initiated some years ago and was held at the then Terrigal Rotary Hall in Duffy’s Road, Terrigal. On the expiration of the lease in 2015, the Hall was gifted to the Central Coast Council and book fairs have since been held at the Terrigal Scout Hall on Terrigal Drive.


The change of location has been beneficial in that the book fair is now in a highly visible location and attracting a steadily growing customer base. As a result gross takings have grown steadily and our last sale in April 2018, grossed just over $10,000.00. Whilst not a large amount compared to some clubs with a history of similar fundraising, given our relatively small membership and logistical considerations, the club is now in a fairly good financial position.



Books are sourced from both local community donations and a relationship that has been established with Lifeline in Northern Sydney. The latter has made available surplus stocks which are collected from the Lifeline Depot in Lindfield. Local book collections are undertaken on a regular basis of which the majority of donors locate the club via the internet. In addition the club is the beneficiary of relationship established with the Central Coast Council Library who now channel their surplus stock and unwanted donations to the club.


The Book Fairs are now a popular and welcomed bi annual event and appeal to a wide demographic in the Terrigal /Erina area. They provide an opportunity to positively promote the Rotary brand and proceeds benefit many aspects of the local and wider community.



Rotary Park Little Library.


The Terrigal rotary Park has recently been the subject of a renewed focus by

the club and funds were contributed towards the upgrade of the children’s playground. ‘A Little Library’ , where the public is encouraged to feel free to take books has been established in the playground area and is restocked as the need arises from book fair supplies. Following on the success of the Terrigal Rotary Park Little Library, a second Little Library is being installed in cooperation with the Central Coast Council at Wairakei Road park in neighbouring Wamberal.


Rotary Park Bush Care.


Along with the redevelopment of the playground, club members were concerned about encroaching weeds and lantana on the western end of the Rotary Park. Discussions with Central Coast Council staff resulted in the establishment of a local bush care group. Now having been established more than twelve months our bush care group has worked on bush restoration on the western end of Terrigal Rotary Park bordering the Terrigal Lagoon. With a core of four Rotarians our group of volunteers work with a qualified supervisor provided by the Central Coast Council. The Council also provides basic equipment and training.


The Bush Care group is open to the public and is an opportunity for hands on environmental work suitable for all ages.




Well known local Rotarian, Harley Newham with fellow volunteers ken Forster and Richard Whittaker.



Council supervisor, Robin Urquhart, Ken, Richard and Jan Whittaker .





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 We have helped to re-form the Terrigal Bushcare Group with the Council.
We meet now, on 2nd Tuesday of the month, with a supervisor, Susie, and attack the weeds at the
west end of Terrigal Rotary Park.
Please come along and swell our numbers, so we can make a difference to the lagoon wetlands,
forest floor, and help the mid-level plants provide cover for the native fauna.
                          Just ring John on 0411 176 564.

Welcome to our Club

We meet Thursdays at 6:00 PM
Breakers Country Club
64 Dover Road,
Terrigal, NSW  2260
Contact Us

All Correspondence to:

PO Box 3, Terrigal 2260

Phone: 0407294539







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