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January 2018

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Pride of Workmanship Awards Project
This project, which originated in our club, provides Rotary Clubs with an opportunity to connect with their local community, particularly the business community. They provide organisations and businesses with the vehicle by which key staff can be publicly recognised for their contribution to the success of the business. Award trophies are available together with other associated materials including a complimentary Program Guide. 
Looking for a game of golf on one of Sydney's prestige golf courses? Perhaps you would like to sponsor part of this great charity event?
On Tuesday October 17th we are holding our annual charity golf day so make a note of the date and register your group as per the details below...
We have had an array of great Guest Speakers in recent weeks. They have included David Raphael, Principal of St Lucy's School in Wahroonga, Liesl McGrath, Fundraising Manager at Hornsby Hospital, and Glen Deutscher, Head of Events & Community Fundraising for Cerebral Palsy Alliance.
Ivana Pasavicova is one of the two young people our club sponsored to RYLA in January. She heard about RYLA in an unusual way. For those who missed the story, Theo Glockemann was selling raffle tickets at Hornsby last December and found the passers by were much taken with the attractive busker across the square. Her singing was attracting much more attention and contributions than Theo’s singing, so he went across and promoted RYLA. Ivana accepted and now she was to tell us something of her week at RYLA.
The Tree of Joy was officially completed on December 19th with the delivery of the last of the gifts to Pennant Hills Neighbour Aid. However gifts continued to be left at the tree with Westpac staff collecting them. Consequently, we delivered a further car load of gifts to Parramatta Mission on December 21st, which meant that in all we supplied over 350 gifts to them, approximately 100 gifts to Stewart House, and about 60 gifts to Pennant Hills Neighbour Aid - a total of over 500 gifts, which is a record yet again. The generosity of the local community for this particular project continues to amaze us each year.      
We were privileged to welcome Professor Dr John Christodoulou to our meeting to advise on the current progress with this project. Our club has been a strong supporter of the research for a number of years - the research aimed at developing a genetically modified probiotic to break down the amino acid which prevents sufferers from eating protein. Dr John believes they are getting close to full patient trials, noting that all of this is a very expensive and time consuming process. This research is being conducted at the Westmead Children's Hospital. Recently, Dr John accepted the position of Chair in Genomic Medicine in Melbourne, a joint appointment of the Murdoch Children's Research Institute and the University of Melbourne's Department of Paediatrics. However he is still involved with the work at Westmead.

This was a Special Meeting as it was our 41st Pride of Workmanship Awards Night and we had a good turn out of Members, Guests and Awardees present. The Keynote Speaker for the evening was Bill Aitken, formerly of ‘The Monthly Chronicle’, who was introduced by David Firth. Bill began his address by recalling the ‘Pride of Workmanship’ Award, which he received in 1985 from Hornsby Rotary Club. He reminded us all that it is important to recognize achievement because we are eclectic in our recognition of people. Emphasising the motto of the Award - ‘Do it once, do it well. Build a better Australia’, he went on to say that there is the need to come together, putting aside differences, to forge a united Australia. Bill was presented with a token of appreciation.
PP Pat Parker gave us an outline of the Pride of Workmanship Awards. This was followed by the presentation of the awards by President Ian and Bill Aitken.
The following are the recipients:
(1) Madeline Aitken - Office Assistant at the Pennant Hills Neighbour Aid.
Her reassuring and understanding approach to the Elderly Clients, easing their worries and sup-porting their needs.
(2) Carlie Hoysted - Golf Event Coordinator at Pennant Hills Golf Club.
On making people enjoy their time at the Club and delivering superb Charity Fundraising Golf Events. She is conscientious in her work and endeavours to deliver good experience for the clients of the Club.
(3) Maryann Vernon - Assistant Store Manager at By-Dezign Pty Ltd, Auburn.
An Interior Designer who takes to her role with passion and her ability to plan and organize has been fundamental to controlling merchandising in the store. Handles all things with a legendary calmness and professionalism. A valuable asset of the Company
(4) Amanda Woods - Sales Consultant with W-Group.
Has demonstrated excellent work ethic, putting in long hours and going the extra mile for all her clients and loyalty to the Company is truly appreciated. Goes out of the way to assist clients in any way possible to make the selling process as smooth as possible.
(5) Heidi Currie - Head Teacher, Secondary Studies at Pennant Hills High School.
A valued senior member of Staff who performs exceptionally well under pressure. Can always be relied upon to complete complex and demanding tasks within tight time frames in a professional and controlled manner. Respected by her peers and has excellent rapport with Students, Parents and the wider School Community.
(6) Brett Williams - Functions Chef at Pennant Hills Golf Club.
Been an integral part of the Team in lifting overall quality and standards of the catering Department. Has a great attitude to work and always strives for perfection. Well respected by the Management and Staff. Leadership with other Chefs is commendable.
(7) Rasta Samiian - Assistant Store Manager at By-Dezign Pty Ltd, Artarmon.
Has always been prepared to roll up his sleeves to help do whatever that needs to be done. His technical skills and willingness to help others has made him a valuable member of the team. His calm & friendly personality is appreciated and well received by customers.
(8) Oliver Desa - Assistant Accountant at Barry Smith Holden & Hyundai, Pennant Hills.
Good acknowledgement by his peers of his high integrity and willingness to help colleagues. Always willing to take on extra duties and put up with any stress.
Madeline Aitken made a response on behalf of the recipients and thanked Rotary for the recognition accorded to them all. “An honour to be recognized for the work we do”, she said. Richard Adams thanked Rotary on behalf of the Sponsors. Then followed closing remarks from President Ian, acknowledging that it is a pleasure for this Rotary Club to award and recognise people in this manner.
Our Guest Speaker, Noah Binet is in Year 12 at Pennant Hills High School and was selected late last year to join the “Young Endeavour” for a 10 day sail as a leadership training program which our club has sponsored for the past 15 years.
Noah was quick to thank the club for giving him the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful program. Noah advised that the “Young Endeavour” is an Australian Tall Ship, built by Brooke Marine and given to Australia by the British Government in 1988 as a gift to celebrate Australia’s bicentenary of colonisation. Although operated by the Royal Australian Navy, the ship is primarily used to provide Tall Ship Training to Australian Youth. The ship usually has 30 youth supplementing the small naval compliment on board on a voyage. 
            Noah’s trip involved sailing from Sydney Harbour and heading north towards Nelson Bay and Broken Bay and then back to Sydney Harbour. Unfortunately for Noah and other members of the crew, the weather produced lots of rain and according to some sources, some of the roughest seas ever recorded on a “Young Endeavour” trip. Fortunately they had good supply of sea sickness food of Saos and bananas. Despite his battles with sea sickness, Noah managed to acquire a sound knowledge of the ship’s rigging and fully understood the positioning of the 10 sails and their purpose, and, like all good sailors, had his fair share of being up on the rigging during extremely windy and wet conditions.
            It was also apparent that Noah and the other members of the crew enjoyed their trip and managed to participate in other activities, including going on shore with a raiding party to “capture“ 60 people to sing the National Anthem and to be part of the themed dinner party, in their case, the Italian Mafia. Noah certainly had a “mixed” crew including some from Tasmania, Queensland, Victoria and Scone, NSW. There were 12 girls and 15 boys.
            Other students who were unsuccessful in applying for this opportunity were taken on a day sail on the “James Craig” Tall Ship out of Darling Harbour.

We were blessed with a fine day for the Charity Golf Day this year, although perhaps a little warmer than some would have liked. It was pleasing that we attracted over 70 golfers plus sponsors to support our long-running research project aimed at providing a better treatment for sufferers of PKU. Success with the current research project will ultimately provide a probiotic allowing patients to have a diet more like everyone else rather than the heavily restricted diet forced on them now.

The day commenced with breakfast followed by a shotgun start at 8.30am. The course was a credit to the ground staff at Pennant Hills Golf Club, providing many challenges to regular and occasional golfers alike. The competition was a stableford 2 ball best ball as well as individual stableford. There were competitions for the longest drive – men & women, and nearest the pin on each of the par 3s. In addition, golfers were invited to add to the charity coffers by wagering on their skill at the par 3 9th hole and the par 3 18th hole. All in all, it was an excellent morning.

On return to the clubhouse there followed a lunch, during which we had a short talk by Naz Al Hafid, one of the researchers at Westmead, who gave an update on progress with the project. This was followed by an auction with PP Theo Glockemann doing the honours.

After a most enjoyable day, we were able to raise in the order of $15,000 to further the work of the research team at Westmead.


Apologies and visitor advice

Please phone the answering service on 9294 2107 by 12 noon on Saturday and advise if you are unable to attend the next meeting. In the same way, please advise if you are bringing a guest to a meeting. This will ensure we cater for the number who attend our meetings.
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