Our annual Christmas Trailer Raffle has been run again this year despite the doubts and difficulties presented by the Covid-19 pandemic. We commenced in mid October at our 'home' shopping centre, Pennant Hills Market Place, and then went to eight different centres over the next 9 weeks - we sold at Thornleigh Marketplace and Pennant Hills on 2 Saturdays. We experienced a great positive reaction from the community, in part no doubt, due to the fact that we were raising funds for St Lucy's School, Wahroonga, which was very popular with many of our customers. We were also supported very generously by Bunnings at Dural who donated a range of items for the trailer prize.
Our last sales day was Saturday December 19th at Pennant Hills, and the draw took place the following day at Pennant Hills Golf Club. Sara Milroy, a member of staff there, drew the winning ticket No. 1050, and later in the day the prize was delivered to a very surprised but elated Mary Ann Chehade. We would like to thank all those who supported us by buying tickets, and also thanks to all those shopping centres who welcomed us and enabled us to raise much needed funds for St Lucy's School, and some other Rotary projects.