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During Covid, we meet on the first 3 Tuesdays of the month, our Board meets on the 4th week. Meetings begin about 1/2 hour before noon, for socializing beforehand. Members join us using the link below.
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And if you're curious about any of our meeting presentations, many are available on our YouTube Channel:
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Home Page Stories
from the Ed
Our Midday presenter on April 6th was Annie Arbenz of the Narrows Law Group.  Annie specializes in Estate planning documents, and gave us a terrific overview of what we need to have in place to avoid leaving a mess for our heirs when we pass.  It was great information and if you missed it, you can see it on our YouTube Channel right HERE
from Prez Gunda
I am especially pleased to announce that we Pierce County Rotarians were selected by the Pierce County Volunteer Recognition Committee to receive a 2020 Group Special Service Award. We are being recognized for our special dedication and commitment to make our Pierce County community a better place to live, through our exceptional volunteer efforts. The entire group was nominated by Cindy Hartman, Deputy Auditor, Pierce County Auditor’s Office who spoke very highly of this group’s extraordinary volunteerism.  While we were unable to gather in person to be recognized for our generous volunteer efforts this year, know that our time and dedication to volunteering were more crucial than ever in 2020.  Individuals like ourselves greatly helped our community in one of the most difficult years and our willingness to serve Pierce County by sharing our time and talents is deeply appreciated.  If you haven’t had a chance already to see this year’s award winners please go to this link for more details: Volunteer Recognition Awards | Pierce County, WA - Official Website.  CONGRATULATIONS, Pierce Country Rotarians!
from the Editor
Our March 30th speaker was our own Jenny Wellman, who's on the Board of a new Journalistic venture coming soon to Gig Harbor.  If you missed her excellent briefing, you can catch it on our YouTube Channel HERE. And don't miss their FaceBook page right HERE.
from Editor Don,
Friday (April Fool's Day, by coincidence) Yours Truly joined Rotarian Steve Rainbolt and Rotary Partner Dick Siler in Dick's garage workshop to assemble the first of our new Little Free Pantries. 
Dick had already cut out the myriad pieces called for by the plans which Project Lead Jenny Wellman had obtained for us, so the job was made far easier than it would otherwise have been (THANK YOU Dick!).  Still it took these three amateur woodworkers an entire morning to assemble this very sturdy construction.  Still to come are a door, a paint job, and then mounting the Pantry at a location handy to folks needing it.  More to come as this great project develops...
from your Editor,
Our Midday Rotary Club had been running two different FaceBook "presences" - a FB Page "@GigHarborMiddayRotary" and a Private FB Group.  The PR Committee decided that the two are counterproductive.  The FB Group has been deleted, and we now encourage all hands to go to @GigHarborMiddayRotary on FB and like, follow and post to our page.  That becomes public content, where the Group postings were essentially just a few of our members talking to each other. 
We also are quickly developing a NEW, expanded Social Media presence for our Midday Club.  Our new Social Media Editor Adison Richards has set up accounts for us on LinkedIn and Instagram with Twitter shortly to follow.  You're all encouraged to look us up (We're Gig Harbor Midday Rotary on each platform) and follow us there!
from Editor Don
Our Midday meeting on March 9th heard from a truly amazing adventurer - Erdan Eruc, who told a story almost beyond belief.
A native of Turkey with Degrees from both Turkey and the US, Mr Eruc now lives in our area, but is continuing an absolutely incredible adventure.
He has already circled the Globe entirely under his own power once (rowing, kayaking, and bicycling), and in that process climbed three of the tallest mountains on their continents.  But he had set out to climb the SIX highest mountains on each continent.  Since he bypassed three the first time, he is now doing ANOTHER round-the-world trip by the same means, to add those other three mountains to his total.  In the process he has 14 Guiness World Records under his belt, and he has established a foundation, to solve the crucial problem of pollution of our oceans by plastics. After hearing his presentation, my head was literally spinning.  If you missed it, I urge you to listen in on our YouTube Channel.  Just click HERE!
from the Ed
Midday Rotarians on March 16th were treated to a very informative presentation by Lori Forte Harnick, the President and CEO of Goodwill of the Olympics and Rainier Region.
Most of us are familiar with Goodwill from donating goods or buying in their stores.  What we didn't know is the remarkable range of "other" activities that Goodwill undertakes with the proceeds of those donations. 
Lori's presentation made us all much smarter when it comes to this excellent, charitable enterprise.  If you missed it and would like to see it for yourself, it's on our YouTube Channel, right HERE
from your Editor
Our Midday Rotary speaker on Feb 16th was Pat Lowinger from the Society for Antiquarian Studies based on Fox Island.  Pat presented a very interesting and highly educational analysis of three Ancient Greek artifacts from the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  If the ancient world interests you, you can go to our YouTube channel and see his presentation HERE.
President Gunda has got us up and running with a YouTube Channel where she will post videos of our speakers, as well as other interesting and entertaining things pertaining to Midday Rotary and our great community of Gig Harbor.  Please be sure to drop by soon, and return often as material will be updated regularly!  Our latest video is of Rotarian Ralph Flick's highly informative briefing on this year's Supreme Court cases.  See it and many other great videos here:  MIDDAY ROTARY YOUTUBE
from your Editor,
Our Rotary District 5020 publishes a GREAT online monthly news-magazine, which we have increasingly been successful in reaching. 
See your latest Midday Rotary news as well as other great stories from Rotary Clubs elsewhere in WA and BC right HERE!
from your Editor,
In the coming couple of meetings we'll be hearing from:
On April 13th our International Groups: Walk in the Light, Corner of Love and World Wide smiles will bring us up to speed on their last year.
Then April 20th will be a Club Assembly where we will hear reports from Committee Chairs and review our Goals.
And April 27th will be a Board Meeting  - all members are welcome to attend as always. 
If you're not a member but would be interested, please email President Gunda and she'll see to it that you are invited to the Zoom meeting.  All are welcome! Just click HERE
From your Editor,
Midday Rotary's new President Gunda Meissner is a very special and talented woman!  Your Editor has only known her for a bit over a year, but has been extremely impressed by her organizational skills, her dedication to Rotary and to our Midday Club in particular.  She was kind enough to provide a short bio, so we can get to know her better - and it reveals a truly unique person! To whit: 
I was born in Luedenscheid, a relatively small town in North Rhine Westphalia, one of the 16 states of Germany. It is the most populous and is located in western Germany. The state capital is Duesseldorf and the largest city is Cologne. Luedenscheid, in the hilly, wooded Sauerland region southeast of Essen, was settled by the Franks in the  9th century and chartered in 1278. It became a center of the iron industry during the Middle Ages and was partially destroyed by fire in 1723. Today, the town manufactures aluminum, metal products, machinery, plastics and synthetics.
They say that in that town, “Children are born with an umbrella”.  It is a very wet town, which might explain why I'm so happy here in the Pacific NW.
The war passed by Luedenscheid, with only one bomb dropped. But my family was living then in Dortmund, east of the Ruhr.  Devasting bombing raids destroyed 98% of the buildings in the inner-city center. My Father went missing in action during the late part of the war, and we never saw him again.  My family lost everything but the clothes on their backs and we found refuge in Luedenscheid, in a single family house along with other 5 families!
I walked to school, which was a one-room building with 4 grades, separated by benches. I had fun as a child, and enjoyed where I lived.  But when I came to this country I could not believe that you could go into the woods and meander off trail and not worry about ‘blindgaenger’, the undetonated bombs.
I graduated from University in Siegen with a BA in Economics and met my future husband, who had graduated from the University of Aachen.  While I had considered journeying to Australia or New Zealand – just for the fun of it – he had already signed a 1-year contract with an American company in Peekskill, NY. Well, I thought, we'll start in America, from there go to Canada, then Australia – what could be worse? So we came to America by freighter, with 8 other passengers on the “MS Nuernberg” - a 10 day trip across the Atlantic.
My career included Reader’s Digest in NY, as Director in Management Information Systems, a Senior VP  with Nykamp Consulting in Chicago; and Senior VP at "", an early entry into the dot-com business, as well as other posts. I started in real estate, which I really loved until we moved to Charlottesville, VA. I loved that city – learned how to scull and row there! After 6 years enjoying the south, we moved to Gig Harbor (where in the world is Gig Harbor??). And we love it here too!
Having been a professional for over 35 years, I decided it was time to give back. I finally had the time and had some energy left… so I volunteered: the visitor center, the  museum, welcome club, film festival,  and Rotary.
I joined Rotary in 2012 and have dedicated myself since then to the "Service Above Self" that Rotary embodies. 
If YOU enjoy Service to others, why don't you join us?  Email me at if you're interested! 
GH Midday Rotarians please note:  Only a few Midday Rotarians have completed this worthwhile course, and his goal was to have EVERY Midday Rotarian so qualified.  If you are among the substantial number who have NOT - would you please go to our website and click the link to YOUTH PROTECTION AWARENESS TRAINING?
The course takes little time, and is very important to Rotary's Youth Protection program.  Will you please do it? 
Walk in the Light/Corner of Love/World Wide Smiles
Apr 13, 2021
Update from International Groups we support
Club Assembly
Apr 20, 2021
Committee Reports and Review of Club Goals
Emily Olson, Kitsap Bank
May 04, 2021
How to Avoid Bank Fraud & Other Scams
Monica Ramsey, Dir. Comm. Evergreen Treatment Ctrs
May 11, 2021 12:00 PM
Pierce Co. PCAP, A side of the county you haven't seen before
Professor Dan Shnur ,USC/Berkeley
May 18, 2021 12:00 PM
When Two Parties are not Enough: The Future of American Politics
Cathyrn Cummings
Jun 01, 2021 12:00 PM
How to Give a Great Presentation on Any Subject
Club Assembly
Jun 22, 2021 12:00 PM
Year End Reports
Board Meeting (Everyone Invited)
Jun 29, 2021 12:00 PM

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